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Kuuro's Starlight Vein Guide (270m/hr Chill Money)
Apr 19, 2021, 00:33 (UTC+8)
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Hey guys, 


Supporter Kuurotsuki here. 


Last April 14, there was an update that added Starlight Veins to mining. Although largely unnoticed, this is an incredible buff to mining. 


Below is a screenshot directly taken from the update notes. Link to notes here:


I went ahead and tested this. 


The premise of Starlight Veins is that they are triggered by a random loot you get from mining. The loot is affected by mastery (similar to how Sharp/Hard is affected by it). You can get either 1 or 2. You spawn 3-5 Starlight Veins every piece you get. 

This is automatically deleted when looted and summons starlight veins. 

You need to interact with the spawned Starlight Vein from its speech bubble by pressing R and pay 1 energy by spamming Just R. This will give you Rough Lustrous Gem. 

Do this for all the spawned Starlight Veins. 

After collecting, exchange it with one of the following Jewelers but 200 amity is required in order to do so which is quite easy by spamming wave on an alt: 

This will randomly give you one of the following: 

That's the end of the guide. 


I tested this on a 2-hour run in Pilgrims. See below results and money analysis: 

Hour 1 (worth): 

Hour 2: 


Exchanging the Rough Lustrous Gem: 



With this additional increase in mining profitability and high caphras yield, I daresay that mining is currently the best money per hour in gathering (used to be Ash Forest Chopping). 



Starlight Vein Money (separate from gathering money): 


This effectively adds 17.5mil/hr on top of the Gathering loots. I was not lucky enough to get an RNG drop but getting an RNG drop would mean even more money/hr. If we add this together, it can reach around 270mil profit per hour. 


EXP is also a big consideration. The spot I did was pilgrim's and it has approx 3.5x the exp of meat or .75x the exp of Behr. Youtube guides are available for Pilgrim's Haven mining if you'd like to look it up. 


As a conclusion, this makes Pilgrim's Haven a very viable spot for money gathering. 



This was gathered with 2k mastery. 

This is not a try hard run. I was chatting Florin Chat while mining. 


Last Edited on : Apr 19, 2021 (UTC+8)
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Nice one, thanks for this
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Awesome guide ^^ , thank you for detailed explanation
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TY so much Queen of Lifeskillers Kuuro!


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