QOL improvements for Farming
Jan 6, 2022, 18:00 (UTC+8)
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Farming is probably my least favourite experience among the life skills. As a new player, I have only a 10x4 garden set up and I find it extremely tedious to tend to the crops. I'm not talking about the frequency of pruning, blight, pests, all those I find integral to a farming experience, but its the abysmal UI and feedback indicators that make it such an unpleasant experience. Here's some suggestions to what I find it needs most:


#1 Highlight crops that need tending to with a red beacon/aura/better indicator. I use my Shai for gardening. I have her right next to the field and there is no way to tell which crops are affected unless I 1. Open the Farm window, click 10 times through each fence or 2. run over each fence area to see which crop health bars are red. Now 2. isn't that much of an issue, however the problem is when crops are just planted and they hit blight, the progress bar is not filled enough to see the red. Then you have to go back to 1. just to find if there are any affected crops. 


Highlighting the crops is just a general example. The key idea is to be able to see affected crops reliably without opening the farm menu


#2 One single window summary showing the affected crops. Again back to 1. Clicking 10 times through all the fences is just a pain in the arse. And very likely when you are pruning, one or two of the crops in fences you already pruned get blighted again. Then you have to click 10 more times through your farm ui just to check/find which ones were affected. 


#3 Fix the pruning function key to one button. It swaps between F5 and F6 on the default bindings depending if your crop is ready for harvest or not. I can imagine how many people press F5 by muscle memory and then accidentally harvest a blighted crop when they wanted to prune it first.


#4 Mass buy button at seed vendor. One of my main income cycles now is buying seeds from the Calpheon vendor and selling the harvest on market. There is zero stock of seeds on CM though so Calpheon vendor is the only way, but the sheer amount of left clicking I need to do just to buy one cycle of seeds is just not worth it. If anything my pheripheral's lifespan is more important. This is pretty much only an activity for newer players, veterans will breed magic seeds, but it mars the novice experience so badly.


Tbh i doubt any of these feedback will reach PA HQ or even considered to be implemented. But this is my feedback/analysis from a new player perspective about a critical function within the game which can be vastly improved with simple features that are already in place for many other functions in the game, just I don't understand why farming doesn't have it while others do. Like imagine cooking doesnt have a mass buy option and you have to buy 100 mineral water how pleasant cooking would be.




Last Edited on : Sep 4, 2023 (UTC+8)
# 2

Also please

1. add farming lifeskill exp when you plant seeds and harvest. 

2. reduce requirement of old moon fence to artisan 1 since levelling up farming is really hard for CP challenged players.



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