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Increase your Drop Rate using Node Investment.
Feb 24, 2022, 23:13 (UTC+8)
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Hello Adventurers, 
Did you know you can increase your drop rate from grinding using Node Investments? It is a very simple concept that takes a few contribution points and the excess energy you have over time. 
The first step is to obviously invest in the node of the grind spot, The easiest way to figure out which node to invest in is to go to your grind spot and check the minimap which should tell you which Node you need to invest in. Remember to check the affiliated node at the bottom and not the text at the top as they are not the same.

You need to connect the node to any city in the game for this to be effective and to do that you just invest Contribution points into each node FROM the city to the destination node. If you have a Value pack you can do it by simply clicking on the nodes from your world map. But if you don't have it then you need to go to each node manager and do it manually. It is very easy to find the node manager for each node as you can just click on them and will be navigated to the node manager by default.

I decided to Connect to the Old Wisdom tree as it was the least CP cost compared to any other city. Now after we have our Node Invested we can do the rest of the process remotely i.e from the world map and does not require us to run to the node manager every time. Just click on the Node that you want to invest energy into and you can invest whatever energy you have in multiples of 10 i.e 10 energy gives you 1 point. 

You can invest up to Level 10 on each node. The higher the node the higher your drop rate that you can gain from it. 

At Node Level 10 you get an extra 50% drop rate on 10% of the mobs you kill. While it doesn't sound too high it is something that will add up over time in a game where you spend hundreds of hours grinding. 
Note: This only works for increasing Drop rate when you are grinding and does not apply for other stuff like lifeskills and workers. 
Hope this helped with your future gains and Happy Grinding. 

This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.

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