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Kuuro's April 2022 Lifeskill Take
Apr 14, 2022, 02:35 (UTC+8)
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Lifeskill Guide 2022


Hello, friends.

Supporter Kuuro here for a 2022 update on some of my thoughts on lifeskilling. I'm an end-game lifeskiller with over 1 trillion networth in both lifeskill + PVP gear and most of it is from lifeskilling. 


Summary: Lifeskilling is still very productive and profitable however there are a few things that have changed vs 2021.

Disclaimer: I can only actively play 2-3 hours on weekdays and 4-6 hours on weekends hence I prioritize high efficiency activities. Anything with profit at around 200m/hr, I ignore. I usually do things starting at 300m-350m per hour or above. 


Here’s the laydown (more details will follow on each section):

  1. Lumbering Axe is King of Gathering in 2022
  2. Farming for CM
  3. Utensil Empire is now very bad
  4. Cooking for CM 2022
  5. What do I do for AFK Activities?

Lumbering Axe is King of Gathering in 2022

As the title of this section suggests, lumbering is best in gathering as of April 2022. Why? It has the highest money/hr plus it enjoys higher exp/hour than meat. Back in 2021, meat used to lead the silver department but it was the poorest in terms of exp/hr. Now in 2022, with the 60% caphras/dust buff that lumbering has, it has cemented it at the number 1 gathering style.


If you want red meat, go hunt. I can get around 20k meat at 1.6k hunting mastery vs 16k meat on 2k gathering mastery. If you only have butcher knife and no axe, consider gathering lion. 


Ash Forest Run:

Alternative spot: Garmoth Nest

Bairog’s Garmoth Nest 1hr run:

Average Per Hour: 550m

Video Link:


Alternative spot: Trent 

If you’re a beginner and don’t have tent or a lot of maids, Trent is a very good f2p spot as storage keeper and repair NPCs are near the trees.

What do I do with my gathering loot? I CM everything including logs, named timbers, caphras, fragments, etc.

What about fluid collector (sapping)? I wouldn’t advise on it because it gives lesser caphras (by around 20-30 less per hour). We used to advise sap for better weight management but the increased caphras in logs is just too hard to ignore. If you’re having a hard time managing weight, you can either do Bairog’s Garmoth Nest gathering or gather in Trent (if you value gather exp as Garmoth Nest wouldn’t be giving a lot of it).

How about processing? I don’t process my logs as the profit is very low. If I want to process because I’m going to eat or AFK for like 30minutes, I’d process flour or dough and sell in CM. Quick and easy profit without much set up.



Farming for CM

For some reason, special crops has spiked in price. These are very unprofitable to cook with so please don’t cook it. If you need to cook with things like Pepper, Hot Pepper, or Onions, you can plant your own using the white seed method.

Link to an old guide for white seed farming (It’s outdated as I get more profit from Blue Seeds now but principle is the same):


 (Anything above 30k is viable for CM but I like doing Hot Peppers because they just need 50 seeds instead of 100).

Step 1: Find crops that sell for 25k or above in CM

Step 2: Buy their Special Seeds from CM

Step 3: Grow and sell


I generally rotate Special Pepper, Special Hot Pepper, Special Onion, Special Strawberry, Special Sunflower, Special Potato, etc. depending on what's in demand. 


If you're f2p and have less access to VP, you can farm white hot peppers, cook them to stir-fried and sell to CM. These are very profitable. 


You generally get 5k White Hot Peppers per harvest which equates to 51m crafting profit at my mastery. 



Utensil Empire is now very bad

As of April 2022, mining got the short end of the stick for gathering. It’s currently the worst money spot at around 370m profit per hour. Additionally, cooking utensil per craft is now in the negatives. To add to this, mining with the starlight does not scale with mastery (starlight would always consume 1 energy and each proc of starlight can eat like 3-10 energy) and the yield from it is low so definitely not worth doing.


Cooking for CM in 2022

Similar to my previous cooking guides, I still don’t make my own meals for imperial (I just buy them off CM and pack them for profit) because one, it’s a hassle to assemble all the needed materials for a guru meal and two, I need to maximize my playtime so cooking for a small difference in profit (cooking imperial vs buying from CM) is not worth for me.

Having said this, you can check my cooking guide here. Most of the principles are the same however I now use instead of bdodae.


Kuuro's Cooking Guide - Click Here


What do I cook for  market now in 2022?

Below are what I usually observe. I do these recipes because they sell a lot and does not need me to gather meat (meat now sits in CM).

For red sauce, I do this overnight on a supreme utensil due to my high weight.


  1. What do I do for AFK activities?

I generally do horse training as in my opinion, this scales better. I think fishing is equivalent to T5 training but when you start to train higher tiers, the profit goes up as well. I have a forest path wagon. If you don't have one, I'd suggest to just train 1 by 1 using a manos riding crop while doing dailies for forest path. You can leave a character near Merindora for quick dailies. 


Some tips: 

I only level horses minimum to 15-20 only and breed. I don't overtrain. 

I do imperial for everything. I don't like the tax. 

I only breed males T4-T7. If it's a T8 male, I sell the breed for extra profit (around 50m-100m/breed multiplied by 2). 

I dedicate an hour on a weekend to catch some horsies every 1-3 months. I generally catch everything in Duvencrune and this is enough for a while. 

I only craft viper to 30m. I don't gamble for JIN. 

Breed with Manos Trainer's Clothes for higher chance of higher tier horse. 

There are a lot of guides for these and a lot of them are still relevant today. 

Happy to answer any questions as always. 



Future content: 

1. My Take On Eternal Winter Lifeskill Stuff

2. My nodes

3. Will take on guide request




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This guide is extremely helpful.

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Very good, thank you


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