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Kuuro's Passive Money Making Guide
May 25, 2022, 00:48 (UTC+8)
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Hello guys, 

Just making a quick guide regarding extra silvers especially if you're not going to spend them anytime soon. Note that this is more of an end-game guide. 

Currently, I've saved up a lot because of this method. 


In BDO, the market is always shifting (some things can be low in price and spike in demand or something can be high in price and plummet due to surplus). This is especially true due to events in BDO or new updates. 


I'll give a more recent example. I won't be going into too much detail as you'd still need to predict the market yourself. 


Recently, we had a hard event. This plummeted the price of hards to around 1mil each. We (a lot of people I know do this market trick) bought a few thousands knowing that prices will eventually recover. Knowing the max price of an item is key. 

By doing this, despite having limited play time, it allows me to capitalize on the market. It might seem small but that 300m profit means I don't have to grind / gather for 1hr. It scales the more you can put into it. 


You can also take it to the next level by buying materials low and selling the finished product at a hiked price (example will be the pure metals) due to T10 Dine getting added. 


Will leave it to your own research what other items are viable but these are only examples. As a final warning, some items take time to appreciate in value so be careful. :) 





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Kuuro is my idol

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