[PVP] warrior awakening in 69 iq play
Aug 10, 2022, 18:41 (UTC+8)
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you can try another addons with : 

- Grave digging - atk speed / cast speed slow , - movement speed (all round slows) or +dp to self , -human damage (for tanking)

- Solar flare + atk speed +Bleed damage  

- Reckless Blow + atk speed . + movement speed (super fast in E buff)

- Pulverize + hp per hit , down smash chance








Grab > C Swap > Armor Break > Solar Flare > Q block to cancel solar flare > Reckless Blow no charge > Ankle Break once > Pulverize > Slashing > Ground Smash


Extra Tips:

- always use Black spirit rage version of pulverize (high damage ,fast spin)

- can also use black spirit rage version of slashing the dead

- you can press Q after ground smash to stop the animation




+ easy to do, many possible skills to use

+ deal lots of damage to dr build

- need high accuracy, low damage to evasion






Any stiffness/grab > overwhelm from quickslots then Q> armor break >reckless blow > ankle break > pulverize > slashing > grave digging > ground smash


Extra Tips : 

- Press Q after overwhelm, then press space to armor break ; if you doing it with correct timing sometimes you wont see the armor break hit

- BSR pulverize hit like train so always use it



+ deal lots of damage because down attack modifier

+ super strong burst on e buff

- easy to fail combo after overwhelm because heaven cleave casted





Any stiff/grab > C swap > Armor Break > Solar flare > Balance Strike > Hilt Strike > Heaven Cleave > Overwhelm from quickslots> Reckless Blow > Ankle Break once > BSR Pulverize > Tempest


Extra Tips :

- You can keep hold W to cast solar to balance, no need to Q cancel it

- You have to press Q after heaven cleave to cast overwhelm faster, then another Q to press after overwhelm to cast reckless faster


+ deal high damage to eva and dr build

+ extremely simple to use

- really easy to fail because heaven cleave cc only occurs on 2nd hit

- slow debuffs will affecting you to cc target

- target with stiffness resistance will mess the combos






What skills to lock :


What Skills on Quickslots :





"ALWAYS USE ARMOR BREAK" inside your combos












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Using this as reference makes my PP bigger




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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

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2 Start the game once installation is complete.