Succession Striker Problems
Nov 26, 2022, 00:21 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Dec 5, 2022 (UTC+8)
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I'm a Striker main for morethan a year now, and now I am maining and trying to make Succession Striker work in 1vX for over 2 months now. and here are the problems that I am seeing that is making it almost impossible to 1vX, if you're not outgearing your opponents and you're not fighting complete noobs that even shais can beat in 1v1.

1.) Static and unprotected combo -

For a class that is supposed to fight in close range the amount of unprotected skills is just too high. all the other guy needs to do is let yougrab him and let the other guy raindown his CC's on your back while you're comboing him and there's a 100% chance of him CC'ing you that's why the highest Succession Striker in AOS is only 1300+, because people at that rank knows how to exploit our weakness.

2.) Slow and short mobility -

You're supposed to fight in melee range but you don't have enough protected skills and you also don't have enough good mobility skills to keep away classes that can easily move to your back. and our sideways I-Frame is too slow, too short(distance) and have a gap at the end you almost always have to waste your dash I-Frame too and now you have no I-Frame.

3.) No good SA trading skills -

We literally have only 2 SA trading skill before they added the "Heart and Soul" skill, and aside from not doing good damage some are also a

grab magnet  while 2 of them (Rage Hammer and Wolfs Hunger) are also used for movement so if you use them for movement before CC'ng

your opponent good luck adding Rage Hammer to your combo, your highest damaging protected skill.

4.) 1-3 is all about not being able to secure a kill in 1v2/X - Securing a kill is almost impossible if you're not fighting noobs.

5.) Mass Destruction and Crouching Wolf -

The length is good if you're fighting gearlets but I'm a 420DP evasion Striker and i fought Wiz, Witch, Lahn and DK that took away half of my HP in those animations.

6.) Unwieldy and slow wolfs fang I-Frame -

The idea was good but the need for camera turning for alternative movement direction is disoreinting and impossible to use with any amount of precision. and it's too slow against fast classes that can easily move to your back.


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