Succession Striker Needed Changes for 1VX PVP.
Dec 20, 2022, 09:07 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Dec 20, 2022 (UTC+8)
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These changes are needed because FG on melee class is almost impossible when almost all class can instantly move to your back.

Skills that can be sacrificed in exchange for these protection changes
-Rock Smash - SA
-Land Slide - SA


Prime Crimson fang tree -
This skill needs to be fully SA because this is one of our main PVP combo skills.
-Increase the CD to 5-7sec
-Reduce the number of flows/Animations so that the SA effect is not ridiculously long and OP.

Prime Adamantine -
Add a CC to it. This skill is our best styling CC we need it back.

Savage fang -
This needs to be SA. Our kit is already full of FG, we don't need unreliable protection to it too.

Prime Wolfs Hunger -
Lower the CD, remove the damage because nobody is using it in a combo and just make it a pure mobility skill.

Prime Roaring Tiger -
This needs to be SA. Unprotected and no Crit why is this skill treated like it can 1 shot players?

Prime Sommersault and Flow -
Needs to be fully SA or make the 1st hit FG and please reduce the animation to 2 hits.

Prime Rampaging Predator -
Add a Crouching Wolf backward I-Frame so we can reposition.

Crouching Wolf -
Charging shards with it needs to be a lot faster or just remove the stamina cost.

Prey Hunt -
Make the timer reset if enemy hits you because charging it in the middle of a fight is not fun.

Martial Spirit Shard -
We need more shard so we can reliably use the shard damage system.

Flash Step & Silent Step -
We don't have the repositioning skills that Awakening striker have. Please Make it a blink dash like the one Hashasin or Woosa have or make it move longer and faster.

Rabams -The Rabams in general needs a Succession optimized version because they are designed when there's only Awakening.

-LVL 56 Rising Wolfs Fang - This skill needs to be fully SA for it to compete with the IF movement of the other skill.

-LVL 57 Both skills CD(Cool Down) needs to lowered significantly for Succession.

-LVL 58 Wolfs Explosive Fang - It's not really needed but FG here is going to be really nice.

Heart And Soul -

-The giant fist effect in the animation is ruining the whole aesthethic of Succession Striker it looks so out of place. unless you're

going to add more of it in the kit, i think it's better to just remove it and just replace it with the Roaring tiger skill effects to make it more consistent.

Last Edited on : May 8, 2023 (UTC+8)
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this class is absolute trash whether 1v1 or PvX, _idk why PA don't care about striker succession

Last Edited on : May 31, 2023 (UTC+8)
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On: May 8, 2023, 00:44 (UTC+8), Written by KeYalMahdi-SEA

this class is absolute trash whether 1v1 or PvX, _idk why PA don't care about striker succession

Why would PA care if the class has lower rating of player percentage? and outfit sales? business is business and PA will prioritize the class that has more outfit sales.


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