Hash Awakening still need further buff
Dec 30, 2022, 17:15 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Jul 6, 2023 (UTC+8)
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I have been maining awakening hash since the release. Even after the reworks, awakening skills damage numbers looks big but somehow when come to PVP and PVE the damage only increase gradually not burstly like the succession. The fact that succession kit can even damage players through their SA unlike Awakening, based from my POV, the enemy players HP decreasing slightly when I use Ensnaring Sands, Serpents Coil or Flow: Condemnation during enemy SA. When I tried Succession, enemy players HP decreasing alot when I just use Prime Dune Slash or just using Prime Descent which is more noticeable since they able to die after their HP below half. In open world PVP, with 308 AP, I full combo a 401 above DP player, I only manage to deal basically half of their health bar and when they able to escape, they melt through my FGs and SA and they basically 4-5 skills on me and I'm dead. The weird thing, even if I able to get up with little HP, I tried to escape somehow the hit stutters my character or even my character just stood up with my weapon kept in and I'm dead,in which I thought PA already fix that issue but somehow I still suffers from the bug or whatever it is.

Since awakening hash skills are too static like Ensnaring Sands, Serpents Coil, Dune slash, Collapse, he is very vunerable especially towards grab class. I would like to suggest to increase the animation speed for those skills I listed;

1.Ensnaring Sands

2.Serpents Coil (The starting animation of the skill when hes about to do the spinning, its still has a slow gap for the skill to actually hit the target. I would like the starting animation to execute faster for it to start hitting the target.)

3.Dune slash
5.Flow: Condemnation (Also another skills which is Flow: Condemnation. The jump animation for my opinion is still slow. The winding on the part where he is up in the air, it feels slow till he lands on  the ground. That winding gap is such a vunerable gap where any grab class has the advantage like striker, warrior, ninja/kuno, lahn and mystiq. The Flow: Condemnation is good skill but also a bad skill at the same time because for example if i manage to CC enemy and I do my combo where my end skill I use Flow: Condemnation, while I was up in the air, enemy player that is fast such as Ninja//kuno, warrior, sorcerress, sometimes witch/wiz, striker/mystiq, they able to escape or the grab class grab me while I'm still in the air before I can even land on the ground. I find this situation nonsense and frustrating. Addition to the animation speed, maybe add Iframe during the time when hes doing the jumping animation.)


Another skills that need to look at is Inquisition. The skills as stated has 3 hit animations and the last hit which is the 3rd hit is a knockdown CC. This skill is so underwhelming that most my combo that I start after i grab an enemy, I only use Inquisition for the Accuracy buff. Never I use the whole hit animation of this skill because
1. It does not deal alot of damage.
2. I wasted alot of time to use the whole hit animation because by the time I can finish my whole combo the enemy will escape and their HP bar is still more than half.
3. The last hit is a knockdown, thus I can't stack knockdown with Dune slash, because the usual combo for awakening hash or maybe my preference, Grab > Inquisition (first hit) > Crown Kick> Dune slash. I don't think I can reknockdown enemy so I think its just a waste of time to use all three hit animation just for the knockdown. Thus, I think this skill need a revamp. Maybe lessen the hit animation but deal more damage and remove the Knockdown for this still so this skill will be relevant.

Paradise Surge
The starting animation of the skill is like shooting myself on the foot. In pvp  I can't cancle the starting animation of that skill. There alot of time where the skills that help to cancle the starting animation is on cooldown, I end up accidently stuck doing the whole starting animation of the skill then I can dash forward. I would really like if the starting animation of skill removed because even though theres a cancle for the starting animation, there would be times where in aggressive fight, the skills that cancel the starting animation of Paradise Surge is on cooldown and I end up accidently doing the whole starting animation during and off cooldown. When its not in cooldown, the starting animation is still on SA but that whole SA gap is just an opening for any classes to do big damage during that SA or I would be grabbed during that starting animation. If Paradise Surge is on cooldown and I accidently doing the starting animation, I am basically open to be CCed during that animation, thus I'll be dead before I can even dash forward. This whole issue is the same in PVE. Especially grinding in high end spot like Gyfin, there will be often times when I do a mistake and my HP is low and my Iframe dash is on cooldown, and Paradise Surge is my only option, I still can die during Paradise Surge, either I stuck on the starting animation or during the SA dash itself because its SA which Gyfin can just melt me through SA. My suggestion
 1. The starting animation should be removed. Just directly dash forward.

 2. Instead of SA, change the skill to be Iframe and remove the damage and the blackspirit damage. That skill is only useful as a mobility. Never I see other awakening hash player us this skill as damage other than using the 100% of the skill. Outside of that is useless for damage but very good for mobility to escape. Our skills does not have enough Iframe mobility. Most of the time for me to be Iframe is using Flow: Sand Warp or Absolute: Hourglass of death.

Thats all for now I can suggest on the awakening kit but for the Pre awakening kit I'm still not sure how to give suggestion without accidently making Succession buff even further. For now this only focus on the awakening kit. If other hash player has any other suggestion feel free to reply in the comments.

Last Edited on : Jul 6, 2023 (UTC+8)
# 2

Please also add accuracy modifiers for awakening hash. Before, hashashin passive in general was given accuracy but not anymore. Only succession has some passive accuracy which is not fair. Hashashin in general struggles without those accuracy and among all the skill tree theres no accuracy modifiers just accuracy self buff and thats just like 2 skills in inquisition and sand divider. Please add some accuracy modifiers, if i wanna suggest , in awakening put accuracy modifiers on either Serpent's Coill or Dune Slash or maybe both since we are lacking with those modifiers. 

And please add more proper iframe. Awakening hash mostly has Super Armor. This class can't do much Super Amor damage trading unless we use evasion gear. As a DR gear player, we can't even tank damages, and also player these days uses evasion gear that even DR players can't barely do much damage on them unless we use full on accuracy accessory which we have to sacrifce alot of AP. Using DR gear also is very useless since we die very fast especially we die during Super Armor. I would suggest put Flow: Sand Warp 1s cooldown and Paradise Surge 10s cooldown, and make both Paradise Surge and Flow: Sand Warp full Iframe (Invicible) from the starting animation till the end animation. Currently its just Invicilble to Super Armor at the standing animation. In the pre awakening skill tree I suggest add Iframe on Absolute: Sand Slicer because this skill has proper animation for a Iframe and since its a proper mobility skill too. Also in awakening hash heavily rely to the pre awakening skill tree too and sand slicer is one of the most used in our skill rotation. I also don't mind adding that Iframe on the Prime: Sand Slicer for fairness for the succession too.


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