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T3 NW Crystal Setup (Wiz POV).
Mar 26, 2023, 08:51 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Mar 26, 2023 (UTC+8)
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Very Quick Guide to my prefered setup for T3 CAPPED NW.
On T3 Nodes Caps are as follows :-
AP Limit : 572
Evasion Limit : 922
DR Limit : 398
DR Rate Limit : 26%
Accuracy Limit : 796
All Resistance Limit : 80%
Evasion Rate/Accuracy Rate/Special Evasion Rate are not capped at all.

So the goal of our crystal build is to meet all these caps while getting as much extra HP as possible since HP has no cap and its the only way to boost your survivability on this cap.

The Build : -

The Effects : -

1. Elkarr/Corrupted/Glorious Special Evasion.
These 3 crystals are absolutely Best in slots. Every T3 NW build should start with the base of these 3 crystals.
Elkarr for the Accuracy and Ignore Resist, Corrupted for increased critical hit damage and Special Evasion for the HP and avoiding special Damage.

2 Jin Viper

You guys notice here that I do not run Jin Vipers on this setup. This is for the following reasons :-
 a) Evasion Cap is not that high on T3.
 b) With around 760 accuracy (Not Maxed) you have around 7X-8X % hit rate on max t3 cap evasion players. This is not counting Bolide having 30% accuracy, and is the general hit rate on other skills.
 c) Most players are running DR setup on this cap.
 d) I would rather have extra survivability than hit rate increase on small playerbase for this cap.

3. Glorious Olucas
Glorious Olucas feel pretty nice with the extra cast speed but you can swap them out for Ignore resist olucas version, this also gives you 200 more HP.

4. HP Stack/Resist.
Rest of the setup is aimed at getting as much HP as possible while getting some resist in for more survivability overall.
Rebelious X 2 = 350 Hp 10 Ap
Bon Cobelinus = 300 Hp 6 Dr
RBF Giant + Adamantines for the resists.

You can play around with these crystals like subbing out the resist for Jin Vipers or running both variants of Olucas.
The one thing you should 100% avoid in T3 setup is trying to stack Human Damage Crystals.
Human Damage is on average converted to .85 AP. It counts towards your cap and technically will artifically lower your effective AP if you are using them to reach cap.
All sources of AP are included in the cap so you cannot bypass the AP cap by adding more Human Damage.

5. Costume Crystal
I run the valor crystal even though during NW/Siege both Crit and MS should be capped. This one does not really matter unless you aren't capped on one of those stats so then swap to that variant.

If you use Garmoth Crystal planner you can click import and copy and paste the following text to get this setup.

{"name": "T3 Cap HP/Resist", "export": {"1":15691,"2":15691,"3":15672,"4":15672,"5":15677,"6":15677,"7":15674,"8":15674,"9":15805,"10":15689,"11":15689,"12":15640,"13":15717,"14":15805,"15":15641}}




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