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How to Catch and Tame Your Horse: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding and Building a Strong Bond with Your Precious Companion
May 13, 2023, 23:28 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : May 28, 2023 (UTC+8)
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Good evening everyone,

It's been a while since the last time I rode a horse, and honestly, it wasn't enjoyable at all. Even with a saddle, every time they ran, it would always make my butt hurt. I don't know how people in the Middle Ages could ride a horse for hours on end.

Before you can ride a horse, you naturally need to own one. Taming a horse is one of my daily activities. Here, I would like to guide you on how to tame it.

First of all, always take a daily quest from the Liana NPC located in every major city to receive additional rewards for your taming activity. There are two weekly quests and two daily quests that are associated with training in the life skill, specifically focused on catching a horse.

You can complete one of the weekly quests simply by providing a Krogdalo Origin Stoneicon, and upon doing so, you will immediately receive the quest reward.

And don't forget to always check the quests available from the "O" menu, as there may be event quests that require you to do similar tasks. If you find any such quests, be sure to accept them too. Normally, you can obtain the quest from Wapra at the Stonetail Horse Ranch in the Mediah territory. That is the location of Wapra, as indicated by the following picture.

Similarly to the weekly quest from Liana, one of them can be completed immediately by providing a Krogdalo Stone.

The reason why I recommend always taking quests first is because the rewards are quite valuable, especially the mythical feathers and royal fern roots. I'm not sure why it's called the royal fern root, it actually looks more like a fern leaf. Those materials are necessary for your future progress in transforming a pair of dream horses, one male and one female, into a mythical horse.

Before you can catch a horse, you need to know the locations of the horses. They are spread all around the world, and you can check their locations here: the Horses/Elephants, you can check or uncheck the Nodes based on your viewing preference.


Alternatively, you can find more detailed information here:

Among all of them, I recommend capturing horses at Epheria Port. Not only because there are a good number of horses there and it's close to the stable keeper NPC, but also because we can simultaneously complete another daily activity, which is delivering boxes for the ship design quest. We can discuss ship design next time.

You can either catch just one horse for your daily or weekly quests or capture all the horses across all servers if you want to boost your training mastery experience. If you decide to do so, I recommend wearing Trainer's Clothes to gain an additional experience bonus. Wear two of them, in the armor slot and outfit slot. Use an Equipment Tailoring Couponiconto turn them into a costume.

Now it's time to catch one. First, you need to get a capturing rope, which you can purchase from the stable keeper NPC, and a lump of raw sugar, which you can buy on the central market. Alternatively, you can make a lump of raw sugar yourself by heating Raw Sugar and Mineral Water.

I recommend you put those two items in your hotkey for quick access. Go to the horse location and stay around 10 meters away from the horse. When you're ready, press "2" to use the rope. If you stay too far away, you won't be able to target the horse, and if you stay too close, the horse will run away.

Press the left mouse button (LMB) to throw the rope, ensuring that the target mark on the horse, indicated by the red mark, is active. Make sure to act quickly because the horse will continue walking around. Once your rope is hooked to the horse, a vertical bar will appear. Similar to other mini-games, you need to press the spacebar at the perfect time.

If you have succeeded, you will enter the standby mode and press W to approach the horse. Be careful, if the horse starts rampaging, you will need to press the spacebar and engage in another mini-game.

A horizontal bar will appear with a 10-second timer. You need to continuously press the spacebar to push it towards the right side of the middle line to win the wrangling or wrestling with the horse. If you succeed, you will return to standby mode and continue pressing and holding the W button until you reach the horse, indicated by the appearance of the interacting UI.

Press "1" on the hotkey to feed the horse with a lump of raw sugar. Based on my experience, if you wear double trainer's clothes and have a relatively high training mastery, such as artisan level, you will only need to feed them 3 or 4 times to ensure a successful capture. However, if you don't wear the clothes and your mastery is still at apprentice or beginner level, I suggest spamming it as many times as possible, like 6 or more. You can try with fewer feedings, like 1 or 2, but I cannot guarantee the success rate.

Once you're done with the feeding, press R to mount or ride the horse. If you can mount the horse, it means your taming is successful, and all related quests will be completed immediately. You can ride the horse or you can unmount and walk anywhere, as the horse will follow you. Take it to the stable keeper NPC to register it, or you can choose to ignore the horse. However, keep in mind that if you already have a wild horse with you, you won't be able to tame another one. If you change servers, switch characters, use a traveler's map, or trigger a loading screen through any means, the wild horse that is with you will disappear.

Remember that if you fail at any step, such as missing the target with the throwing rope, missing the space bar when trying to hook the horse, losing in the wrangling mini-game, or not feeding the horse enough, the horse will run away. You will receive a failed notification, and you will need to start all over again from the very beginning. It's better not to take any unnecessary risks.

To register the horse, interact with the stable keeper NPC and click on "Stable." In the stable menu, you will find the horse you just caught, indicated by a green border. Click the left mouse button (LMB) to register the horse and give it a name. If you don't see the display for the tamed horse, it is likely that your horse is still left behind because you were running too fast.

Once the horse is registered, you have a few options. You can sell it directly to the NPC, and in return, you will receive the silver directly, and the horse will immediately be removed from your possession. Alternatively, you can list it on the marketplace with a higher default price. The horse will be queued for sale, and you will have to wait for another player to purchase it.

Once the horse is bought, it will be removed from the horse list in the stable. You will receive an in-game message notifying you of the sale. To obtain the silver from the sold horse, visit the stable keeper NPC and click on "Horse Market", from there, go to the "My Registrations" tab. Here, you can see the pages of your listed horses. You can cancel listings for horses that haven't been sold yet, and you can collect the silver for horses that have been purchased.

If your current stable is full and you still want to tame another horse, there is an option to transport it to the stable of another town besides selling it. To do this, interact with the stable keeper NPC and go to the "Stable" tab. Select the horse that you want to transport, then click on "Transport", select the destination town where you want to move the horse, and confirm your selection.

If you are not near any stable keeper NPC, you can still transport the horse using the world map. Open the world map and click on the stable icon. Choose the town where the horse is currently located (the origin town of the stable). Click on "Mount Delivery" and select the destination town where you want to transport the horse. Confirm your selection, and the horse will be transported to the specified town.

Criticism and suggestions are very welcome.

Thank you very much.



your truly wholeheartedly supporter


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