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May 25, 2023, 05:15 (UTC+8)
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Hello Adventurer! Here is my small guide for you guys who want to have fun with youre guildmates!
I got this question much "what is Atoraxxion? And how to get to there?" and here it is.
Atoraxxion is a weekly dungeon's with complicated mechanics that need 5-Man party to clear it, it require a good communication and timing.
Unfortunately I can't explain all the mechanics due to my limited knowledge, (because I'm always carried by my guild :3) And also the mechanics are different and its "complicated". But i will tell you all i know \(><)/ 

First of all open youre quest menu by pressing "O".

You will find it on the "Main Quest" tab. 
Then pup up youre black spirit by pressing " / ". Open the quest menu again from her, go to Main quest tab again and find a quest called "SOS From Yaz".
The quest line took 10-15 minute until you reach the "Totem" to open the portal (You don't need to clear all of the quest line to open the portal to Atoraxxion).

Run the quest until you are directed to the ancient stone chamber. South West from velia. Here's the location.

Through this cave.

Once you are inside talk to the Sol magia, which is the totem that i mention earlier.

Afterward, this menu should pup up, and you are free to choose which Atoraxxion you want to explore with/without your Guild!
At this point, you can continue to clear you're Main Quest by entering "solo Mode" or just let it be.
you can see there is 4 (symbols) which mean 4 different Dungeons. But for now we can only enter 3 dungeons : 
Vahmalkea, Sycrakea, and Yolunakea.
There are 3 different difficulties of The Atoraxxion :
1. Solo Mode (Easy mode) :
It's for you guys who want to practice and complited the Main Quest (you can run it by youreself)
2. "Enter" in normal Server (Normal mode) :
Required 5-Man party. No Death pinalty. Good for new player. The reward is also good.
 3. "Enter" in Elvia Realm (Hard mode) :
Required 5-Man party. Same mechanism as normal server. Stronger Boss fight. Crystal loss upon death. A Beautifull Reward! \(^-^)/
How to Enter in Elvia Realm? Right before you talk to Sol Magia. Find the Button of Elvia Realm. Tiny green icon on youre top right. 

This menu should pop up, and click Enter, wait until black smoke come on youre screen, then talk to Sol Magia.
Please note that a fresh Players are not recommended to enter in Elvia Realm, becouse if you fail the mechanics the whole team got whipeout! And Atoraxxion on the normal server is the same, if you fail the mechanic the whole team will die, but there is no death penalty on the normal server.
And that's it Boy's! Prepare youreself with buff, potion HP/MP. And don't forget to bring some of Medical Kit. Aaanndd you are good to go!
My Apologize, if my writting are bad (T.T) Feel free to ask me at the comment section. I hope it help you. Stay chill. Grind more! And, You're so cool, sir!

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