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How To Enter Elvia Realm & Marni Private Zone
May 25, 2023, 15:39 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : May 25, 2023 (UTC+8)
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How To Enter Elvia Realm & Marni Private Zone

Hi happy to see u again, for this month i will guide how to enter elvia realm & grind on marni private zone, so what is elvia realm, elvia realm is a zone on elvia server in this zone monster become more highes and stronger than normal server and increase drop price for trash loot and item when you grind here, so how to get in and where it is, here we go i guide you.

Elvia Server

For entering elvia realm you mush on elvia server and what server is it here i show you, for server you can only acces besides server war, Arsha-1, Balenos-2, Serendia-2, Calpheon-2, Mediah-2 is levia server you can go that server for entering elvia realm.

How To Entering Elvia Realm

After you on elvia server you can acces elvia realm by press elvia button on right top on screen, and there are u entering elvia server, becarefull monster getting strongers and u need requirment gear for grind there and for exit elvia realm you can do same thing by pressing same button.

How To Enter Marni Private Zone

Next i show you how to enter marni private zone, marni private zone is grind spot where you can grind by private spot and no one on your grind spot but you have time when you grind here only 1 hours 5 min the time you can grind there and reset every day.

This one how to enter marni private zone, first you must make sure your spot have marni zone, you can check by acces marni zone info from menu, after you make sure your spot have it you can press navigate button for guide you to the zone.

After you arrived the zone you can press enter and just wait your character entering marni zone, you have times 1 hours 5 min for grind there after time out your character out from marni zone.

How To Exit From Marni Private Zone

You can exit from the zone by press exit button on left screen, but when you exit marni zone you have cooldown 5 min for entering marni zone back.

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