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[Season Guide] How To Use Fughar's Time Piece, Copy Your Seasonal Character
May 26, 2023, 15:21 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : May 30, 2023 (UTC+8)
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How To Use Fughar's Timepice To Copy Your Seasonal Character

Hello everyone, my name is Sonnico and today im gonna share about how to use fughar's timepiece to copy your seasonal character, including level, skill points, transferring equipment, etc. Let's get into it.

1. What is Fughar's Timepiece

Fughar's Timepiece is an item that used to swapping your seasonal character into another character that you desired. It will copy the character level, combat exp and combat skill points of your main season char into the new character that you're gonna use your timepiece for. Be noted that fughar timepiece only can be used by season character, meaning that you can't use this item on normal character (non seasonal).

2. Fughar's Timepiece Requirements

Before we're gonna use our fughar's timepiece, we need to know what is the requirements to use this item. So im gonna tell you all the required things to do before doin transferral character, first thing you need to know is your seasonal character must be level 25 and above to use this item, also the targetted character that we're gonna use timepiece must be below level 25. And you must unequip all of your seasonal's gear on your main character, and the character that you're gonna used your timepiece must be fully unequip too. The point is you need to unequip all your gears both on your main seasonal character or the transferred character.  Lastly, both your main seasonal char and the targetted transfer char must be on the same town, and on normal server.

3. How to Use Fughar's Timepiece

After you know what is fughar's timepiece used for and what is the requirements to use fughar's timepiece. Now we can use the fughar's timepiece item by using right click, and pick the character that we're gonna use our timepiece for.  Please be noted that after using your fughar's timepiece, your main seasonal character before will became normal character, and the transferred character will became seasonal character, and this thing can't be undone. So you need to think carefully before doin the transferral thingy or using the fughar's timepiece.

Recommended Things To Do Before Using Fughar's Timepiece :

This is a few things that i highly recommend you before using fughar's timepiece

1. Levelling up your character into lv 61 before using the item

2. Collect combat skill points as many as you can, so you don't have problem to learn the class skills.

3. Finish up main quest until Mediah, "Ressurrection Of Darkness" to be exact.

4. Finish up season pass if you can

Aaand that's it guys, happy playing. I hope you enjoy the black desert online game hehehe!!!

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