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7 Shai's Skills that make Shai Users feel Special
Jun 26, 2023, 15:56 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Jul 3, 2023 (UTC+8)
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Hello friends, today I want to introduce 7 advantages that Shai has compared to other classes, yes, I know that many of you already know about this, but for those who haven't decided on their main class, then try it with Shai and start playing with this ability.

Without further ado, let me introduce you first,

1. Bonfire Tool

Yes! Shai can make bonfire anywhere, inside or outside the safezone, not only does it provide light in the dark but bonfire also provides HP recovery, and energy which is perfect for providing support to your life skills hahahaha, not only, this buff can also Cures hypothermia

*buff effect when the character is near the bonfire

You can make it yourself at home, the ingredients are quite easy to get, you only need 5x Log, 5x Rough Stone, and 5x Powder of Flame, then combine them with simple alchemy from the processing menu (press L)

2. Donkey

It's no stranger when the Shai trailer first came out, She came with a donkey, even when you complete a talent quest you will also be given a donkey prize, this is not just a reward, but there are features behind it too, when riding your donkey can switch to relaxed mode, it seems that you are enjoying the surroundings, but it should be noted that only donkeys with the skill "Just chillin'" can be used.

3. Alpaca

Yep, a donkey is quite attached to Shai, but there is one that suits Shai better, this cute Alpaca is indeed destined only for Shai, unlike a donkey even though he has special skills for Shai but other classes can still ride it.

to get it you have to have Class Shai first and do the Daily quest in Duvencrune check in the Quest menu, suggested tab

*Start the quest by interacting with NPC Seiri in Duvencrune

*Location of NPC Seiri

4. War Elephant

Wow! what's wrong with war elephants? Isn't this too much because all classes can access it of course... I mention elephants not because this is specifically for shai, but because when Shai uses a ride on the elephant's back, the weapon used is a snowball not a javelin like other classes.

Click to zoom please :3

*Shai's Snowball

*other classes will use Javelin

5. Come out Come out Skill

Actually, in the skill description it was written that this skill has the ability to show players with Unknow Adventurer status when using Camo to show their name and their guild name, but somehow I still often see Shai still busy looking for Flares when someone disturbs them in their place while grinding peacefully. it's different from the Flare ability where it can show people with Camo anywhere, while the Shai skill can only be used when that person is doing force PVP and at least has hit you or other players or where their nickname color status has changed to red.

*Before the skill is active

*during the skill is active

6. Over Here Skill

Watch This video to see the Action ;D

OK, this skill is really useful, especially if you like to war with Shai, but outside of war, is it still useful? of course there are many uses but the time is very suitable for that it seems, so I think the right time is when you and your friends visit Vell together, the angry vell's Rage skill seems impossible to avoid, but if there is a shai around you, you take cover near her when she use this skill. it's not just vell, some of the skills from world bosses are deadly, you can still use them, use them to protect friends around you, it doesn't have to be in a party, they will be safe. if you like to have fun outside the safezone you can also use it to lock up your friends so they can't escape XD

7. Shai and Music Dance

Shai's musical skills should be no secret. everyone already knows, but for those of you who don't know this menu is in "My Information" (Press P) then press the logo like the music tone logo or press ESC > Community > Music Album, a lot of music has been composed by the best composers at DBO, they even have a community, search for it or you can make your own music club ;D

By the way, there is a rumor where in the future this music skill can be played by other classes besides Shai, so to replace this fact number 7 I will replace it with Shai Dance.

If you have Shai then you will immediately get these Dance skill.

Thank you for visiting, I hope I can make 7 facts about other things in BDO that are unique and make you curious! See you!!!

Last Edited on : Jul 8, 2023 (UTC+8)
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Really informative Van-sama.  :D

Also thank you for the Shai bubble's capabilty against world bosses.

Last Edited on : Sep 3, 2023 (UTC+8)
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That tuyet voi, toi se chuyen class



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