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LoML Patch T3 NW Crystal Setup. (wizard specific).
Jun 29, 2023, 03:15 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Jun 29, 2023 (UTC+8)
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A) With the launch of new region "Land of The Morning Light" there are 2 big changes for crystal presets.
1. 2 Additional Crystal Slots.
2. New Crystals and Upgraded Old Crystals.

B) On T3 Nodes Caps are as follows :-
AP Limit : 572
Evasion Limit : 922
DR Limit : 398
DR Rate Limit : 26%
Accuracy Limit : 796
All Resistance Limit : 80%
Evasion Rate/Accuracy Rate/Special Evasion Rate are not capped at all.

C) Crystal Setup.

i) Corrupted Magic Crystals:- All around one of the staple crystal setup specially for a ranged class. Even though it is slightly countered by special evasion critical modifier have almost 100% uptime and are the backbone of your DPS rotation.

ii) Crystal of Elkarr :- Elkarrs are another staple of almost any DPS PVP setup. The accuracy and the ignore resist are both very useful stats to have.

iii) Jin Glorious Crystal of Honor - Special Evasion:- Special evasion works by nullifying the modifier damage on special modifiers according to the set % chance. It reduces the
damage of attacks down to base and removes modifiers like critical/back/down etc when it procs. Also provides 100 HP so its a must have.

iv)Rebellious Spirit Crystal:- Provide 175 HP each. Since DR is capped on T3 nw we are stacking HP where possible.

v) Ultimate Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom:- Again these are chosen for the sole purpose of stacking HP. It gives 75 HP per crystal and then 2 set and 4 set bonuses also.

vi) The Last 4 slots are preference. You can swap for Ignore resist KD or run resist crystals or keep stacking HP.
Personally I like to run Glorious Olucas for the cast speed and HP and then stack HP with 1 Bon Cobelinus (150HP) and 1 Haetae (200 HP)




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