[Corsair's Mermaid Form Passive Underwater]
Jul 10, 2023, 22:18 (UTC+8)
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Corsair needs her underwater mermaid passive improved!

There's no reason why a mermaid shouldn't be able to stay in mermaid form underwater!

Not only does the current passive makes no sense in regards to lore, it also looked rather iffy.

Specifically the part where we have to turn to mermaid form, swim a little, just to return to human form again, and had to wait and/or spam the Movement button for at least 1 second before we can enter mermaid form to swim a little faster again just to turn back to human form again, as if we are struggling to even move, despite being a MERMAID!! UNDERWATER!!.

Hashashins could run on desert all day long without spending any stamina whatsoever,

Tamers could ride on Heilang (Heuklang) anywhere without spending any stamina whatsoever,

and those, they could do on land, which is where PvP and most contents happen, where people could have complaints about the unfairness

(of the class's superiority in specific terrain by design).

Corsair's mermaid swimming underwater is not even close to that complexity of a controversial design, there's no battle going on underwater, no combat doable there, we are really just swimming to enjoy the swimming activity itself, enjoying the sceneries, exploring underwater places.

You know? Like what mermaids do?

There's no good reason why PA can't let corsair players have at least that kind of fun.

Heck, just by improving on that passive, there're gonna be more players who would create corsair characters just for that.

Even if they don't do other activities with her, at least they'll have her specifically for underwater explorations / sightseeing / social activities.

Specific ideas about improvement for corsair's underwater mermaid form passive:

  1. Let us stay in mermaid form without turning us back every slight movement!!! (This is the most important!!!)
    It'd be nice to be able to stay in that form indefinitely as long as we are underwater, we are mermaids after all.
    (Again, if this is not fair, how about hashashins and tamers who can stay in their best traveling forms in their terrain and mount indefinitely...)
    But even if that can't be done, at least let us stay in mermaid form for as long as our stamina allows. It'd be okay even if our swimming speed gets reduced a little in exchange... (maybe by around 5-20%)

  2. If possible, remove swimming breath-limit for corsairs, why the heck would a mermaid be suffocating under the sea?? At least improve the limit some more...
    (Sure we can recover our breath and stamina by reconnecting to our character, but who would enjoy playing like that? BDO is a complete game, not a rough half-developed indie game, no reason why players need to exploit such flaw in design by breaking immersiveness for a kind of fun as harmless as mere swimming in the ocean they made so beautiful for us)

  3. For immersiveness purpose (or if the mermaid form drains our stamina), maybe let us have the passive skill as a quickslot skill to toggle our forms. Maybe sometimes we want to show our swimsuits or outfits, maybe sometimes we want to swim as a mermaid. Since it's not related to combat, it'll even be okay if we need to wait for a short animation to turn into mermaid form or turn back.

  4. Corsair's slide on water surface passive can often stop us on our tracks due to falling animation after sliding on water puddles too, most felt in a place like Gumiho's Boss Blitz stage. Where that delay of animation could easily cause us to fail the whole thing. It's not as important but maybe can fix that too.(by determining heights between water surface and ground)

So please, dear Pearl Abyss. Let us swim into the abyss of the great oceans. You'll probably get even more sales for swimming speed related items, stamina boosting juices, character slots, outfits, etc out of improving the fun-factor of a class as unique as Corsairs.
It's not all the time MMORPGs get such a class, please don't waste such a good concept and design...

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