Pufferfish Event: Know the Right Hotspot
Aug 27, 2023, 07:40 (UTC+8)
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Q. How to know if you are fishing the right hotspot for the Pufferfish event?

A. The color of the fishes from the hotspot is color RED or a Shade of Reddish.

It is similar too the hotspot fish for Black Porgy and Smokey Chromis.

If you don't get the pufferfish in that hotspot, skip and move to a search a new one.

Q. How to to get the title: Finger Lickin' Good?

A. You need to fish 30pcs of the Pufferfish to get the title. If lucky, you can get it in just one hotspot.

Bonus Tip(s):
After the seagulls hotspot is gone, you can still fish the spot for 5 more minutes.
According to Erika_Itsumi, using a character with Apprentice Fishing Level can easily spot the Pufferfish Hotspot. (Tested and Prove)

Event Link:

Check my short video to see more:

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Last Edited on : Aug 27, 2023 (UTC+8)
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Thanks for the tips.
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Thanks for the info

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nice tip!thanks!

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