Advice on cpu temp for legion 5 laptop
Sep 19, 2023, 13:08 (UTC+8)
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I search around but i cant seems to find a solution so i would like some advice/help.
Model : Legion 5 - 15ACH6H

Is there a way to reduce the cpu temp for my legion 5 when i run BDO with my power supply plug on. I tried changing the graphics to low and lowest but there isn't any difference in cpu temp where as setting in med / semi-high its still at 70-80 (usually sitting at 80) 

I tried without the power supply the graphic went down but the cpu temp was at 60-70 range. I did try to follow some reddit's guide to the power plan setting, but it doesnt change the temp as well. 

Help appricated thanks. 

Last Edited on : Sep 19, 2023 (UTC+8)
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You can try reducing the maximum processor state of the CPU:

Link with instructions:

Just changing the state from 100% to 99% can greatly reduce the temp of your CPU. However, this might also severely affect your FPS, so it's best done when using lower graphics settings in BDO.

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Thanks i will test that out 


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