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Vendor Shop Update / After Season Tuvala Replacement Weapon Update
Oct 14, 2023, 15:40 (UTC+8)
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Greetings PA, 
I have a suggestion for a update, Specially for newer players & also for players who want to make a alt character with decent gear.

We all know that how much effort we have to give to reach end game, but there's a lot of places that new players want to try and grind but can't do that untill they burn themself's out to gather enough silver and gears to reach there. And if i want to invite one or few of my friends to try out this game almost most of them stop playing after completing the season and after realizing the effort they have to give. It's not a issue for some player like us but we'd like to see our friends play the game without fearing the progression. Thus i have a suggestion for a upgrade to stablazie the gear for players after completeing the season. Which is a vendor shop update. With all the different choices there that's present in the game if you could give the players some upgrade for less money then it would be very refresing,
like here i gave some ss and write it here :
Total Silver Cost (2.3 B Silver)
(All vendor items can't be sold on market and can't upgrade there caphras levels)
(Availabe for purchase from vendor all times and every character)

Weapons (300 mill Each)

(V Pen) Kzarka Main Hand Weapon (300 m)
(V Pen) Dandelion Awakening Weapon (300 m)
(V Pen) Kutum Sub Weapon (300 m)

Armors (200 mill Each)

(V Pen) Dim Tree Spirit's / Red Nose Armor (200 m)
(V Pen) Giath's / Griffon's Helmet (200 m)
(V Pen) Bheg's / Leebur's Gloves (200 m)
(V Pen) Muskan's / Urugon's Shoes (200 m)

Accessories (100 mill Each)

(V Pen) Capotia Earring x2 (100m + 100m)
(V Pen) Capotia Ring x2 (100m + 100m)
(V Pen) Capotia Belt (100 m)
(V Pen) Capotia Necklace (100 m)

TOTAL COST : 2.3 Billion Silver

This is just a suggestion please if you like it then think about the after effects and please consider doing it.

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On: Oct 14, 2023, 15:40 (UTC+8), Posted by QueenMortis-SEA

 stop playing after completing the season and after realizing the effort they have to give.

That is exactly my plan

Last Edited on : Oct 30, 2023 (UTC+8)
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They day they will realize a videogame shouldn't feel like a job and a chore with no fun involved it will be the day they will get back on track and new players that stay and have fun.

At least here in the west....

Last Edited on : Nov 14, 2023 (UTC+8)
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My suggestion is that they should separate a small area for each high level monster zone to be accessible for pen tuvala gears so that everybody could experience the content and gain the knowledge for certain enemies and such but limit the dropped items by disallowing the special drops. Or something like a reverse dekhia lantern. So a least they could experience doing the mechanics or the feel of each high end monster zone like oluns or ash forest, so they will have less issues doing it in normal mode when they have the required gear.

reducing prices will wreck the game economy and will cause lots of balancing and reworks on all items in the game. However, they could reduce player burden by easing up the enhancing system, by having yellow and below accessories not break when failing enhancement and make unenhanced accesories that cost more than 150m a piece to be orange grade which can start breaking upon failure once it is enhanced to pri. And reduce the failstack requirements of green by 30%, blue by 20% and yellow by 10% that way it will help new players to get used to enhancing and make many if these items relevant a bit more. Also they should remove the sandstorm gear or make it like the black abyssal weapons that can be improved by the obsidian alloy and boxable by the black alloy.

i think it is not bad that we have to work hard to attain certain gears and stuff but the luck factor should be toned down by half. real life is hard and dissapointing, the least this game should do is lessen the emotional and mental stress we have everyday and not add to our stress by failing and loosing billions of silver with noting to show for the effort. If we finally have a mental or emotional breakdown from all these stress, PA will lose revenue from the players and their lost revenues will go to the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies instead.

but in all honesty, i do not understand why develop new content that only caters to 10-15% of their player base. Shouldn't new content be accessible to everyone? And just add challenge mode for those hardcore gamers to challenge themselves. If you don't have end game gear you can't participate in this new shiny content, if you do not belong to a guild you cannot experience khan, if you do not have a fast horse you cannot hope to complete the timed herald's journal. Instead of relying on player skill you are forced to be dependent on hard to obtain gear to experience things. 


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