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Maehwa Awakening Large-Scale PvP Guide
Oct 15, 2023, 18:02 (UTC+8)
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Welcome to the Maehwa Awakening Large-Scale PvP Guide for Black Desert Online.

Whether you're a seasoned Maehwa veteran looking to refine your skills in group combat or a newcomer curious about the unique role this class plays on the battlefield, this guide is your essential resource.

In the sprawling world of Black Desert, the Maehwa stands out as a nimble and lethal warrior, capable of bringing chaos to the ranks of your enemies while supporting your allies. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel as a Maehwa in large-scale player-versus-player engagements.

As a Maehwa, you possess the power to turn the tide of battles, break enemy lines, and ensure victory for your guild or team. The Maehwa's swift, acrobatic style, combined with precision strikes and crowd control abilities, makes it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

This guide will delve into gear recommendations, skill builds, and tactical insights specific to large-scale PvP scenarios. It aims to help you master your class, make strategic decisions, and contribute effectively to your team's success.

While the Maehwa class requires skill and practice, it offers a rewarding playstyle that can turn the tide of wars and sieges. We'll cover the fundamentals and advanced techniques to empower you in every large-scale encounter.

Keep in mind that Black Desert Online is a dynamic game, and the PvP meta is ever-evolving. This guide is intended to serve as a foundation for your growth as a Maehwa, but it's crucial to adapt and innovate as you gain experience.

So, prepare to ride into battle with grace and ferocity, and let's begin your journey to becoming a formidable Maehwa on the battlefield.

Mobility and Engagement for Maehwa in Large-Scale PvP


  1. Dash Skills:
    • Chase: The Maehwa's Chase ability is a rapid dash that allows for quick movement across the battlefield. Use it to close the gap to enemies, dodge incoming attacks, or reposition swiftly.
    • Frost Pillars: Frost Pillars is another mobility skill that grants excellent control over positioning. It can be used to engage, disengage, or reposition to avoid AoE attacks.
  2. Stamina Management:
    • Managing your stamina is critical, as the Maehwa's mobility heavily relies on it. Keep an eye on your stamina bar, and avoid depleting it entirely to ensure you always have movement options available.
    • Use stamina potions strategically when engaging or retreating, but avoid excessive consumption to maintain mobility throughout the battle.


  1. Target Selection:
    • Prioritize targets based on the situation. High-priority targets include enemy healers, ranged attackers, and leadership figures.
    • Use your mobility to quickly reach these high-value targets and disrupt their effectiveness in the battle.
  2. Flanking and Positioning:
    • The Maehwa's speed and agility make flanking maneuvers a viable strategy. Position yourself on the sides or behind enemy lines to surprise opponents and gain positional advantages.
    • Utilize terrain and obstacles for cover and to set up ambushes.
  3. Engagement Skills:
    • Key engagement skills include "Moonrise," "Moonlight Dash," and "Stigma." These abilities allow you to initiate combat effectively and set up combos.
    • Utilize "Moonlight Dash" to close the gap between you and the enemy and to reposition quickly.
  4. Crowd Control (CC):
    • Maehwa has crowd control abilities such as stuns, knockdowns, and other CC skills. These are vital for disrupting enemy formations.
    • Coordinate with your team to apply CC at the right moment, creating opportunities for your allies to follow up with their skills.
  5. Hit-and-Run Tactics:
    • Hit-and-run tactics involve engaging the enemy, dealing damage, and then retreating before the enemy can counter-attack effectively.
    • Make use of your mobility to disengage when necessary, preventing yourself from being caught in the enemy's focus.
  6. Disengagement:
    • When disengaging, prioritize your survivability. Utilize skills that allow you to create distance between you and the enemy, such as "Petal Bloom" and "Chase."
    • Avoid disengaging directly into enemy lines and instead opt for safe routes that provide cover.
  7. Communication:
    • Effective communication with your team is crucial. Coordinate with other members, such as healers, ranged attackers, or tanks, to maximize your engagement and disengagement efforts.
    • Use voice chat, text chat, or in-game commands to relay information quickly.
  8. Adaptation:
    • Be adaptable and adjust your mobility and engagement strategies based on the evolving situation. Stay aware of the battlefield's dynamics and adapt your tactics accordingly.
    • Regularly review your performance and analyze replays to learn from your experiences and improve your skills.
  9. Consumables:
    • Use combat elixirs, food buffs, and other consumables to further boost your stats during buff rotation could help you a lot in large scale PVP, you can use Odyllita Meal, Valencia Meal, Calpheon Meal and Kama Meal for defensive option. or you can go Odyllita
      Serendia meal, Kama meal, Jumbo king Hamburger for offensive option.
    • Special attack and defense elixirs are particularly useful in large-scale PvP. Such as, giant draugh, deep sea elixir, or elixir of indignation this option is for capped war in a simple manner. If you wanted to min/maxing the damage or defensive you need to do elixir rotation such as, Elixir of Strong Life, [Party] Elixir of Steel Defense, [Party] Elixir of Sharp Thorn, Elixir of Endless Fury, [Party] Elixir of Brutal Carnage, [Party] Elixir of Sharp Detection etc (this is just some of the full elixir rotation if you have more suggestion please comment down below

      ADD ONS: (uncapped)

    • Common Mistakes to Avoid in Large-Scale PvP as a Maehwa:
    1. Overcommitting:
      • Mistake: Charging into the enemy lines without a clear escape plan, leading to an early death.
      • Solution: Prioritize survivability. Engage wisely and always have a disengagement plan ready. Don't get caught in the heat of the battle without a way out.
    2. Neglecting Positioning:
      • Mistake: Failing to position yourself strategically, making you vulnerable to AoE attacks or surrounded by foes.
      • Solution: Always consider your positioning. Use terrain, obstacles, and flanking routes to your advantage, allowing you to engage from unexpected angles and retreat to safety.
    3. Tunnel Vision:
      • Mistake: Focusing solely on your target without monitoring the battlefield. You may miss crucial cues or threats from other opponents.
      • Solution: Maintain situational awareness. Keep an eye on your surroundings, teammate's conditions, and enemy movements to adapt your actions accordingly.
    4. Overusing Mobility Skills:
      • Mistake: Excessive use of dash skills without considering stamina management, leading to mobility limitations during crucial moments.
      • Solution: Be conservative with your mobility skills. Save stamina for critical situations and plan your movements strategically.
    5. Lack of Communication:
      • Mistake: Failing to communicate with your team or guild members. Lack of coordination can lead to misengagements and wasted opportunities.
      • Solution: Use voice chat, text chat, or in-game commands to relay information and coordinate effectively. Develop a communication plan with your team to ensure synchronized actions.
    6. Ignoring High-Priority Targets:
      • Mistake: Neglecting to engage or apply pressure to critical targets, such as healers or ranged damage dealers.
      • Solution: Prioritize targets that can significantly impact the battle. Coordinate with your team to focus on and eliminate high-value opponents.
    7. Getting Isolated:
      • Mistake: Straying too far from your team, leading to isolation and an easy target for enemy players.
      • Solution: Stick with your team and move together. Isolation can make you an easier target, while teamwork enhances your effectiveness.
    8. Underestimating Survivability:
      • Mistake: Focusing solely on dealing damage and neglecting defensive stats, which can lead to quick defeats.
      • Solution: Balance offensive and defensive capabilities in your gear and playstyle. Effective survivability enhances your ability to engage and disengage.
    9. Ignoring Battlefield Dynamics:
      • Mistake: Failing to adapt to changing battlefield conditions or enemy tactics.
      • Solution: Stay adaptable and responsive. Analyse the battle's flow and adjust your strategies accordingly.
    10. Not Learning from Experience:
      • Mistake: Repeating the same mistakes without learning from past battles and experiences.
      • Solution: Continuously evaluate your performance, review replays, and seek feedback from experienced players. Learn from your mistakes and strive to improve.

This is just a part of my huge project to PVP guide for class that I've played in dozens hour. If you like the content, please consider to upvote. If it's managed to get certain upvote I'll make another class guide thank you. Don’t forget to spread positivity in the game. Good luck and have fun adventurers!





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