How to obtain/buy dyes.
Nov 30, 2023, 23:31 (UTC+8)
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I want to buy/obtain some dyes but there aren't in the pearl shop. How can I buy or obtain dyes? 

I put some dyes in pre order but idk how to obtain them :(

Thank u <3

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  1. Pearl Shop:

    • The most straightforward way is to check the Pearl Shop regularly. Dyes are often available for purchase with Pearls, the in-game premium currency. Keep an eye on the shop for limited-time offers or special bundles that may include dyes.
  2. Events:

    • Events in the game often provide opportunities to earn or obtain various items, including dyes. Participate in events, complete objectives, and check event rewards to see if dyes are included.
  3. In-Game Shops:

    • Some dyes may be available for purchase with in-game currency through specific NPCs or shops. Explore the game world and visit various vendors to see if they offer dyes.
  4. Crafting:

    • In some cases, you may be able to craft or create dyes through the game's crafting system. Check crafting recipes and see if there's a way to produce dyes using materials you've gathered.
  5. Marketplace:

    • You mentioned placing dyes on pre-order. If you've placed pre-orders for dyes on the Central Market (Marketplace), you will need to wait until someone lists the dyes for sale. Once a player lists the dyes and your pre-order matches the listed price, the items will be automatically sent to you.
  6. Daily Rewards:

    • Check your daily login rewards or loyalty rewards. Sometimes, dyes are included as part of daily or loyalty rewards for logging in regularly.
  7. Quests:

    • Some quests may reward you with dyes upon completion. Explore the questlines available in the game and look for rewards that include dyes.

Remember that the availability of dyes can vary, and new options may be introduced through game updates and patches. Always stay informed about the latest changes in the game, and keep exploring different aspects of the game world to discover new opportunities to obtain dyes. Good luck, and enjoy customizing your character!

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