Why Succ Mystic work and Succ Striker doesn't in 1VX.
Jan 4, 2024, 02:39 (UTC+8)
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Aside from the fact that Succ Mystic can maintain SA and SA trade and not just use SA lingers that don't do damage, She can also do a lot more damage at lower GS than Succ Striker. I don't know what Mystic use in their combo that's why I just choose the skills that are reasonable to compare.

Awakening Inherited Skills
Prime:Sea Burial - Crit Damage 12,530(Shard Damage), 7,749(Normal).
Prime:Wave Orb - Crit Damage 17,296(Shard Damage), 9,868(Normal).
Prime:Rampaging Predator - Crit Damage 6,428.
Prime:Skull Crusher - Crit Damage 7,883.

Shared Skills
Prime:Rage Hammer - Crit Damage 17,823(Shard Damage), 15,858(Normal).
Prime:Roaring Tiger - Crit Damage 17,174(Shard Damage), 13,133(Normal).
Prime:Hidden Claw - Crit Damage 13,816.
Prime:Rage Hammer - Crit Damage 13,213.
Prime:Roaring Tiger - Crit Damage 11,499. The fuckers didn't even bother to add the none shard damage reduction for this skill.
Prime:Hidden Claw - Crit Damage 4,426, 8,855(Crit+Air) The damage will be higher with the Flow but the discription is not clear.

Hurricane Kick - Crit Damage 13,230.
Heart&Soul - Crit Damage 13,579(Prey Hunt), 9,505(Normal).

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In 1vX scenarios, Succ Mystic excels due to its crowd control and evasion, creating opportunities for strategic engagements. Succ Striker lacks the same versatility, making it challenging. On a different note, for the best abdominoplasty in Dubai, consider reputable clinics with skilled surgeons and positive patient testimonials.


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