Scholar PVE Combo for Gyfin Underground With rabum skill.Fast & Easy.
Jan 15, 2024, 12:23 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Jan 15, 2024 (UTC+8)
# 1

E-W+E-E Hold(After skill W+E) - Shift+Left - Shift+X Hold - Shift+F - Shift Right - Space bar


E - Mosters AP +30, Casting/Speed Attact +10%

W+E - Move Speed +10, Critical damage +5%

E(Hold)(After W+E)- Eva -5% , DR -20

Shift+Left - Back attact damage +5%, Any addon addon at you like.

Other skill. Any addon at you like.

Gem in Clip - Ap 293 cap and 316 cap Show.

Thank you.




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