BDO SEA on Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud
Feb 8, 2024, 10:33 (UTC+8)
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Hi all,

As you know we see Black Desert Online in Geforce Now Cloud Gaming platform, But the issue is We can see only EU and NA versions of BDO is there.

can developers think about adding SEA server to it? both steam and pealabyss game launchers? and what are the reasons that only adding EU and NA version?

i think adding sea version(not only sea) will be help many players that like to play bdo and dosent have good pc to run it down. i lost my gpu 3 months ago and i cant play bdo becouse  of that and i dont see new gpu sooner, i was using geforce now for past 1 month  and found out it has BDO but only EU and NA versions. :(

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any update on this? actually dissapointing that only NA/EU is only available in GeforceNow, the devs doesnt care lol


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