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To PA Management Team
Feb 8, 2024, 21:35 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Feb 8, 2024 (UTC+8)
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Dear PA,

I am writing this in hopes that it will reach the PA management team, I do not know how else I can reach them besides the customer service which is giving me the common robotic response.

I recently returned to BDO Sea to check out the 3333rd day event and noticed that the family name I reserved prior to official launch (back in 2017) was given to someone else due to crossplay update. The family name was given to someone else (Person A) that seems to have significantly lower total play time when compared to mine. The argument shared by the customer service was that "The most recent login time and active history of two accounts were considered".

Person A:

Has 7 characters and the highest level is 57 with contribution points of 220.


Has 20 characters and the highest level is 61 with contribution points of 305. (fyi, I have two characters in total at level 61).
To my recollection, I have approximately 3/4 Pen items crafted i.e. with my family name on it. (sold 1 at the marketplace)

Adding on,
-To my recollection, I bought the most expensive package before BDO Sea launch officially i.e. I have the day ONE cosmetic armor that you get for purchasing the most expensive package. (dont think you can get this cosmetic armor beside this event)
-During pre-launch, there was an event where you can purchase a package, create a family name via the website (i think), log in and create a character to reserve the names.
-Of course, throughout my playtime I have invested quite abit of money such as maxing out my character's inventory, comestic, weight limit and etc. (Quite certain that I spent more than Person A). Long story short, I have also purchased the most expensive ACoins package multiple times.
-I also crafted my own dream horse, not purchase but crafted.

Just looking at these stats comparison, shouldn't one think that it is ridiculous to give the name to someone that has significant lesser contribution? Not just in terms of monetary but also the total playtime. Person A has 3 level 50+ characters and I had 7 level 50+ characters (excluding the two level 61).

Under normal circumstances I would have let it go, but this family name and game account holds sentimental value to me because,

1) I was really hooked to BDO after I tried the TW server, and when I heard BDO Sea was annouced, I knew had to get the game. Hence I bought the most expensive package in support.

2) When the pre-launch event was annouced where you can reserve the family name early (prior to official launch) at this date, I came up with the family name knowing that it will be difficult to secure. But I attempted it anyway when the event was live and managed to get it. 

I didn't want to pull this but is this how PA treats someone who have supported the game more and especially since day one, and I have the day one cosmetic armor to prove it as well. To my recollection, you can only get the armor by purchasing the most expensive package during pre-launch. The irony here is that BDO Sea is currently celebrating its 3333rd day of operation.

Please relook/revaluate this decision! Again, I supported the game since day one, and i believe Person A did as well. But the total play game i had is probably significantly more than him/her looking at the difference in level and assets.

It seems ridicuously to me that Person A deserve the name more because he most recently logged in? Dude highest character level is 57 since the game launch back in 2017 and none of the character class he has is beyond day one launch. I have a sage, Shai, Hashashin, Nova and etc but he has none except of the basic class.



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