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My Fan Art and Time-lapse: Nova; Webcomic: Guardian
Feb 12, 2024, 16:00 (UTC+8)
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Here is the time-lapse of my work.

Webcomic #3, DEATH BY SNU SNU: Guardian

The Guild Leader (Shai) invited me to hang out at her house's basement in Velia. We had a good time conversing about Blue_Squadron and KanonXO chain inside her basement since her basement is like a dungeon, empty but just having an Alchemy tool. The idea of this webcomic referencing Futurama - Death by Snu Snu, thanks to a suggestion from someone who commented on my first webcomic. Everyone is welcome to suggest an idea for my next webcomic.
Previous webcomic: #1 and #2. Previous artwork: Guardian, Drakania, and Nova.

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