Improve World Boss content with suggestions
Feb 22, 2024, 00:23 (UTC+8)
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Last Edited on : Feb 22, 2024 (UTC+8)
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Been dilligently doing world bosses since the start of time and have seen the decline of WB content over the years. What used to be a mad rush across servers from kutum to Nouver or Karanda to Kzarka, have now seen bossing become a slower pace activity. Even vell takes ages to kill when it used to be a couple mins. 

How i think PA can improve the WB content and encourage people to hit the WB, as well as gear up Alts and make CM prices great again: 

1. Introduce better rewards system such that people are more incline to spend time at bosses vs grinding a 1b/h grind spot. Could be liquid silver, reasonable amount of crons, items that help with T10 horse enhancing, or origin of dark hunger (no need to be selfish with failstacks. a +300 FS does not guarantee anything in this game but it helps alot more casual people progress without having to go through the current method of building FS ) 

2. Introduce a damage calculating component where perhaps an aggregate damage either at the solo level or guild level will provide better rewards / weekly rewards. This should be comparable with NW and Siege rewards. (i mean if you have a PVP reward system, shouldn't it be obvious to also have a PVE ranking system?) 

I could add a lot more suggestions but i believe the above 2 would already definiteily create better habits, better content and a healthier market place. Sometimes less is more. 

#From your loyal BDO supporter since 2018.

# Let's make BDO great again 



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