Notice on Family/Character name reservation

Notices Nov 1, 2017, 16:10 (UTC+8)

Hello, adventurers, 
This is The MMORPG Black Desert.   

‘November 1st 16:10 PM (GMT+8)’ 
Character customization trial server has finally opened for South East Asia adventurers! 
Please read below before you start your character customization! 


A family or character name that user A has reserved upon package purchase
from the website can be used by another user.  
However, the name(s) will be used during the character customization period only.
User A will be able to create and use the reserved name once CBT begins. 
When the character customization period ends, all of the data including Family/Characters will be deleted.
(Don’t forget to save your customization file!)

We promise to do our best to provide quality service for your best game experience.   
Thank you.

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