Trade Item Deletion ahead of the April 6, 2023 (Thu) Maintenance

Notices Apr 3, 2023, 17:40 (UTC+8)



During the April 5, 2023 (Wed) April 6, 2023 (Thu) maintenance, the trade system will undergo improvements.


As a result, along with the two desert buffs for trading, certain trade goods that are purchased from Trade NPC’s will also be deleted.


[Trade items deleted]
- Trade items available from Trade NPC’s (463 Items)

[Trade related items that will not be deleted]
- Fishing, Gathering and other Trade related goods obtained through life skills (Crystalized Blood, Fish, etc).

- Trade crates that have been crafted (Special Sunflower Crates, Steel Ingot Cratess etc).


Please refer to the details below for a list of Trade items that are scheduled to be deleted. Any trade items that are deleted will be refunded in silver at the cost of the original trade item during the April 5, 2023 (Wed) April 6, 2023 (Thu) maintenance.


Thank you


Node Buff Name Effect

Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sharing 

Difficult Desert Trade 

Trade good prices +100% 

Ibellab Oasis 

Token of Desert Trading 

Trade good prices +75% 

Item name

Home First Aid Kit  

Home Medicine Brewer 

Reed Basket 

Seagull Egg 

Steel Tree Bark 

Improved Gunpowder 

Big Black Stone Nugget 

Spider Anesthetic 

Spider Web Pants 

Spider Silk 

Spider Web Vest 

Dark Red Ore Chunk 

Black Marsh Peat 

Scale of Black Dragon 

Leather Battle Gear Set 

High-Quality Liquid Fertilizer 

Bunch of High-Quality Parchment 

Ancient History: Kamasylvia 

Slate of Ancient Stone Chamber 

Altitude Sickness Cure 

Pack of Old Books  

Sack of Fine Sand 

Bear Hide Cape 

Miner's Work Uniform 

Coarse Sun-Dried Salt 

Grándiha Floral Headpiece 

Sooty Star Dust 

Glutoni Mucus 

Glish Mud Brick 


Gold-Decorated Dish Set 

Forbidden Novel 

Rutile Nugget 

Red Parasitic Bee Honey 

Golden Parasitic Bee Honey 

Trained Pigeon 

Tree Spirit Sprout 

Tree Spirit Seed 

Camel Hide Shoes  

Camel Fur Coat 

Sunrise Herb in the Sunset 

Sea Bass Jerky 

Wolf Feather Ornament 

Cure-All Ointment 

Sweet Foretta Wild Berries 

Spirit of Earth Sculpture 

Sack of Date Palm 

Lumbering Manual by Dormann 

Lizard Helmet 

Poisoned Arrowhead 

Undiluted Poisonous Herb Solution 

Stonetail Hills Garlic Bread 

Stone Rat's Tail 

Gray Stone Rat Powder 

Oriental Spice 

Travels to the East 

Eastern Culture 

Oriental Saber 

Pile of Duch Sunrise Herbs 

Drieghan Traditional Cracker 

Drieghan Traditional Fur Hat 

Cutting-Edge Dwarf Tool Pack 

Dias' Eagle Statue 

Elder Stem Bunch 

Rakshan Telescope 

Randis Ray Hide  

Ratt Lacquer Ware 

Lebyos' Leather Shoes 

Lemoria Military Uniform 

Leight Ale 

Ranger Strategic Manual: Basic 

Ranger Strategic Manual: Application 

Ranger Training Manual: Basic 

Ranger Training Manual: Application 

Loggia Potato Starch 

Rovant's Self-Protection Amulet 

Louruvian Oyster 

Rhutum Cannonball 

Lynch Family's Secret Cannonball 

Madame Pillaf's Ribbon Set 

Magic Binding Oak Branch 

Marni's Oak Barrel 

Dry Moss Tree 

Mariam's Sandwich 

Anti-Marmot Trap 

Special Maopan Corn Soup 

Mansha Forest Camouflage 

The Valencian Nights Box Set 

Horse Race Trophy 

Dried Raw Basilisk Skin 

Dried Cornelian Cherry 

Dried Fish Fillet 

Dried Star Anise 

Dried Fogan Hind Leg 

Dried Herb Leaf 

Horsehair Brush 

Pile of Scrap Iron 

Catfishman Harpoon 

Mediah Medical Supply 

Mediah Straggler's Bent Sword 


Moretti Flour Sack 

Moretti Straw Pile 

Moretti Flax Fabric 

Tough Plant Root 

Outlaw Textbook 

Rainbow Pill 

Fig Vinegar 

Water Buffalo Hide Backpack 

Delicate Ornament 

Unauthorized Whisky 

Freshwater Crocodile Hide 

Oceanic Coral 

Traditional Bashim Accessory 

Crispy Skewered Lamb 

Bain Corn Noodles 

Bartali's Odd Adventure 

Stinky Stir-Fried Fish 

Balenos Smoked Pork 

Special Balenos Herb 

Valencia Enchanting Fragrance 

Valencia City Blueprint 

Valencia Rock Salt 

Valencia Rock Salt 

Valencia Transparency Potion 

Valencian Vanadium 

Valencian Carpet 

Valentine Salve 

Valkyrie Painkiller 

Valtarra Hearthstone 

Warm Blanket 

Clam Box 

Mushroom Spore 

Behr Leather Fabric 

Behr Bugle 

Behr Sausage 

Velian Wine 

Velian Smoked Chicken 

Velian Plank 

Velian Black Opal 

Velian Fresh Egg 

Velian Crystal Glass 

Horoscope Crystal Ball 

Rebel Supply Package 

Jewel-Decorated Rifle 

Jeweled Dagger 

Khalk Teeth Decorated with Gemstone 

Swellfish Skin Wallet 

Bollona's Waterproof Cloth 

Beacon Towers Burn Medication 

Bunch of Soft Harpy Feather 

Fan Flamingo Egg 

Northern Wheat Plantation Haystack 

Giant Fire-Breathing Shield 

Mysterious Medicine 

Ominous Black Ore 

Ominous Black Mercury 

Elixir of Life 

Burning Stone 

Red Old Tree Bark 

Red Kite 

Red Raw Liver 

Red Reagent 

Crimson Lapis Lazuli 

Red Birthstone 

Crimson Blanket 

Emergency Medicine Set 

Love Potion No. 6 

Desert Star 

Desert Landscape 

Saunil Steel Weapon 

Cabin Maintenance Tools 

Living Rock Chunk 

Trident Arrowhead 

Medical Kit 

Bunch of Ivory 

Ivory Seal 

Healing Potion 

Sour Foretta Wild Berries 

White Salve 

Living Tree Branch 

Fish Sausage 

Preserved Fish 

Shaia Traditional Hat 

Shakatu's Surprise Jewel Box 

Bunch of Saffron 

Occidental Noble Dress 

Anti-Petrifying Amulet 

Serendia Lynch Fleece 

Serendia Vanity 

Sherekhan Flag Ornament 

Sherekhan Talisman 

Wishing Kite 

Truffle Mushroom Seedling 

Waterproofing Elixir 

Mercury Ointment 

Pure Gold Censer 

Pure Iron Ore 

Shuri Farm Sweet Potato Starch 

Stimi Chandelier 

Sack of Seulbi Buds 

Xian Merchant Guild Bribe Accounts 

Protester Supplies 

Fresh Fogan Egg 


Bunch of Fresh Tulips 

Aro's Special Basket 

Awina's Root 

Acher Longbow 

Atanis Music Score 

Ataraxia: Blue 

Evil Spirit Rock 

Alejandro's Royal Jelly 

Colorful Wild Berry Juice 

Confiscated Smuggled Goods 

Confiscated Naga Weapon 

Barbarian Tonic 

Barbarian's Oval Shield 

Palm Wine 

Palm Forest Boy Collection 

Yak Carpet 

Marinated Freshwater Eel 

Eilton Winter Clothes 

Eilton Citron Cider 

Epheria Fish Harpoon 

Epheria Floating Bomb 

Epheria Fish Oil 

Treant Root 

Treant Sprout 

Treant Heart 

Elionian Doctrine 

Fox Fur 

Alchemist's Red Reagent 

Alchemist's Blue Reagent 

Fruit Soldier Assault Slingshot 

Honorable Right Foot 

Soul-Bearing Portrait 

Sharp Compass Saw Box 

Aurobyl Fabric 

Oberen's Mushroom Seedling 

Colorful Embroidered Horse Gear Set 

Contaminated Herb Bundle 

Ogre Excrement 

Dragon Statue of Oyun 

Person Thinking of Oze 

Opal Nugget 

Corn Leaf Mat 

Whole King Crab 

Olvia Mountain Cheese 

Olvia Grape Jam 

Wyvern's Gastric Juice 

Royal Jewelry Box 

Root Nymph Pickled Fish 

Nymph Costume Set 

Gentian Wine 

Dragonhead Kettle 

Lava Spider's Flame Sac 


Weenie Looney Pharmacy Book 

Biographies of a Great Trainer 

Biographies of Vedir Hypocrites 

Forged Aristocracy Certificate 

Citron Extract 

Citron Jam 

Ruin Guardian's Core  

Silver Fish Skin 

Bunch of Silver Azalea Roots 

Dim Lotus Lamp 

Heathen's Torture Device 

Heathen Amulet 

Fabulous Exotic China 

Mossy Ancient Statue 

Moss Tree Longbow 

Ibellab Gunpowder 

Worker's Lunch 

Artificial Bait 

Iliya Coral 

Iliya Salt Pot 

Imp's Red Ore 

Imp Totem Fragment 

Zaramas' Odd Sculpture 

Small Handy Heater 

Ash Gray Branch 

Voodoo Doll 

Bottle of Scorpion Venom 

Practical Astrology 

Delicate Belt Ornament 

Supernatural Elixir 

Sack of Shells 

Jorg's Galoshes 

Jorg's Scarf 

Weasel Scarf 

Eschatological Prophecy 

Spell Powder Pot 

Orange Crab Shell 

Gianin Flower Tea 

Gianin Purple Dye 

Pearl Necklace 

Dented Steel Armor 

Millennial Wild Ginseng 

Angelic Powder 

Natural Sponge 

Lapis Lazuli Knee Pad 

Moist Dry Mane Grass 

Thuja Pinwheel 

Thuja Scented Candle 

Cadry Iron Armor 

Copy of Book of Cartian 

Kamasylvia Ancient Pandects 

Kamasylvian Book of Etiquette 

Kasula Cinnamon Powder 

Kaia Herb Bundle 

Caphras Steamer 

Lumbering Manual by Karl Verdun 

Khalk Skin Fabric 

Calpheon Workshop Steel Ingot 

Calpheon Slum Antique 

Calpheon Slum Aid 

Calpheon High-end Display Case 


Big Beryl 

Big Harpy Egg 

Bunch of Kebina Roots 

Keplan Ginger Tea 

Rhino Stone Hide 

Costa Potato Starch 

Costa Chemical-Free Fertilizer 

Coconut Oil 

Cohen Dried Shrimp 

Cohen Fish Trap 

Khuturo Cave Tin Nugget 

Kushan Smoked Beef 

Grilled Kuku Bird Egg 

Kirus' Talisman 

Chimera's Black Fragment 

Teviral Scented Candle 

Toscani Corn Oil 

Sawdust Box 

Tranan Lead Shot Chest 

Trent Carpentry Tool 

Trent Specialty Wood 

Bundle of Mane Hair 

Troll Club 

Troll Hunting Poison 

Destruction Spell Scroll 

Reptile Repellent 

Pallet Moving Set 

Falres' Leather Boots 

Falres' Fertilizer Sack 

Natural Pigment Set 

Serendia Western Gateway Raw Material 

Abandoned Iron Mine Quartz Nugget 

Fogan Skin Oil 

Fogan Crescent Spear 

275 Year-Old Porodonio Wine 

Cannon Mold 

Packaged Pig Barbecue 

Blue Silk Fabric 

Bunch of Blue Roses 

Bluish Blanket 

Bush Spider Poison Sack 

Wad of Bush Spider Cobweb 

Forest Camouflage 

Grass Skirt 

Freharau's Dry Mud 

Freharau's Restorative 

Florin Scented Candle 

Flondor Jade Clam 

Flondor Spring Water 

Flondor Crystal Plant 

Refugee Household Items 

Pilava Pearl 

Sky Hawk Kite Set 

Celestial Ocarina 

Celestial Wind Chime 

Haso Silk 

Haso Celadon Porcelain 

Heidel First Aid Kit 

Heidel Knights Martial Arts Manual 

Heidel Cocktail Dress 

Harpy Feather Cape 

Harpy Feather Fan 

Harpy Megaphone 

Sunflower Seed Oil 

Tree of Luck 

Lucky Fish Statue 

Fragrant Goat Jerky 

Special Fragrant Rat Poison 

Shabby Sculpture 

Pumpkin Ghost Seed 

Pumpkin Lamp 

Amber Accessory 

Bunch of Fire Flake Flowers 

Golden Dragon Ink Slab 

Emperor's Artifact 

Emperor's Portrait 

Retrieved Troop Shield 

Smoked Mountain Sheep Meat 

Portable Cannon 

Black Spirit Control Stone 

Pot with Black Spirit 

Black Leopard Sculpture 

Dew of White Wood Forest 

★ Cobweb Material 

★ Luxurious Aristocratic Badge 

★ Ancient Slate Ceramics 

★ Golden Kuku Bird Egg Decoration 

★ Praying Woman Glass Figurine 

★ Bundle of 100 Swords for Knights 

★ Snail Slime Cream 

★ Eastern Ceramic Ware 

★ Loah Perfume 

★ Spellbound Silver Dagger 

★ Bundle of 100 Wagon Wheels 

★ Bundle of 100 Hides for Horse Saddles 

★ Talking Portrait 

★ Bundle of 100 Wood for Barricades 

★ Spellbound Glass Shoes 

★ Balenos Top-Quality Bear Hide 

★ Balenos Top-Quality Silk 

★ Balenos Top-Quality Tea Leaf 

★ Balenos Bay Pearl Necklace 

★ Shiny Cannonball 

★ Velia Premium Telescope 

★ Jeweled Scimitar 

★ Red Gemstone Lip Gloss 

★ Red Ford Dye 

★ Desert Camping Set 

★ Ivory-Decorated Cane 

★ Bundle of 100 Stones for Wall Repairs 

★ Serendia Top-Quality Carpet 

★ Mysteriously Shining Stone 

★ Altinova Steel Horseshoe 

★ Altinova Pure Gold Crown 

★ Underfoe's Improved Matchlock 

★ Underfoe's Decorative Sword 

★ Resplendent Sapphire Earring 

★ Lava Steel Ingot 

★ Nutmeg 

★ Silver Magnifying Glasses 

★ Silver Star-Shaped Earring 

★ Master's Glassware 

★ Master's Glass Tea Cup 

★ Refined Black Crystal 

★ Sorcery Skeleton Candle Holder 

★ Top-Quality Cinnamon 

★ Top-Quality Wheat Seed 

★ Top-Quality Ivory Ornament 

★ Top-Quality Crystal Chandelier 

★ Top-Quality Tulip Perfume 

★ Copy of Cartian Book 

★ Calpheon Silverware Set 

★ Trent Top-Quality Whisky 

★ White Cedar Sapling 

★ Blue Ford Dye 

★ Bloody Diamond Pendant 

★ Heidel Golden Statue 

★ Heidel Silver Candle Stand 

★ Heidel Paper Manufacturing Method 

★ Heidel Knights Silver Shield Decoration 

★ Heidelian Top-Quality Leather Bundle 

★ Herb Diamond Ring 

★ Obsidian Hand Knife 



※ Trade Items with the ★ Icon are items that can currently not be obtained.

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