Crossplay Update Preparation Notice

Notices Aug 24, 2023, 09:30 (UTC+8)

Greetings Adventurers,


Only two weeks remain until adventurers from Thailand and Southeast Asia will come to adventure together all in one server
As mentioned in a previous GM note, there will be several changes due to the crossplay update. This notice will be covering the pre-download process below.  



With SEA-TH Crossplay coming to Black Desert on Sept 6, 2023, adventurers will need to download a new launcher and game client. We recommend pre-downloading the necessary files prior to the crossplay update for smoother download speeds and guaranteed day-of access.

* You must login with the [pre-existing launcher] to play the game up until the crossplay update on Sept 6, 2023 (Wed). 
* New adventurers
can download the [pre-existing launcher] to play Black Desert right away.

* The new crossplay launcher boasts a new design with upgraded security and features for convenience.

  • Pre-Download period: Aug 24, 2023 (Thu) 09:30 - Sept 6, 2023 (Wed) before maintenance 
    • Steam users are unable to pre-download the crossplay launcher and must download the client through Steam on Sept 6, 2023 after maintenance.
    • You can pre-download from the crossplay launcher without logging into your account.
    • You can log into the crossplay launcher after Sept 6, 2023 maintenance. 
  • Client file size: Approx. 57.77 GB


* If issues arise during the pre-download, cancel (X) the download, then go to Settings to [Report Error].

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Black Desert will begin in a moment.

Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run Pearl-Abyss-Launcher_Setup.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.