Crossplay Content Reset and Name Changes

Notices Sep 1, 2023, 13:17 (UTC+8)



Greetings Adventurers, 

We would like to inform you that cetain in-game settings and content will be reset with the start of the Thailand and SEA crossplay.  

Also, please refer to the details on name changes below.  


In-game Settings and Content Resets 

With the start of crossplay, certain in-game settings and content will be reset. Please read the details below and backup any settings you wish to use afterwards.   

* Any settings and content changes other than the ones listed below will be updated on this notice.

* We recommend that you save your current game and UI settings separately.

How to save your current game and UI settings

▲ ESC menu → Settings → Settings Archive → Save → Upload

▲ After crossplay goes live, you can apply the previous settings by downloading and reconnecting to the game


Settings Saved in the Settings Archive 

When saving to the Settings Archive, all of the above items are maintained. However, please note that they will all be reset if not saved. 
  • UI editing 
    • UI position
    • UI on/off 
  • Game options
  • Fairy
    • Recovery potion settings 
    • Automatic use of food and elixirs
  • Pet
    • Group 
    • Loot speed 
    • List order 
  • Skill slots 
  • Mount skill lock 
  • Skill 
    • Skill lock 
    • Cooldown settings 
    • Black Spirit’s Rage lock 
  • Worker nickname 
  • Inventory 
    •  Item lock
    • Automatic sorting settings 
    • Category settings 
    • Outfit hide settings 
  • Chat window settings 
  • Artifact preset 
  • Boss notification 
  • Sticker memo 
  • Social action keywords, commands 
  • Keyword blocking 
  • Simple hotkey 
  • Pad mode ring menu settings 


Indicidual Settings 
  • Worker work records

  • Node/Conquest War 
    Category Schedule

    Node/Conquest War occupation info and tax reset

    Sept 6 (Wed), 2023 maintenance
    No Node/Conquest War Period Sept 6 (Wed), 2023 – Sept 16, (Sat)
    Node War Restart Sept 17 (Sun), 2023
    * Due to the Node War update scheduled for Sept 13, 2023 (Wed), Node/Conquest War will not be held between Sept 6, 2023 (Wed) - Sept 16, 2023 (Sat).
    * Due to the Node/Conquest War tax reset on Sept 6 (Wed), 2023, the first Node/Conquest War after the reset may have lower tax amounts. 
  • Tax Wagon 
  • Guild membership application 
  • Guild alliance 
  • Guild house 
  • Items being crafted or completed in the guild house 
    • Due to the guild house reset, bidding and forfeit fees, as well as crafted and in-progress items, will be distributed through the guild warehouse during the Sept 6, 2023 maintenance. 
    • In-progress items at guild houses, will be distributed to guild masters via Mail (B) during the Sept 6, 2023 maintenance. 
  • Territory server 
    • Due to the territory server reset, all [Guild] Drills will be removed. 
  • Arena of Arsha reservations 
    • All reservations made between Sept 6 (Wed), 2023 – Sept 13 (Wed), 2023 will be canceled, and all fees will be sent guild warehouses on Sept 6 (Wed). 

  • Old Moon Grand Prix season ranking 
  • Arena of Solare ranking info 
    • Please note that time records such as Black Shrine records may be reset or recollected. 
  • Central Market sale Silver collection, purchased items, and items waiting for sale or purchase.
    • Silver and items affected by the Central Market reset will be distributed via the Central Market warehouse during the Sept 6 (Wed), 2023 maintenance. 
  • Number of likes received in group chat.
    • The next chat group rank rewards will be distributed based on the number of likes received between Sept 6 (Wed), 2023 after maintenance - Nov 1 (Wed), 2023 before maintenance. 
  • Number of times you can like in group chat. 

Name Changes 


As mentioned in a past notice, identical names won’t be able to coexist in the same server after the crossplay update, 

Any identical Family/character/guild names will be processed in the following order. 


Name Changes

① The most recent login time, and active history, of two accounts with identical names will be considered before administering name changes.  

Active Account  Last login within 30 days as of Sept 6, 2023 (Wed)
Inactive Account Last login more than 30 days as of Sept 6, 2023 (Wed)  

* A guild will be regarded as active as long as one guild member has logged in within 30 days.  


Like the table above, any accounts whose last login is more than 30 days as of Sept 6, 2023 (Wed) will automatically be regarded as an inactive account and be subject to a name change. 

However, in the case of identical character names, even if the account’s last login with the Family was within 30 days, if the character in question last logged in more than 30 days, it will also be regarded as an inactive account.  

SEA: Last logged in Aug 30, 2023 
TH: Last logged in  May 12, 2023 
TH [GM]Heidel’s account will be deemed an inactive account and be subject to a name change. 

SEA: Family/Character last logged in Sept 1, 2023 / April 1, 2023 
TH: Family/Character last logged in Aug 16, 2023 / Aug 16, 2023 
SEA [GM]Alustin’s Character’s last login time exceeded 30 days, thus will be deemed an inactive account and be subject to a name change. 

② If both accounts/guilds with identical names are deemed active, the actual moment when said name was registered will be considered. 

 Any history of name changes will factor in the date of said name change into consideration. Otherwise, the date of when the name was first registered will be considered. 

SEA: Family name was registered Feb 5, 2019
TH: Family name was registered Dec 2, 2018
SEA [GM]Future’s Family name was registered at a later date and will be subject to a name change. 
* Only name registrations made when each server was officially open will be taken into consideration. 


Temporary Name Change & Coupon Issue 

Name changes will be carried out on Sept 6, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance, and all names deemed fit for a name change will see “_ASIA” added to the end of said name and receive the relevant Name Change Coupon via in-game Mail (B). 

* If adding “_ASIA” exceeds the max limit allowed for names, only “_AS” will be added to the name. 

Coupon Usage/Sales on Hold 

To prevent further creation of identical names, the following coupons were temporarily unavailable for purchase from Aug 30, 2023 (Wed) after maintenance to Sept 6, 2023 after maintenance. 

- Family Name Change Coupon 
- Character Name Change Coupon 

- Character Name Transfer Coupon 
- Guild Name Change Coupon 
- [Event] Character Name Change Coupon (7 Days)

 Thank you.

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