GM BLOG #2 - "Twinsies I met by chance!"

GM Notes Feb 13, 2023, 19:30 (UTC+8)

Once upon a time, in peaceful Velia
[GM]Nasrin heard some talk on the Blacksmith's roof!
"You have the same taste as me!"😋

[GM]Nasrin followed the talk and met twin adventurers, who looked like white angels on the roof.😇


They shared their dye tips, and their favorite colors.
[GM]Nasrin who always wears Black, wanted to try to dye her outfit in the color of 'Valencia snow deep pink'.

In various screenshot modes, click, click, click!📸 Don't we looks like models? 
I was so happy to see the other twins I met after the Black Desert Woosa & Maegu-!

What other twins will I meet next? XD

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