Guild War System Change Announcement

Notices Sep 5, 2023, 12:51 (UTC+8)

Greetings Adventurers. 


First of all, we would like to thank all the Adventurers who have been enjoying Black Desert. 


Today, we would like to provide prior notice regarding the changes to the guild war system that has been in place for a long time. 


Starting from the Sept 6 (Wed) maintenance, the guild war system will be changed to allow wars between guilds with mutual agreement. 


In Korea, this system was updated at the end of July. Since this system has been in place for a long time, it required careful examination and consideration of the situation and necessity in each service region. As a result, the update schedule for the content in each service region has been adjusted. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter. 


Black Desert is a game that allows adventurers to enjoy adventures in an open world. Due to the nature of the open world, as more people gather in a monster zone, the individual's range of combat decreases, eventually leading to the experience of having to move to a different zone or server. 


Various updates have been made to solve this problem, but many Adventurers still face difficulties and concerns due to conflicts in monster zones. 


PvP in Black Desert allows forced attacks, but the disadvantages that come with it are set to be very powerful. However, in the case of one-sided wars between guilds caused by conflicts in monster zones, it is also being utilized to kill opponents without any disadvantages. 


After a long period of consideration and confirmation of the situation, we have decided to exclude one-sided wars from the Black Desert system.  


Furthermore, related updates to alleviate the monster zone issue, which is one of the main causes of guild conflicts, will also be applied along with the changes to the guild war system. 


Firstly, the usage of Marni's Realm will be improved so that it recharges after 1 hour of use and can be used again for another hour, repeating this cycle. We expect that this change in the realm will help to solve many issues related to monster zones. 


Additionally, the waiting time for server changes will be reduced from the current 10 minutes to 5 minutes. When there are no available spots in a zone, Adventurers had to wait while changing servers, which caused stress. Therefore, we have decided to reduce the waiting time to 5 minutes. 


Lastly, there will be an expansion of monster zones where you can obtain Spirit Essence materials. We expect that this will help alleviate overcrowding in specific zones. 


Although the update may seem drastic and significant, this decision was not made abruptly based on the current situation. It is a decision that has been made after a long period of contemplation, attempts, and efforts. 


This decision may bring about many changes and there may be areas that are lacking. However, we will continue to make improvements and updates in order to continue developing this area. 


Thank you. 

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