Restriction on Sign-up via Twitter Account

Notices May 31, 2023, 14:38 (UTC+8)

Hello, this is the Black Desert Service Team. 


Starting from June 7 (Wed), 2023, the option to link or create new accounts using “Twitter” for simplified login will be limited. 


Even after the restriction on sign-up and account linking, adventurers who have previously logged in using their Twitter accounts will still be able to use the Twitter log-in feature without any issues. 

Adventurers who want to have an additional means of simplified login, please refer to the following: 



[Restrictions on Twitter Account Sign-up and Account Linking] 

- Effective Date: following June 7, 2023 (Wed) 06:00 AM (GMT +8)



[How to Link Account] 

- Log in to the official website using your Pearl Abyss ID linked to your Twitter account and go to Account Information - Link Account - Link a different SNS account other than Twitter. 


Thank you. 

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