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The most basic thing for adventure is inventory that is related to sustainability.

Here, sustainability refers to how long specific actions can be sustained without repairing.


As the number of slots in which you can put your items increases, you will be able to hunt for a longer time and save the time required for repairing.


The black desert basically offers 16 slots of inventory and you can increase them to 192 slots.

You can also use 192 pearl inventory slots to store your pearl items separately.


Basic inventory slots will be increased naturally as rewards if you complete quests step by step.

If you are wondering if there is a quest to increase the inventory slot, please open a quest window (shortcut key O) to check out the recommended quests then you can see the quests that give inventory slots as rewards at a glance.




Warehouse and Inventory of Mounts

There is a storage warehouse available exclusively in each town.


Simply interact with the Storage Keeper to use the town's warehouse.

At first, you can use only 8 slots but if you purchase a house in the town and change its purpose to a warehouse, the available slots will increase.


Like inventory, the warehouse can extend up to 192 slots


The inventory of mounts such as donkeys, horses, wagons, elephants has a different number of slots available depending on the type of mounts.

Unlike a character's inventory or a town's warehouse, you cannot expand the number of mount's inventory, but you can check in a mount in a stable of each area, so you can secure many inventory slots depending on how you use them.


▲ Each town offers a basic 8-slot storage warehouse.



▲ You can also increase the number of storage slots, depending on the level, by purchasing houses and changing the purposes as Warehouses.




Inventory Management

If you don't have a good management over the inventory, you will become unable to move due to the weight of items you are carrying.


It is necessary to manage the inventory from the beginning because there are many kinds of items that can be acquired by production activities and quests.


Of the items, you can stack up to any number of items such as general materials, manufactured materials, consumable items, and trade items, however, you cannot do so for the items such as equipment, installable objects, and some heavy trade items.

Note that overlapping items cannot be stacked up if their origins are different.


If you have too many items in your inventory and it is difficult to organize them, or if you want to put the item you want in the desired location, use the 'Auto Arrange' function.


If you tick off 'Auto Arrange', the items in the inventory are sorted in order of wearable equipment, consumables, materials, and general items.


If you want to keep the desired equipment in the desired position in the inventory, turn off the 'Auto Arrange'.

You can place your items at the desired position.



▲ You can change the position of the item in the inventory as you want by turning off 'Auto Arrange'.


If you have the 'Item Parts' that can be converted to a new item by arranging several of them in a specific order, such as a fragment of an ancient relic crystal, you can combine them only by deactivating the 'Auto Arrange' view function.


In the inventory window, you have to arrange a certain number of 'Item Parts' in a predetermined shape only then the combination button will be available to convert the 'Item Parts' into a Summon Scroll or a new item.

Respective combination method is described in the item tooltip of each 'Item Part'


If you cannot proceed with the combination although you have deactivated the 'Auto Arrange' and arranged the 'Item Parts' in the correct order and shape, check if there are other 'Item Parts' for combination in the inventory.


If there are other 'Item Parts' with the arrangement completed and the combination button activated in the inventory, the 'Item Parts' must be first converted or be disarranged to deactivate the combination button. Only after then, the combination button for the 'Item Parts' that you wanted to convert will appear.


▲ If you want to combine items by putting them together in a certain order in the inventory, you must first turn off 'Auto Arrange'



▲ If you turn off 'Auto Arrange view' and the Combination buttons do not appear after you have placed the Combination items in the order, check to see if other item parts are active in the inventory.




Inventory Weight

Even if you have slots remained in the inventory, you may not be able to have items.


It's because you have already held items of which weights added up to the limit weight. If you exceed the 170% of your maximum weight capacity, you will not be able to carry additional items, even if you have inventory slots for them.


Also, be careful as the heavier you become, the slower your movement speed and attack speed will be, which will lead you to be exposed to danger.


It is convenient to change the silver coins into gold for lighter weight or to deposit them in the warehouse. Even if you deposit money in the warehouse, you can make payment with the money in the warehouse when you use the NPC shop.


If you want to discard items to make the character lightened, put your items into trash can icon.

Although a confirmation window will appear before the item disappears, be cautious not to inadvertently discard the wrong item.


It is possible to discard all items in the inventory, such as wearable items or consumables etc. but you should note that the silver coins cannot be discarded or left on the mounts.



▲ If the weight of the inventory exceeds 170%, no more items can be obtained.




Pearl Inventory

Items purchased at Pearl stores, such as pearl costumes and horse gear set, are kept in a pearl inventory.

You can use all 192 slots of the pearl inventory without additional expansion from the time that the character is created. Pearl items have no weight, so there is no weight limit for using pearl inventory.


When you want to discard an item stored in a pearl inventory, just like you do with the normal inventory, drag the item into a trash can icon at the bottom right or drag the item out of the inventory.


In order to prevent accidental discarding of pearl items, you must have set the trade password that will be required at the time of discarding. The trade password is the same password you set when you register the pearl item on the Marketplace

If you discard several pearl items continuously, you may input the trade password only one time at the beginning of discarding.



▲ You can use 192 slots of the pearl inventory without additional expansion




Inventory Menu



Inventory: it shows general game items stored in the inventory

Pearl inventory: it shows pearl items you bought through the pearl shop.

Auto Arrange Items: it shows items sorted by type.

Processing: it shows the production activity window for processing.

Palette: it shows the palette window for dyeing

Weight: it shows the character's weight status

Silver: it shows the money you have. The silver coins have a set weight and you can store your silver coins in the warehouse.

Pearl: it shows the amount of Pearls you have

Loyalties: it shows the amount of loyalties you have

Trash: it is the trash can into which you can drag and discard an item. Be careful when you discard an item because it cannot be restored.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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