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You can change settings related to the game yourself.

If you set the screen and texture quality to PC spec, you can enjoy the game in a better environment.


Option Types

▲ You can change each option through game options located at the bottom right of the game screen.


• Screen Settings: Set various options related to the graphic.

If you set the screen to suit the PC spec, you can enjoy the optimized game environment.


• Sound Settings: Set various options related to sound. 

You can turn on or off particular sound or control the volume.  


• Game Settings: Set various options for the functions that are used in the game.

You can choose options to use Game Pad.


• Input button settings: Change the settings of the basic input button.


• UI Shortcut settings: Change the shortcut settings of the UI that have already been set.


Change Screen settings

If you adjust the screen setting, you can enjoy the game even in low PC spec.


Black Dessert supports functions to adjust the basic resolution, texture quality, graphic quality as well as to turn various options on or off by yourself.


Through this, you can change the setting based on your PC spec and enjoy the amazing view of Black Desert, or make a swift movement in a combat where hundreds of adventurers are fighting.


▲ Menu(Shortcut ESC) – Game settings – You can adjust graphic related settings when you select the screen tab.  


If your PC spec is low, adjust the optimization option to enjoy Black Desert.


Optimization option

The crop mode is a function that leaves the interface as it is, and only reduces the area where the background and the characters are being displayed.

The picture that has to be displayed becomes smaller, so the burden on the PC is lighter.


▲ If you use The crop mode, the burden on the PC decreases since the screen becomes smaller


'Remove other characters' effects' is a good function to use when there are many adventurers in one spot and temporary lag happens because of it.

It doesn’t show the effects of adventurers other than your own, so you can enjoy a smoother screen when there are a lot of characters in one spot.


The downside to using 'remove other characters' effects' is that you can’t grasp the skills the opponent explorer is using during PvP.




The upscale function is where the game screen in drawn a small scale on PC and then it is expanded to the resolution that has been set.

The downside to this function is that the resolution goes down drastically because small pictures get expanded, but if you use this function on a PC of low spec, it will give you a big help. 


▲ In upscale mode, the resolution drops a lot, but it works great on the PC of low spec.



Adjust camera effect

Adjust camera effect is a function where you can adjust the value of the camera effects such as screen shake or afterimage happening during character's movement and using skills.

If you set it to 100%, you will be able to enjoy a more fun and lively screen, but if you feel dizzy, you can reduce the camera effect, or eliminate it.



You can set camera shake settings, camera angle effects, camera zoom in/out effect all separately, but if you adjust 'all camera effects', it has the same effect as adjusting all 4 categories together.



Adjust Gamma, Contrast, Vision Range

When it's night time or if you go into a dark cave, the screen might go dark and you might feel uncomfortable. At these times, you can use the gamma adjust function.


As the gamma value goes up, the screen becomes brighter and you can see dark places relatively comfortably.

But when daytime comes and it becomes brighter, you might not be able to distinguish the screen properly since it’s too bright..

▲Comparison between Gamma 0%, which is the basic status, and 50% which is the highest setting. When daytime comes and it becomes brighter, you might feel dazzled by too bright light so you would need to adjust it to an appropriate level.


Adjust vision range function is a function where you can adjust the height that the camera that is looking at the character. The advantages to setting the vision range higher are that the character becomes smaller, and you can see the further background.


On the other hand, if you lower the vision range since you are looking the scene in the short distance, you can see the movement of the enemy clearer.

▲ If you adjust vision range, you will be able to look down at the character from a higher point.



Deuteranopes Options

There are deuteranopes options prepared for players with protanomaly and deuteranomaly.

If you activate this function, some colors of the representations in the game change so that they can be easily distinguished.



Screenshot related settings

You can change the resolution of the screenshot which you can take by using the Print Screen key in game settings. Depending on the graphic card function, you can take high-resolution screenshot above 4K, and if you set it as high resolution, right after you take the screenshot you can set it as the PC background with one click inside the game.


But if the graphic card does not support the high resolution (4K or 8K) that has been selected, even if you select the screenshot size as high-resolution, the screenshot is taken in normal resolution size.


After taking a high-resolution screenshot, it takes a few seconds to process, so you need to be careful during a combat situation (PvP, combat zone, etc), so we suggest that you take pictures in a safe environment.

▲ If you click the set wallpaper button, the screenshot you just took becomes background of your PC!

※ ‘Set screenshot as background window’ does not show on ‘UI hide(Ctrl+U) status’.


Also, on the Black Desert screenshot the Black Desert mark (watermark) appears,

And you can adjust the watermark type, location, size, transparency in the game settings window.

▲ Images where watermark transparency is adjusted


▲ You can choose your watermark from the logos of all the countries where Black Desert is serviced.


Change audio settings

If you change audio settings, you can turn on or off the music that comes out when you get on your mount or the background music.

Not only that, you can turn on or off the sound effects and various ambient sound separately.

It is possible to adjust each sound volumes one by one while all the sounds are on.


▲ You can turn on and off the music, sound effect and other various sound or adjust each sound volumes separately.



Change game settings

In the game settings change window, out of the interface of Black Desert where many convenient features and numerous information are shown, you can make settings that show you the ones that you wish to see.


If you look at the categories in the game settings carefully, you can enjoy Black Desert in a simple screen or make it into a screen with much more information.

▲The basic settings of game settings window.


If you think the basic interface of Black Desert is too complicated, select the 'Simplify UI' function. The HP and MP bar will disappear, and some interface becomes translucent so the screen becomes much simpler.

▲ The 'Simplify UI' mode, where some interface such as EXP bar and chat window became translucent and HP and MP bar disappeared



If you select 'show attack decision effects', during combat, the attack judgment such as down attack and back attack is printed in text.

It is a function recommended for the adventurers who want to recognize the combat situation such as PvP clearly.


If you use the down attack skill to an opponent who fell down, DOWN ATTACK text is printed, and when you use a skill that has stun effect but the opponent didn’t get stunned, the IMMUNE text is printed.

▲ When you use various debuff skills, the text is printed above the character who was attacked.


Using 'auto-align quick slot', you can drag many more skills and items into not only the basic 10 quick slots but also added more slots. Not only that, you can place the quick slot in a location that you want and make the arrangement as you like.


You can edit the shortcut of quick slot as well. If there is unused key such as -,= or \, they can be added as quick slot shortcuts and you can use the item quickly during a combat.


After selecting the' auto-align quick slot', in the menu (shortcut ESC) – 'UI edit', you can move each quick slot to a place that you want.

▲ If you use 'auto-align quick slot' you can not only use more quick slots but also move the slots to any place you want and use them.


If you use Black Spirit notification function, even if there are quests left, eth Black Spirit calling system message does not appear.


If you turn off the screen saver function, after a certain period of time passes with no control, the interface will disappear, and the screen saver function where various screen savers appear will not appear.


If you adjust the navigation guide type, when you use the navigation function, you can change the route representation that leads to the destination point.


The basic setting is in ‘arrow’, and you can choose between ‘Effect’ where a dim light will appear or ‘Guiding Fairy’ that lets you know the direction toward the light pillar of destination.



▲ When using navigation function, you change the method of guidance toward destination.


'Character outline/silhouette option' is a function that adds a silhouette to the character or NPC depending on its status, so it’s easier to distinguish.

▲ Depending on the quest status, you can apply such effects as ‘add silhouette’ etc to the NPC.


If you do not wish to see the system notification that gets displayed endlessly in the middle of the screen, you can turn it on and off through the ‘Turn off system notifications’ function.


You can just leave the notification messages that you are interested in and turn off all the other messages to make a cleaner interface.


▲ You can turn off the notification messages that gets displayed endlessly in the middle of the screen.


If you think the characters and pets being displayed at a place with a lot of adventurers is too much, you can select ‘View my pet only’ or ‘hide all pets’ from pet settings.

You can see only your pet, or the system does not display any pets at all.


Game Pad instructions

In order to use game pad, you have to tick off ‘Use game pad’ on game settings.

You can’t tick off ‘Use game pad’ if you did not connect a game pad.


You may use it as it is after you make tick-off, or you can set shortcuts the way you want as well.

You can insert the basic input in ‘Input settings’, and shortcuts such as UI in ‘UI shortcut settings’.

▲ Game settings -> Game pad settings


Change shortcut

There are two types of shortcuts as a whole.


There are the ‘Input settings’ where you can change the shortcuts for skills or using items and the ‘UI shortcut settings’ where you can change the shortcuts of various UI windows.


What you need to keep in mind is that if the key you are trying to register is already in use, the original shortcut key disappears.

So after changing the shortcuts, you must see if there are any void shortcuts that have been created.


Also, keep in mind that you can’t change the commands for character’s born skills.




▲ UI shortcut and input button settings.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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