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Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory

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- You can obtain up to 2 Ring of Crescent Guardian, Narc Ear Accessory, or Tungrad Earring with guaranteed enhancement up to PEN (V) via the Old Moon Guild’s Support.
- Guaranteed PEN (V) accessories can be obtained by using exclusive materials.
- PEN (V) accessories obtained from the UI are untradable.

How to Obtain Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessories


▲ Old Moon Guild’s Support


The process to obtain 2 guaranteed PEN (V) accessories is done via the Old Moon Guild’s Support UI.


Obtainable final equipment (Choose 1 out of 3/ Twice per Family / Cannot be registered on the Central Market)

- PEN (V) Ring of Crescent Guardian

- PEN (V) Narc Ear Accessory

- PEN (V) Tungrad Earring

Starting the Quest

Quest Requirement
- Complete the Old Moon Guild's Trade Offer quest with a character at or above Lv. 56 to receive access to the UI.
How to Progress

- Click Progression Pass - Guaranteed PEN (V) at the top right of the screen

- Complete [Quest] Old Moon Guild's Trade Offer from Jetina

- Check the Old Moon Guild’s Support UI at the top left of the equipment window of the Inventory (I)

▲ Check the Old Moon Guild's Trade Offer quest in the Progression Pass with a character at or above Lv. 56!
▲ The guaranteed PEN (V) accessory quest can be obtained from Jetina the Old Moon Manager.
(You can either use the Find NPC function or look near a stable in a major city to easily find Jetina.)
▲ Complete the quest after a simple conversation.
▲ Check out the Old Moon Guild's Support button on the left side of your inventory window.

Guaranteed Accessory Enhancement

Choose a supported accessory.

- Select the accessory you wish to achieve guaranteed PEN (V) enhancement with.

Selectable Accessory (Choose 1▼)
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Narc Ear Accessory
Tungrad Earring
▲ Select one of three to begin.
▲ Select the item you wish to receive support for. (It’s suggested to go for the ring if you are unsure!)


▲ Once all the necessary materials have been placed in each level, press Obtain to begin enhancement.



How to Enhance

  • You can enhance your selected accessory to the next level with the Old Moon Guild’s Support UI and the relevant materials.
    • Place the materials needed for guaranteed enhancement in the UI.
    • The required materials for each enhancement level are as below.
    • You can first put in only the amount of each ingredient that you currently
  • ※ Items placed in the Old Moon Guild's Support UI cannot be retrieved.
  • ※ Once all materials excluding the accessory have been placed in the UI, add the accessory to enhance.
Items Required
PRI (I) Accessory DUO (II) Accessory TRI (III) Accessory TET (IV) Accessory PEN (V) Accessory

+0 Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x50

Black Stone (Weapon) x500

Magical Shard x15

Yona's Fragment x5

PRI (I) Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x150

Black Stone (Weapon) x1,500

Magical Shard x45

Yona's Fragment x15

DUO (II) Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x200

Black Stone (Weapon) x2,000

Magical Shard x60

Yona's Fragment x20

TRI (III) Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x300

Black Stone (Weapon) x3,000

Magical Shard x90

Yona's Fragment x30

TET (IV) Supported Accessory

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x1,600

Black Stone (Weapon) x11,000

Magical Shard x330

Yona's Fragment x110

Required Materials

Yona's Fragment

You can obtain the item by defeating monsters in the Valencia region or via Heating (L) yellow grade accessories.
- Accessories for Heating: Tungrad Necklace, Ogre Ring, Laytenn‘s Power Stone, Serap's Necklace, Sicil's Necklace, Black Distortion Earring, Tungrad Earring, Narc Ear Accessory, Tungrad Belt, Orkinrad's Belt, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Centaurus Belt, Basilisk's Belt, Tungrad Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Forest Ronaros Ring, Ring of Cadry Guardian

Magical Shard

You can obtain the item via Heating (L) with a yellow grade Black Magic Crystal.

Black Stone (Weapon)

You can usually obtain the items by defeating monsters or in various ways.  
※ Can be purchased from the Central Market

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst

You can purchase the item for 3.5 million Silver each from an Old Moon Guild Manager NPC vendor.  
※ TIP: You can enter ”Old Moon Guild Manager” in the search bar for the Nearby NPC function. 

Guaranteed Accessory Exchange

If you wish to change the accessory enhanced through the Old Moon Guild’s Support, you can do so within the UI to a different accessory.


▲ PEN (V) enhanced accessories can be exchanged.


※ TIP: You can change up to 4 times for free per Family. (starting from the 5th exchange, spend Gold Bar 10,000G x2 for unlimited daily changes via the Old Moon Guild's Support UI)
- When exchanging PEN (V) accessories, if the original accessory was branded, the brand is maintained.
- Accessories with cups applied to them must first have them extracted or removed for them to be available for progression or exchange.
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