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Elvia Calpheon

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Elvia Calpheon

Monster Zones 

The following monster zones will be under the influence of the Elvia Realm when you enter an Elvia server. The powerful monsters corrupted by Hadum's aura present different challenges for the Adventurers that dare to face them. 

- Saunil Camp  

- Gehaku Plain 

- Rhutum Outstation 

- Hexe Sanctuary 

- Quint Hill 


Elvia Distortion Phenomenon 

“Elvia Distortion Phenomenon” occurs while you are in combat within Elvia Calpheon. 

When the distortion phenomenon occurs, the weather of the area changes. This is important to note as the appearance of Shadow of Nightmares monsters depend on the weather. 



Elvia Calpheon monster zones drop items required for the following: 

- Alchemy Stone upgrades 

- Godr-Ayed weapon conversion 

- Godr-Ayed weapon enhancement

Elvia Distortion Phenomenon

While you fight near the Rifts of Despair in Elvia Calpheon, special weather effects occasionally appear. This sudden weather effect is called the “Elvia Distortion Phenomenon.” 


When an Elvia Distortion Phenomenon occurs, one of the following types of “Shadow of Nightmares” will appear out of the Rift of Despair depending on the occurrence. 

- Shadow Monsters and Gigagord 

- Ogre 

- Cyclops


▲ Change of weather caused by Elvia Distortion Phenomenon 

▲ Rift of Despair 

Gigagord, Ogre, Cyclops 


When you defeat the monsters that appeared following the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon, then the phenomenon ends. 


Gigagord, Ogre, and Cyclops are the boss monsters that appear from the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon. They take additional damage when certain monsters in the Elvia monster zones are defeated. 


When you defeat a boss monster from the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon, you will get the “Corrupting Darkness” buff and “Remnants of Darkness” debuff. 

- Corrupting Darkness: Significantly increases your damage against Elvia Calpheon monsters. (5 min duration) 

- Remnants of Darkness: You cannot get the Corrupted Darkness effect while this effect is applied. (30 min duration)

Ancient Spirit Light 

Defeating monsters in Elvia Calpheon has a low chance to drop the "Ancient Spirit Light" item. 

Ancient Spirit Lights can be used to purify the Rifts of Despair. 

Using the Ancient Spirit Light near a Rift of Despair will weaken it and make it rain down blessings for 5 minutes. The rain grants you the "Blessing of the Ancient Spirits." 

- Blessing of the Ancient Spirits: Significantly increases your damage against Elvia Calpheon monsters while you have the blessing. 



The Ancient Spirit Light item will last for 6 hours once looted. It will disappear once the duration is over. Using the Ancient Spirit Light without a Rift of Despair nearby will not grant any buff. 


Saunil Camp (270 AP / 330 DP)

◆ Recommended AP/DP

- AP: 270 

- DP: 330 


◆ Location 

Saunil Camp is southeast of Calpheon. 


◆ Intro 

The Saunils sent in additional enforcements to lay seige to the Trina Fort of Calpheon. 

The Calpheon flags planted across the Saunil Camp raise the moral of allies. The Saunils will charge with seige towers to take down the flags of Calpheon. 

When you defeat the Saunil Siege Towers, enraged Saunil soldiers will rush in to attack you and the Calpheonian soldiers. 


If the Calpheon flag is active, you can stand near it to get the “Extra AP Against Monsters +10” buff. 

The Calpheon flag activates when you defeat the attacking Saunils or when the Calpheonian soldiers come to claim the flag after a certain period of time.  

▲ The Saunil Siege Tower appears when you defeat Saunils in the region

▲ When the siege tower gets destroyed, enraged Saunil soldiers will rush in to attack. 


▲ Defeat all the Saunils rushing in! 


[TIP] You can get a buff near the Calpheon flag when the flag is safe. 


Rhutum Outstation (280 AP / 360 DP)  


◆ Recommended AP/DP 

- AP: 280 

- DP: 360 


◆ Location 

Rhutum Outstation is southwest of Calpheon. 


◆ Intro 

The Rhutums in Rhutum Outstation are tightly grouped together. They planted flags to mark their territory and built towers around the outskirts to watch over it. 

When the <Glorious> Rhutums that are guarding the flag are all defeated, Rhutum warriors will come rushing in to defend their territory. 

Defeat all the Rhutum warriors, then they will retreat. Destroy the supply boxes left behind to get your loot. 


Destroy the three Rhutum watchtowers installed near the Rhutum flags to summon the Rhutum Wizard. It will cast a barrier on an area that reduces damage taken from monsters for Adventurers that are inside. 


The Grand Rhutum Chief appears according to a set probability when you defeat Rhutums. 

▲ Defeating the <Glorious> Rhutums near their flag will cause Rhutum warriors to come rushing in. 

▲ Stronger Rhutums start to appear as you defeat the Rhutums that are rushing in. 


▲ Destroy the supply boxes after fending off the Rhutums to get additional loot. 

▲ [TIP] Destroy the 3 towers by the flag to make the Rhutum Wizard create a damage-reducing barrier that you can enter. 



Gehaku Plain (290 AP / 370 DP) 



◆ Recommended AP/DP 

- AP: 290 

- DP: 370 


◆ Location 

Gehaku Plain is southeast of Calpheon and south of Keplan. 


◆ Intro 

The Giants in the Gehaku Plain under the influence of Hadum are looking for their chance to gain immense power from souls scattered across the plain. 


When you defeat the Giants, the “World-weary Souls” will appear. 

They gather together and build up their resentment. Once enough resentment has gathered, <Ravening> Giants will rush in to steal the souls. From this point onward, the Giants will become stronger as more souls gather. 


While you continue to defeat the Giants rushing in, the Giant Fighter will eventually appear. Defeating the fighter has a low probability of making Gehaku appear. 


“World-weary Souls” will start to appear as you defeat the Giants.

▲ As you continue to defeat Giants near the souls, stronger Giants will appear.

▲ Eventually, the Giant Fighter will come rushing in.

You can get a buff from the freed Giant Fighter’s soul. Killing the Giant Fighter also has a low probability of making Gehaku appear.


Hexe Sanctuary (300 AP / 390 DP) 



◆ Recommended AP/DP 

- AP: 300 

- DP: 390 


◆ Location 

Hexe Sanctuary is at the southernmost region of Calpheon territory. 

◆ Intro 

The dead in the area have started to attack adventurers, commanded by the loud shouts of the <Howling Dead> Green Orc Skeleton Warrior. 

When you defeat the beings in the area, they leave a "Soul of the Dead" on the spot where they fell. Then the <Soul Harvester> Skeleton Witmirth comes to reap them. 

Once the <Soul Harvester> Skeleton Witmirth harvests enough "Souls of the Dead," it will crave the soul of a living Adventurer and attack them. 

Defeating the soul harvester will cause the souls it reaped to come bursting forth and summon more of the dead. 

The <Unstable Soul> Green Orc Skeleton Warrior that appears at this time will explode when defeated, causing massive damage to the surrounding dead. 


Once enough deathly energy has gathered, Hexe Marie creates Hexe Marie’s Domain. All the soldiers in Hexe Marie’s Domain will melt down and give rise to the <Soulless> Skeleton Warrior. Once enough deathly energy has gathered, Hexe Marie will appear herself to explode the soul of Skeleton Witmirth. 

The Skeleton Witmirth will then lose its physical form and start to call in the dead.  

Hexe Marie will then command the Skeletons near her to sacrifice themselves. The explosions will cause massive damage to the other skeletons and Adventurers in the vicinity. 


▲ Defeat the undead near <Soul Harvester> Skeleton Witmirth, who will harvest their souls.

※ It is unable to attack/take damage 

▲ Once Skeleton Witmirth has harvested enough souls, it will attack the Adventurer. Defeat Skeleton Witmirth and the undead will rush in.

▲ Continue the fight and Hexe Marie will appear to attack the Adventurer with more undead.

▲ [TIP] <Soulless> red-blinking undead will explode if they get too close to an Adventurer.

The ensuing exploson deals great damage to both Adventurers and undead nearby.


Quint Hill (Troll Habitat) (310 AP / 400 DP) 


 ◆ Recommended AP/DP 

- AP: 310 

- DP: 400 


◆ Location 

Quint Hill is north of Calpheon. 


◆ Intro 

The Trolls on Quint Hill are petrified into stone. Only a few of them are active. They are protecting the “Ancient Trolls” that hold ancient powers. 

When you defeat the Trolls protecting the Ancient Troll, the Ancient Troll breaks out of its stone form. 

Ancient Trolls have stored life within them for a long period of time. This gives them the one-time ability to recover their HP when they come close to death. 

When the Ancient Troll revitalizes after a close call with death, the petrified Trolls are also risen from their slumber. 

However, the petrified Troll Shamans do not arise due to their life energy being changed. When they get destroyed, the Trolls nearby will get hit by the energy and become petrified and unble to move.  

▲ Defeat 3 Trolls near an Ancient Troll to disturb its slumber.

▲ When the Ancient Troll reaches 40% of their HP, the petrified Trolls nearby will rise and rush towards you

▲ <Sealed> Troll Shamans do not attack Adventurers, and petrify those around it when it falls.

▲ [TIP] Use the Troll Shaman's petrification effect to easily take down a large number of Trolls at once.


Godr-Ayed Weapon Conversion / Enhancement Materials 

All the monster zones in Elvia Calpheon drops the “Scorching Sun Shard” item. This item is used to convert weapons into Godr-Ayed weapons and enhance them.  

- Scorching Sun Shard: It is used convert weapons into “Godr-Ayed” weapons. It is also a material required to make the “Scorching Sun Gemstone” item, which is used to enhance Godr-Ayed weapons. 


Alchemy Stone Upgrade Material 

All the monster zones in Elvia Calpheon drops the “Crystallized Despair” item.  

- Crystallized Despair: It is used to make the “Blessed Soul Fragment“ item. The fragment is used to upgrade Alchemy Stones. 



This item is used to make the following item. 

Item Name 


Blessed Soul Fragment

Additional Effects Gained by Upgrading:  


DP +2, Monster Damage Reduction +1%, All Resistance +2% 


How to Obtain: Processing (L) - Heating with the following materials 

- Forest Fury x10 

- Magical Shard x50   

- Crystallized Despair x200 

- Black Stone (Armor) x100 


- This item can be used to upgrade the following Alchemy Stones: 

* Yellow grade and higher Destruction and Protection Alchemy Stones that are Sharp or better. 

* Vell's Heart 

* Khan's Heart: Destruction and Khan's Heart: Protection 

* Perilla's Star 

- You can Polish/Grow upgraded alchemy stones. However, the upgrade and the Blessed Soul Fragment will disappear if you fail the growth attempt on an upgraded alchemy stone. 

- You can obtain Crystallized Despair x1 by extracting it from upgraded alchemy stone. 


Frenzy Draught Effect Enhancement Material

All the monster zones in Elvia Calpheon drops the “Corrupted Breath” item. 


▲ The item obtained from Elvia Calpheon that is used to enhance the Frenzy Draught. 


Use Simple Alchemy (L) with the Corrupted Breath and Frenzy Draught to add the “Extra AP Against Monsters +5” effect to the draught. 


◆ Scorching Sun Quest 

‘[Elvia] Darkness Upon the Saunil Battlefield’ can be obtained from Saunil Camp Node Manager “Trina Knights Scout Henley”. 

‘Scorching Sun Shard’ x20 can be obtained as a reward after completing this quest. 

※ Can be accepted with a character of Lv. 60 from Elvia Server. (Once per Family)  


◆ The Black Sun Cast Upon Calpheon 

A character that is Lv. 61 or higher and has completed Serendia Elvia consecutive quests can complete Calpheon Elvia consecutive quests. 

Obtain 6 new Knowledge entries through this quest. 


[Obtainable Knowledge] 

* Rifts of Despair and the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon 

* [Elvia] Troll Habitat 

* [Elvia] Saunil Camp 

* [Elvia] Gehaku Plain 

* [Elvia] Rhutum Outstation 

* [Elvia] Hexe Sanctuary 


- This quest can be checked in [Combat] [Lv.61] The Black Sun Cast Upon Calpheon category from "Recommended Quests" tab in Quests (O). 



◆ Daily / Weekly Quest 

A character of Lv. 60 or higher on an Elvia Server can accept the monster zone daily/weekly quests from the following NPC. 

Go to Quest (O) - Recurring Quests - [Contribution] [Lv. 60] Elvia to find these quests. 

Quest NPCs 

Quest Names 

Objectives / Rewards 

Saunil Camp 
- Trina Knights Scout Henley 

[Elvia Daily] Preemptive Strike 

Defeat Saunil Fighter x150 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Saunils Armed to the Teeth  

Defeat Saunil Armored Warrior x100  
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Anomalies at Saunil Camp 

Defeat Saunil x1350 

- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x5 

Rhutum Sentry Post 
- Elinke Visamin 

[Elvia Daily] Raving Rhutums 

Defeat Rhutum Soldier x500 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Shining Rhutum Flag 

Defeat Rhutum Fighter x300 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Magic-wielding Rhutum? 

Defeat Rhutum x1650 

- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x5 

Gehaku Plain 
- Naku Davi 

[Elvia Daily] Flickering Flame 

Defeat Giant Brawler x150 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Stranger Noises 

Defeat Giant Combatant x400 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Giant Brutality 

Defeat Giant x1600 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x5 

Hexe Sanctuary 
- Becker 

[Elvia Daily] Trail Gone Deathly Cold 

Defeat Skeleton x150 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Nightly Howls 

Defeat Skeleton Wolf x200 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Darkened Sanctuary 

Defeat Skeleton x1600 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x5 

Anti-Troll Fortification 
- Andre Vidal 

[Elvia Daily] Stoned Trolls 

<Tainted by the Ancient Seal> Defeat Ancient Troll Warrior x5 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Hideous Odor 

Defeat the <Risen> Troll Warrior x40 - Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x1 

[Elvia Daily] Darkened Sanctuary 

Defeat Troll x200 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x5 

- Brolina's Guard 

[Elvia Weekly] Gigagord 

<Shadow of Nightmares> Defeat Gigagord x1 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x10 

[Elvia Weekly] Minions of Nightmares 

<Shadow of Nightmares> Defeat pack x20 
- Contribution EXP 300, Powder of Nightmare x10 

※ Elvia Weekly Quest can be completed by defeating Shadow of Nightmares monsters that spawn in Calpheon Elvia Realm due to the Elvia Distortion Phenomenon. 

 Powder of Nightmare that are daily/weekly rewards can be used when exchanging the following item from NPC Nucamira of Keplan. 

- Powder of Nightmare x1 → Corrupted Breath x2 

- Powder of Nightmare x5 → Scorching Sun Shard x1



Obtain the following titles by defeating monsters in Calpheon Elvia. 

New Title 

Monster Zone 

- All-Nighter 
- Sunstroke 
- Hero of Trina 

Saunil Camp 

- Face Only a Mother Could Love 
- Got Up on the Wrong Side of Bed 
- Dances with Rhutums 

Rhutum Outstation 

- Heavily Armed 
- Denser than Stone 
- Who's the Giant Now? 

Gehaku Plain 

- Spineless 
- Hexe-buster 
- Worked to the Bone 

Hexe Sanctuary 

- I Can See Your Belly 
- Tap-Dancing with Quint 
- King of the Town Hill 

Quint Hill 



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