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In order to fight against the endless hordes of enemies in the world of Black Desert, the process of enhancing gear is very important.

This page provides information on gear, from the most basic Naru set, to the end-game Slumbering Origin gear, and even information on the best methods normally used by many Adventurers to enhance the quality of their gear.

You can obtain Naru gear as rewards in the beginning of the main questline to help new Adventurers adapt quickly. It is an essential type of gear required in your journey of gear attainment and enhancement, especially if you are a new Adventurer.  

▲ You can obtain Naru gear from the main questline.

It is recommended for Adventurers who’ve obtained Naru gear to equip them and gather Beginner Black Stones, a material for their enhancement, to aim for a full set of PEN (V) enhanced Naru gear. 


Enhancing Naru gear is very simple. Since the default enhancement success rate is very high, you can easily reach PEN (V) enhancement level by continuously pressing the Enhancement button with enough materials gathered, without the need for enhancement success rate increases, also known as enhancement “stacks.”
Beginner black stones can be obtained via quest rewards as you progress in the main questline. Do not be discouraged for not receiving many of them initially. The number of beginner black stones rewarded from quests significantly ramps up by the time you’re traversing the territory of Mediah.

▲Collect Beginner Black Stones via main quests and by defeating monsters for easy enhancement.

Alternatively, if you’re low on them even after completing the main questline for Mediah, you can use the Heating from the Processing (L) window with Black Stones (weapon/armor) to obtain more. However, keep in mind this should be considered a last resort, as normal Black Stones are valuable for many other purposes.

2. Narchillan Gear & Tuvala Gear 

2-1. Narchillan Gear (Normal Character) 

You can exchange your PEN (V) enhanced Naru gear for Narchillan gear once per Family. They have stats comparable to TRI (III) to TET (IV) boss gear.  

Equipping gear and accessories at the level of Narchillan gear and Capotia accessories will take you to the level at which you can defeat monsters in monster zones with a recommended AP of 240 such as Aakman Temple in Valencia or Forest Ronaros in Kamasylvia. 

However, it’s normally recommended for season characters to exchange PEN (V) Naru gear for PRI (I) Tuvala gear. Check out the details regarding this from section 2-2.

(e.g.) Narchillan Gear 


Follow the steps listed below to obtain your Narchillan gear: 

1. Enhance your PEN (V) Naru gear.

2. Reach Lv. 56 with your character or complete the Calpheon main questline.

3. Accept the quest, “[Special Aid] Fughar's Letter,” from the Black Spirit, then go to the NPC Fughar located in each town.

4. Accept and complete the consecutive quests relevant to the quest from Fughar, then exchange each equipment piece.


※  However, you must complete the Awakening questline to obtain the Canon weapon and to be exchanged for the awakening weapon piece.

※ You cannot exchange for Narchillan gear with a season character.

※ You can only exchange for Narchillan gear once per Family.

As long as you meet these requirements, you can obtain Narchillan gear from Fughar with ease.


If you can no longer equip the gear due to switching to and progressing another class, you can change the Narchillan gear into a box via the following method:

1. Purchase Narchillan Processing Stones from a blacksmith located in each major city (1 million Silver each)

2. Use Manufacture with Narchillan Processing Stone and a Narchillan weapon you want to convert into a box.

3. Open the Narchillan weapon box with another class to obtain weapons suitable for that class.

Check out the details on Narchillan gear on the Narchillan gear guide.


2-2. Tuvala Gear (Season Character)

Tuvala gear is season-exclusive gear that can only be equipped by season characters.  

However, after season graduation, you can use Conversion Stones on the gear to make them equippable by normal characters and can even exchange them for TET (IV) boss gear.  

You could say the main goal for season characters is graduating after getting all Tuvala gear pieces to PEN (V) enhancement level.

The following UI will be displayed when you have succeeded in enhancing Naru gear up to PEN (V) enhancement level with a season character, and you can use it to exchange your Naru gear for PRI (I) Tuvala gear 

Also, you can obtain PRI (I) Tuvala gear via the following UI by opening the Equipment window. 


However, you cannot exchange a Naru accessory for a Tuvala accessory. You can only obtain them by trading Time-filled Black Stone x5 to blacksmiths in each town.
What is Time-filled Black Stone? An item used for exchanging, repairing, and enhancing Tuvala gear. You can obtain this from defeating monsters on season servers, and via season quests and challenges.

Tuvala Ore  


The enhancement success rate for Tuvala gear is low in comparison to Naru gear. Therefore, it is recommended that you used the so-called enhancement “stacks,” which increase your enhancement success rate, starting from a certain enhancement level. If you’re still not sure, you can refer to the variety of tips through the guide on Tuvala gear.

Extra – Cliff’s Weapons & Roaring Magical Armor

What is considered a new or returning Adventurer?

• Adventurers logging in within 60 days (1440 hours) of creating a character family are considered new Adventurers.

• Adventurers who haven’t logged in to the game for at least 30 days (720 hours), and haven’t used the Web Central Market (via the Black Desert+ app or the official website) for at least 30 days are considered returning Adventurers.


You can receive the quests to obtain Cliff’s weapons from Cliff himself at the Western Guard Camp, in Balenos, after completing the quest [New/Returning] Cliff's Weapon given by the Black Spirit. This one in turn requires you to have completed any iteration of the main questline for Calpheon, or to have completed the main questline for Mountain of Eternal Winter.


After this is done, Cliff will task you with a quest suited for your level, and let you choose a Cliff's Main / Sub-weapon / Awakening Weapon (+15) Box. You will need to complete the three quests available for your level to obtain the three weapons.



Once obtained, these weapons can be enhanced up to TET.
If you no longer need them, you can exchange them with NPC Miguel Aries for gold bars.


As for the Roaring Magical Armor, you will obtain it as you progress through the final stretch of the main questline for Mediah. It is a reward for the quest [Boss] Illezra's Servant.


The Roaring Magical Armor is better than a PEN: Naru Armor, but worse than both a PRI: Tuvala Armor and a Narchillan Armor, and cannot be enhanced.



3. Boss Gear 

What is boss gear?

Boss gear is gear that can be obtained from a variety of World Bosses and Field Bosses and include the bosses’ name in the item name.  

These types of gear have fairly high stats. Roughly speaking, it can be said that the performance of TET (IV) boss gear is either equal to or a little better than PEN (V) Tuvala gear previously mentioned.

PEN (V) Tuvala Armor and TET (IV) Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor (boss gear) 


If you are an Adventurer with all the PEN (V) Tuvala gear pieces, first get TET (IV) boss gear, then aim for enhancing them up to PEN (V) enhancement level.  


Guaranteed PEN (V) Boss Gear  

Does it look like a very difficult goal to achieve PEN (V) enhancement level because of the pressure you feel from the title, “boss gear?” It isn’t that difficult if you go through the following process step by step.


First, if you've graduated from the season, Tuvala gear can be continued to be used as regular Tuvala gear even after graduation.

If the enhancement level of your Tuvala gear is PEN (V), it can be exchanged for TET (IV) Boss gear through a quest, and then upgraded to PEN (V) boss gear.


Boss equipment pieces obtained from the quests for guaranteed PEN (V) boss gear are family-bound and cannot be registered on the Central Market or be sold. However, for armor and helmets, they can be converted into Fallen God’s Armor and Labreska’s Helmet, which are top-tier gear, and will no longer be family-bound and will be able to be registered on the Central Market.

▲ You can proceed with the quests for guaranteed PEN (V) boss gear via the NPC, Jetina.

4. Accessories 

How should you enhance the performance of your accessories that come after PEN (V) Tuvala accessories?

Accept and complete the quest for a guaranteed PEN (V) accessory. 

It is recommended that you constantly accept and complete the quest for guaranteed PEN (V) accessories as a long-term task. This is a quest from which you can obtain one PEN (V) Ring of Crescent Guardian, Narc Ear Accessory, or Tungrad Earring once per Family.

PEN (V) accessories can be considered very rare due to the characteristic that all gear used for enhancement will be destroyed upon failed enhancement. However, since the quest for guaranteed PEN (V) accessories have been developed, anyone can now have at least one PEN (V) accessory. 

▲ You can proceed with the quest for guaranteed PEN (V) accessory via the NPC, Jetina.

However, as they are very valuable items that takes a while to obtain, you should be a little more patient and constantly make attempts. Take note that the three types of accessories to choose from can be exchanged once during the quest. It should also be noted that the most popular choice is the Ring of Crescent Guardian.  


Check out the Guaranteed PEN (V) Accessory guide for more details.  


Season Graduation Gift! PEN (V) Capotia Accessory 

You can obtain one of the PEN (V) Capotia accessories as a gift for graduating from a season. They are items that perform as well as regular TET (IV) accessories and can be considered a tier higher than the PEN (V) Tuvala Ring.  

You can obtain a special season gift by going to the NPC, Fughar, with a Lv. 20 or higher season character or a character that has completed the “[Season Server Graduation] Into the Big Wide World” quest.  


Adventurers receiving the special gift for season graduation might not be sure which item to accept, but we strongly recommend selecting the PEN (V) Capotia Necklace. The Capotia Necklace has the greatest AP increase compared to the earring, ring, or belt.  

(e.g.) PEN (V) Capotia Necklace


5. Blackstar Gear 

Blackstar gear is more powerful than boss gear. Specifically, the gear has stats specialized for PvE.  

(e.g.) Blackstar Longsword 

TET (IV) Blackstar gear and PEN (V) boss gear are at a similar level, and PEN (V) Blackstar gear can be considered the highest-tier gear out of all the existing gear.

However, Blackstar gear cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones. If enhancing with Caphras Stones is taken into account, PEN (V) Blackstar gear has stats similar to PEN (V) boss gear enhanced to the highest level with Caphras Stones.

You can purchase Blackstar gear from the Central Market or craft them via certain quests.


Please refer to the Crafting Blackstar Gear guide for more details on crafting Blackstar gear.


6. Slumbering Origin Gears

The Fallen God’s Armor, Labreska’s Helmet, Dahn’s Gloves, and Ator's Shoes are known for having the highest stats in Black Desert, and are the so-called end-game gear.

▲ Four parts of Slumbering Origin gear


If you have come to the point where you have to either purchase or craft these items, you can consider yourself an Adventurer fully acclimated to Black Desert.

In order to craft them, you need very valuable items such as a PEN (V) Blackstar Armor or PEN (V) boss gear enhanced to at least Caphras Lv. 10 (like a PEN (V) Giath’s Helmet or Red Nose’s Armor) and a Flame of Despair, Flame of Frost, Flame of Resonance, or Flame of Hongik.


Please refer to the Fallen God's Armor, Labreska's Helmet, Ator's Shoes, and Dahn's Gloves page in the [Crafting Slumbering Origin Gear] guide for more details.


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