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This is a numerical value indicating the degree of contribution you made to each region. When you consume it, there are no restrictions on how much you'd use for each region.

You can use your contribution mainly to invest in a node or purchase a house.

Also, you can rent leisure items such as hunting matchlock or flute as well as special items with various options.


You can easily spend contributions, but it takes the time to earn it.

Therefore, if you don’t plan out how you’d use it, it will be out of stock in no time and you may not be able to use it when needed.

You can always take back the contribution, so manage well whenever needed.


※ After you rent an item using contribution if you delete the character, you won’t be able to take back the Contribution.

▲ Use contribution to rent a special item, and take the contribution back after you return the item.



How to Earn Contribution

As the maximum value of contribution increases, it requires more EXP, meaning that it will be more difficult to earn contributions as time goes by.

However, you can share contributions with other characters in the same family and there are other various ways to earn it. So there won’t be too much work to earn a certain amount of it.

The main ways to earn contributions are as follows:


• Reward for a quest

It is the most general way, you can earn contribution through a quest.

If you carry out various and many quests diligently, you will be able to earn enough contribution.

As for a repeated quest, the efficiency of earning contribution is high compared to the time it takes to complete the quest. So you will not want to miss it.


• Discover a new region

If you explore a new region, you will earn contribution along with knowledge.

Because there are a lot of regions in the Black Desert, this is one of the main ways to earn contribution.


• Guard a region

If you defeat the monsters barging into a Gateway in the middle of night or the monsters of a certain region, you will obtain ' Token of Defense ' which you can give to a certain NPC to earn contributions

But, you may not be able to give many ‘Token of Defense’ at once because such act consumes energy.


• Byproduct of production activities

It is also possible to earn contributions by exchanging the ‘byproduct’ obtained at a certain probability in the process of cooking, alchemy, and farming.

Contribution earned for 1-time exchange is not so much, however, the advantage is that you can make both profit and earn contribution at the same time from production activities.




How to use Contributions

Contribution system is the basis of living content, which enables you to purchase a house to craft an item or hire much more workers etc.


Moreover, it is useful thing for the starters in the beginning of adventure because you can rent items of powerful effect.

Contribution can be used largely in three cases: when you want to invest in a node, purchase a house, and rent an item.


• Invest in a node

Node starts from main ‘towns’ represented with a blue icon in the World Map

You don’t need to invest in a town to activate it, but you can invest contributions in the node located near this starting point of the town.


If you invest contributions in nodes and make connections, you will be able to proceed with trading as you go back and forth the connected nodes.

If you sell a trade good to a node where the connection has not been made, the price will drop by 30% of the original cost, so you will want to connect the nodes before you start trading.


If you invest contributions in a node, you can also invest in ‘Production node’, the satellite node that belongs to the node you invested.

If you invest contributions in a production node too, you can send workers from surrounding towns to make the production of certain resources.


▲ Step 1. Check the node that is connected in a white line with a town!


▲ Step 2. Select the node you want to make investment, click ‘invest contribution’ located on the left side of the screen!



▲ Step 3. If the nodes are connected to each other, they are linked in an orange line


• Purchase a house

You can use contributions to purchase a house in a town and decorate your residence or you can purchase another warehouse.

Not only that, you can send workers and command them to process or craft various items using the ingredients in the town warehouse.


When you click on the town in the World Map, many icons of the house will appear.

Like node, you must purchase houses in sequential order, connecting each other, because some houses can be purchased on the first trial and others cannot be done so.


The houses you can purchase right now are shown in blue in the World Map. 

▲When you click on the town in the World Map, the houses you can purchase right now are shown in blue.


If you click on a blue house icon, a window pops up to select for what purpose you will use the house.

Each house has different options of purposes, but most houses can be used as warehouse or residence.


A warehouse will expand the capacity of warehouses in a town where your residence is located, a residence will welcome your character to make decorations and install furniture.

You can make only one residence in one town.


▲Click a blue house and select the purpose of use, then click ‘purchase’ button. Contribution will be deducted and the house becomes available for your purpose of use.


• Rent a contribution item

There are many kinds of contribution items; from equipment items useful for starters, a garden where you can grow crops or a container that you can use as warehouse in a town where you don’t own any warehouses, a matchlock or a flute used for certain quests.


The most helpful items for the new adventurers who start the game for the first time, we recommend various equipment items for rental using contributions


Although they cannot be enhanced and somewhat heavy, compared to general items, they have excellent AP or DP and consume no durability and need no repair.


If you no longer need the equipment, return the contribution item to the lender NPC to take back contributions you have given.


▲Consume the set amount of contributions to rent and use equipment of high status.


If you have already met NPC who lends items for contributions, click ‘Find NPC’ button on the top right side of the page to search by item name or NPC name.

If you hover a mouse over the list, you can check the information about the equipment available for rental.

▲ If you have already met NPC who lends items for contributions, you can easily find the NPC with the search button.




How to retrieve the used contribution

• Retrieval of node investment

Open the World Map and click the node from which you want to retrieve your investment. Click 'Retrieve investment’ button to take back contributions

However, if there is another node that has not been connected with the selected node, you cannot proceed with the retrieval.


▲ Select the node in which you invested contributions, then click ‘Retrieve contributions’ button.


• Return the items rented for contributions

Return the items rented for contributions to the lender, then you can take back contributions you have given.


• Selling a house

You can sell your houses in the reverse order of purchasing.

If you sell a house, you may have your contributions back, however, you cannot be refunded with the cost consumed to change the purpose of usage or etc.

Also, if the purpose of the house sold is the residence, all furniture installed will be moved to the warehouse of the town.



* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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