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Last Edited on : Mar 7, 2023, 13:57 (UTC+8)

Which monster zone is the best fit for you? 
Well fret, no more! You can search and find all there is to know about these zones through the “Monster Zone Info” window. 
Anything and everything regarding specific monster zones, which ones are suitable to your current AP and DP, by territory, by trait, and more are all found here. 
You can also find information regarding item drops, learnable Knowledge, and quests available per monster zone.  


Introducing the Monster Zone Info Window .


You can find details on monster zones through Menu (ESC) - Adventure (F5) - Monster Zone Info 

Monster Zone Info UI Details 


①  Filter by Territory 


You can filter monster zones by territory. 


②  Filter by Type 


You can filter monster zones by those suited for parties, those in the Elvia Realm, those with Marni’s Realm access available, and those with regional quests 


③  Search Function 


You can search for the name of a specific monster zone or item drop. 


④  Search/Filter Results 


Your search/filtered results will display here. Click a specific monster zone to see more details. 


⑤  Basic Monster Zone Info 


You can find required AP/DP numbers for certain monster zones compared to your current AP/DP here. 

You can also check the increased Item Drop Rate in effect based on the level of CP you’ve invested into a relevant node 

Clicking the arrow-shaped icon will activate navigation to a specific monster zone.  


⑥  Hashtags 


You’ll find tags noting specific monster zone types, such as zones with increased #Caphras Stones, #Skill EXP, #Combat EXP, etc. 

Clicking a specific tag will filter your monster zone results to zones that match that tag.  


⑦  Detailed Monster Zone Info 


You can find information on item drops, acceptable quests, learnable Knowledge, and obtainable titles.  


* The information in this guide may differ to actual content found in game due to content updates and changes. 

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