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Mini Map

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Black Desert’s mini-map looks like a miniature version of a satellite map, and it has various information for convenience.

Just by looking at the mini-map, you can see the surroundings at once.




How to view a mini map?

The mini-map displays all NPCs including villagers, guards, monsters, tiny animals, and much more.

There are approximately 40 kinds of NPC display icons, and you can see their names when you hover over the icons.


If there is a quest, the region where the quest can be done is also displayed in a form of a yellow circle. For NPC mark, the front 120 degrees which is the camera’s point of view can be seen clearly, but the rest looks very blurry.


The types and shapes of the icons displayed on the mini map are as follows.





Means normal monsters.

Once there are monsters around you, all of them are marked in red dots.

Quest Monster

Means quest monsters.

When you have a specific quest, the monsters that needs to be killed for the quest will be marked on the mini-map.

Violent Monster

Means monsters.

Much stronger than normal monsters.

Boss Monster

Means boss monsters.

If there is no other adventurer around you and this icon shows up, you must run away.

Normal Adventurer

Means normal adventurers (other adventurers).

For adventurers who is sitting down pressing Q in a non-combat stance or is lying down after pressing ‘space bar’ while sitting, they will not be displayed on the mini-map.

Party Member

Means your party member.

Guild Member

Means your guild member.


Means the location where you died.

Undiscovered NPC

When you first meet the NPC you talk and obtain knowledge. This icon means NPCs that you have not met yet.

Discovered NPC

When you meet and talk to an NPC, the icon changes to match the function. There are many kinds, and this icon means blacksmith.

Quest Available

Means that you can accept the quest from the NPC

Quest Completion Available

Means that you have the quest that is able to be completed by the NPC.

Daily Quest Available

Means that you can accept the daily quest from the NPC

Quest Objective Direction

The triangular shape that spans on the circle that shows the surroundings of the adventurer means the directions to the areas where the quests that are being process can be done.


When the directions are activated, this indicates your destination. You can cancel it by right clicking.




Mini-Map Controls

In the mini-map UI, you can adjust the scale and brightness.


To adjust the scale of your mini-map, put the mouse pointer on the mini map and scroll with mouse wheel or click ‘+’ and ‘-‘keys.

By pressing the '+'button or by turning the mouse wheel up, the mini-map will be zoomed in for a closer view

By pressing the ‘-‘button or by turning the mouse wheel down, the mini-map will be zoomed out for a wider view.


Press the small button at the bottom right of the mini-map to return to the original status.


Adjust the transparency with the control buttons on the right side of the mini-map.

If you press the Up button the transparency becomes lower, and if you press the Down button it becomes transparent so you can see the background together.


The triangle button on the lower left is used to adjust the size of the mini-map, and it can be adjusted by dragging the mouse.


The Magnifier button on the upper left is Find NPC button.

The NPCs you've met so far are organized by region and you can easily find it by using the search function.


If you hover over the NPC name, you can see the activity time, amity, amity compensation, contribution point rental items, and more. If you click on the name of the NPC, the navigation to the NPC will be displayed.





Time Bar

Time Bar is located above the mini-map and displays the information about the region in addition to the time within the game. The following information can be identified in time bar.


• Icons: Displays areas where it is raining or where fort and command posts can be built.


• Ground State: Displays the ground state where the character stands. Movement speed and behavior can change depending on the ground state.

- Polished road: Movement Speed is Base speed

- Aerial: Movement Speed is Base speed

- Snow road: Movement Speed is slowed down to 80%.

- Desert: Movement Speed is slowed down to 80%.

- Swamp: Speed is slowed down to 70%.

- Rough road: Speed is slowed down to 90%.

- Shallow water: Speed is slowed down to 80%.

- Underwater: Speed is slowed down to 30%.


• Area State: There are four types according to PvP status and penalty.

- Safe Zone: This area is not affected by PvP, and it can be the basic resurrection point.

- Combat Zone: This area is where monsters appear and can have PvP.

- Arena: The death penalty is not applied even if PvP is done, and is generally located at central villages. And Instant resurrection is freely allowed without durability reduction.


• Name of Area: Displays the name of area


Server Info: Displays the current server information where you are located. When you click it, a selection window where you can move to other channels.


• Time: Represents in-game time which allows our adventurers to know whether or not the NPC is working now, or whether it is possible to use the Black Market.


* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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Install Guide

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