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Basic Alchemy

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Alchemy is a magical type of physics that holds the hopes of our predecessors who wished to make precious metals from base metals.

In the past, there have been many attempts to make gold, but the scientific community agreed that you need energy as strong as a supernova in order to make heavy elements such as gold.

Alchemy is considered magical in Black Desert as well. But it’s a little bit different from the alchemy we’ve known throughout history. It aims to refine and enhance the ingredients in order to obtain an item with purer properties.


Alchemy process

You need to install an alchemy tool at your residence in order to perform alchemy.



The beauty of alchemy is to figure out what ingredients are needed and mixing it just right to find the perfect ratio.

Even if the recipe is correct, there’s a chance that you might fail alchemy if you don’t have enough ingredients. If you use two ingredients when you need three, you’ll have a lower chance of succeeding. But if you put more than three, you will succeed for sure.

If you use a lot of ingredients it becomes easier to perform alchemy, but the cost will go up as well. So discovering the perfect ratio is important.

The ingredients that are used for alchemy greatly vary. The ingredients can be earned from monsters, plants, animals and minerals.

You can perform alchemy with an equipment as well. But keep in mind that the ingredients will disappear no matter what.

You can also perform alchemy numerous times by using the continuous production function. Click continuous production after preparing ingredients for one time. This way, you’ll be able to perform alchemy until you run out of ingredients.


Alchemy Result

The ingredients made through alchemy are usually the best ingredients. Also, good magic crystals and a variety of potion can be earned only through alchemy.

If you succeed, you’ll earn alchemy EXP. Even if you fail, you can still earn a small amount of EXP.

You can earn more as a result of alchemy when your alchemy level goes up. Also, you can make more types of items as well.

It would be better for you to have enough slots in your inventory before you perform alchemy since your character will stop if the inventory is full.

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