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Central Market

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Central Market


The Central Market is the only way for Adventurers to trade items with other adventurers.


As long as you have silver and items in your warehouse, you’ll be able to purchase and sell items from anywhere in Black Desert through the ESC menu.





① Basic Warehouse Information: Shows the silver and capacity (VT) stored in your warehouse.


 ② Warehouse: Shows the items you have placed in your warehouse and their prices, recent purchases/sales, market notifications, and items you currently have listed/pre-ordered.


 ③ Categories: Shows different categories of items. You can see subcategories by clicking on a category.


  Item List: Shows items that are currently listed or able to be listed on the Central Market. You can click on an item on this list to open the window where you can purchase the item.


 ⑤ Search types: You can choose to search through all categories or just within the category you’ve selected.


 ⑥ Search bar: Enter the name of an item to search.


 ⑦ Register: Opens the window where you can register items in your warehouse to the Central Market.



Managing the Warehouse

To purchase or sell items in the Central Market,

you must have silver and the items in your warehouse.


You can access and manage your warehouse through the Marketplace Director NPCs or the Transaction Maids/Butlers. Marketplace Directors can be found in the major cities/towns of each territory.


- Balenos: Velia

- Serendia: Heidel

- Calpheon: Calpheon

- Mediah: Altinova

- Valencia: Valencia

- Kamasylvia: Grána, Old Wisdom Tree

- Drieghan: Duvencrune

- Magoria: Port Ratt


Click on the Central Market button when talking to the Marketplace Director NPC or the Central Market menu when using Transaction Maids/Butlers to deposit silver from your Storage/Inventory to your Warehouse. You can also move items that can be sold on the Central Market from your Inventory to your Warehouse and register it right away.


▲The Central Market window that is displayed when using Transaction Maids/Butlers.


▲ The ‘Manage Warehouse’ window when using the Central Market through the Marketplace Director NPC.


However, you can register a maximum of 5,000 VT in the Warehouse.

You can move up to 100 VT of a single type of item to the Warehouse at a time using Transaction Maids/Butlers. The item descriptions have the volume of the item.


The Warehouse is shared by all characters of a family across all regions.



Selling Items

If you placed an item in your warehouse, then you can sell the items on the Central Market. The window below will open when you go to Central Market - Warehouse and select an item in your Warehouse.


You can register items on the Central Market in the sell window after you select the price and the number of items you want to sell.


If you're selling an item where there is none in stock on the Central Market, the Marketplace Director will buy 1 from you. Then it will be sold to a buyer they appear.

Once the item’s price stabilizes for some time, the number of items the Marketplace Director buys will increase.


If the Marketplace Director is still willing to buy more of an item, then you’ll get the silver for selling the item immediately.


If the Marketplace Director is no longer willing to buy more of an item at the time, then the item will be listed to be sold later when others start to buy the item from the Central Market.



The base tax in the Central Market is 35%. This means you’ll collect 65% of the selling price sent to your Warehouse.

However, if you have a Value Pack than you can collect an additional 30%, which is 84.5% of the selling price.




Purchasing Items

You spend the silver in your Warehouse when you purchase items from the Central Market.

Therefore, you need to have sufficient silver in your Warehouse.


Once you have the silver in your Warehouse, select the item you want to buy. Then you can select the price in which you want to purchase the item at then click purchase.


If the item is in stock then you’ll get it immediately (if there is 1 or more on the Central Market).


If the item is not in stock, then a pre-order will be placed.

When the item is sold to the Central Market later, the adventurer that placed their pre-order at the highest price will get it first.

If there are multiple adventurers that placed pre-order at the same price, then the item is sold on a first comes first served basis.




The rules for purchasing  popular items are different. If there are multiple adventurers that have placed pre-orders at 10% over the standard price, then the item is sold to a random adventurer when it is sold to the Central Market.

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