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Everything about Black Desert

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1. Your guide for the game, Black Spirit
1) Black Spirit
A black ball of gas with red eyes. 
This unknown organism that you meet as soon as the game starts is called the Black Spirit. 
It works as a navigation to your next destination. 
The Black Desert gives a quest that suits your level and lets you take one a step at a time. (Sometimes it lures you with sweet words, making you to do quests other than the ones from NPC). 
You can see the Black Spirit getting stronger while you carry on with the quests that Black Desert has given you. Black Spirit grows by absorbing power from the ancient artifact, and its appearance changes. You can also use new functions as well. 
After the first wakening of Black Spirit, you can use Enhancement and Transfusion. Skill awakening and Reawakening that grants additional abilities on skills can be done through Black Spirit. 
You can summon Black Spirit anytime with the Shortcut [ . ], and if you are at a state that you can receive Black Spirit’s quest, a Black Spirit icon appears at the bottom right corner and you can summon it through the Shortcut[ . ]. 


2. Enjoy the whole wide world 

 Black Desert World is seamlessly made. If you connect to the world, you can travel anywhere without additional loading time unless it’s a special case. Even if you head to the same destination, if you follow the direction you can get there faster. But if you go over the mountains, you’ll get opportunities to find hidden treasure chests or resources. You can enjoy the game in various forms depending on your decision. 
Also, you get to venture across diverse areas while playing, and none of these places are the same, making it even more interesting. Also, when you go to a new area, the hunting grounds where monsters appear are divided so you can enjoy new challenges every time. 



3. The heart of combat, skill system 

 Skills are the most important part of a combat. 
In Black Desert, as your level goes up you can learn more skills, and you can earn skill points by killing monsters, and finishing quests. So it is possible to learn all the skills. 
Also, you can always reset the skills you’ve learned before you reach level 55, so try out all the skills and choose one that is most efficient or suits you well. Most of the skills can be used through key command. Use the skills by combining the keys and clicking the mouse, and if you get used to it, you’ll be able to connect it through combinations. It might not be easy at first, but you’ll be able to enjoy the joy of using the controls.   


4. A more powerful and new combat experience, Awakening 

 When your character reaches level 56, you can go on a quest and equip yourself with awakened weapons. If you don’t go on this quest, you can’t equip yourself with awakened weapons even if you have them, so you need to finish the quest in order to use awakened weapons.
Also, if you finish the quest you can get an awakened weapon as a reward, and you will learn special awakened weapon skills while finishing the 7 continuous quests. 
If you get equipped with an awakened weapon you can use other skills, different from the ones before, and you’ll be able to experience a more powerful and new type of events. 

1 Warrior – Great Sword
2 Sorceress - Scythe
3 Berserker – Iron Buster
4 Ranger – Kamasylven Sword 
5 Tamer – Celestial Bo Staff
6 Valkyrie - Lancia
7 Musa – Crescent Blade
8 Maehwa - Kerispear
9 Ninja – Sura Katana
10 Kunoichi – Sah Chakram
11 Witch – Aad Sphera
12 Wizard – Godr Sphera


5.  A combat system to enjoy together 
1) Raid system 

[ World Boss] 
The World Raid boss appears at a particular place so anyone can join in. But it would be wise to take the challenge after you have enough attack power to loot, and enough defense power so that you won’t die from the basic attack of the boss. 
1 Kzarka
2 Nouver
3 Karanda
4 Kutum

[Field Boss] 
Field boss appears in particular areas and threatens the adventurers. But since anyone can join in, you can enjoy seamless world of to its fullest. 
But a field boss has superior attack powers and strength compared to normal monsters, so if you are careless and your character dies, your EXP can go down or the crystal on your equipment can get destroyed. But if you get rid of the field boss, rare items get dropped, so a lot of adventurers still attack the field boss. 
1.1 Red Nose
1.2 Dastard Bheg
1.3 Giant Mudster
1.4 Dim Tree Spirit
1.5 Quint
1.6 Muraka

2) Various PVP system 

[Node war/Conquest war] 
All the users and the guilds can enjoy one big event altogether. It’s the node war and conquest war. 
Regardless of the guild size, anyone can join, and you just need to fight for victory as one team. 
Most of the areas in the game world is categorized as nodes. So fighting for the ownership of this node is the node war. 
Once your guild becomes the owner of the node you will own that node for a week, and your guild can accumulate part of the tax as guild fund and make a base for growth. 
The so called siege war, the conquest war, is bigger than this.
In a node war, you fight over one node, but in a conquest war you fight for the sovereignty of a huge continent. 
That continent is called territory, and a territory has many nodes in it. 
If a guild takes over Territory A, that guild gets the honor to rule Territory A. 
Also the amount of tax that can be collected as guild fund is tremendous, so you can have both the qualitative growth and quantitative expansion. 

[Red Battlefield]
Red Battlefield is a PvP content that is open to all players who are level 50 or above. If you are one of them, you can freely participate in the battle wherever and whenever you want, regardless of your Karma or whether you’re in a guild or not

[Arena of Arsha] 
Arena of Arsha is a place where the adventurer can get operational authority and proceed on with PvP game. The guild master and the guild officer an book a date and get the operational authority of Arena of Arsha, and when the date comes, the guild master or guild officer can invite other adventurers and enjoy the game either in ‘Team Round’ mode or ‘Team Free for All’ mode. 


6. A challenge for a stronger combat, Enhancement system
Black Desert offers Enhancement system for a smooth combat. 
Enhancement is increasing the ability of an item by using black stone or the same items as ingredients. Transfusion adds particular ability by equipping magical crystal on item socket. 
You can go ahead with enhancement if you have black stone, and you can retrieve the consumed black stone easily if you bear the loss of the equipment getting destroyed. 
Since the value that goes up with enhancement of an equipment goes way beyond the basic performance, it is crucial to do enhancement.

7. Take a break from adventure, the life system 
1) Production activities offered in Black Desert


Production Activities



Gathering is the most basic activity of all production activities.

You should use different Gathering tools depending on the gatherable resource you want.

The time it takes to gather will decrease as your Gathering Level goes up.

You can obtain better items when your Gathering Level goes up.

You can even get the chance of obtaining materials necessary for the enhancement of the highest level.


Through processing, you can transform the item you’ve obtained to another item.

Processing includes: Shaking, Grinding, Chopping, Drying, Filtering, Heating, Repairing, Simple Alchemy, and Simple Cooking.

When your Processing level goes up, you can do more advanced processing, and the advanced materials can be used for Alchemy, Crafting and much more.


In order to cook, install Cooking Utensils in your residence.

Enjoy a variety of food by mixing ingredients and seasonings.


In order to do Alchemy, install Alchemy Tools in your residence.

Alchemy is a quite difficult field of study, so try doing it after you have obtained enough materials through gathering and processing.


Taming EXP will increase when you capture a wild horse and then let it go, or when your horses’ level goes up. If you have high Taming EXP, your horse’s skill level will increase faster.


You can start fishing by using a fishing rod.

When your fishing level goes up, you can equip more kinds of fishing rods, and you can catch more kinds of fish.

You can fish at a fishing spot, or get on a ship to go out further in the ocean to enjoy sailing and become a professional fisher. (Including harpoon fishing)


In order to hunt whale, crocodile, Khalk and others, it is crucial to acquire hunting skills.

When your hunting level goes up, you can use better hunting muskets.


Trading is a commercial activity of buying and selling items as you travel between the nodes.

To do a long-distance trade, you need a lot of contribution points. You also need to prepare and research because the trade price always fluctuates.

Self-sufficient form of trading, where you sell the trade items produced in the route of gathering, processing production is also available.


Start farming by installing a fence to tend a garden.

You can plant seeds to harvest the crops, improve varieties of seeds and also graze the cattle.

2) Effectively produce Materials, the Contribution Points and Node System

[Contribution points]
The contribution points are numerical values that indicates the degree of contribution you have made to each region. As you complete each quest, the Contribution EXP increases. When you consume contribution points, there are no restrictions on regions. Usually adventurers consume contribution points to invest in a node or to purchase a house.
Also, you can rent leisure items such as a hunting matchlock or a flute as well as special equipment accompanied with various options.  

Spending contribution points is easy, but it takes some time to earn it. If you don’t plan out how you want to use it, it will run out quickly and you may not be able to use it when you need it. 
Since you can retrieve your contribution points anytime, you need to manage it well. 


[The Node System]
A node is an essential element of trade and production. You can enjoy the various contents by connecting the nodes. By connecting the nodes, you can do trade and gather ingredients through a worker. You need to manage your contribution points because you need to invest them in order to connect the nodes. If the nodes are connected, send workers to another node to obtain various materials or transport items on a Loop Wagon. 
Even if you haven’t connected the nodes, you can still transport items or sell trade goods. However, the transport fee will triple and sales price will be lowered to 30%. But if the nodes are connected, a normal price will be applied so you’ll be able to make profit.
Nodes are largely divided into Exploration Nodes and Production Nodes. 
Exploration Node is a node where you can invest contribution points.
Exploration Nodes can be divided into six categories depending on the function: Central Town, Town, Trade, Gateway, Danger Zone, and Empty Node. Central Town and Town are the Safe Zones, and the rest are Combat Zones.
Production Node is a Satellite Node affiliated to Exploration Node. 
There are four types of Production Node from which you can obtain materials from: Farm, Mining, Lumbering, and Excavation.


3) Build your own house, the housing system
A house is at the center of Black Desert World life content. It has various functions, and you can show your unique style as well. All Black Desert players can buy their own house. If you can afford it, you can buy hundreds of them! (However, the number of houses available for residential purposes are limited.) Houses are mainly used for production activities, however, you can use them for different purposes. You can decorate the interior with wallpapers and furniture, and run around with your pets. You can take a rest, repair the house on your own, or read books. 
You can also ask your friends and guild members to come over and have a fun time together. 



8. Enjoy Black Desert even more, the energy points

Energy is a very useful resource. Use energy points to enjoy gathering, which is considered a root of life contents. You can also use your energy to talk to a NPC to build Amity and invest in the node to raise item drop rate at the hunting grounds. You can also buy rare items at the Secret Shop where various kinds of advanced items are sold. Energy point is also valuable when you want to learn skills without moving to where Skill Instructor is located at. You can also check the trade price of another town from a distance.

[Use Energy points to]
1) Converse with an NPC
2) Greet to an NPC
3) Steal from an NPC
4) Acquire Knowledge from an NPC
5) Return Defense Token to increase contribution points
6) World Chat
7) Learn skills from remote distance
8) Gathering
9) Bargain with a trader NPC
10) Contract a worker
11) Check trade price from a distance
12) Invest in a node 

9. The unique transportation methods of the Black Desert

 There is no way to teleport or time warp in . 
When venturing through the vast world of , mounts are very important. 
Even a horse in the lowest tier could be a great help when you first enter the game. 
There are many kinds of mounts in : a horse, a donkey, a camel, a wagon, an elephant, and a ship. Each mount has its own role, so you can get them one by one depending on your preference. 

A donkey specializes in carrying loads rather than moving fast. It is useful in trading since it can carry more weight (LT) and has better endurance compared to a horse. 

A horse is the most typical and desired mount in . A horse of high tier has an amazing speed, allowing the adventurer to get to places that are far away quickly. 
There are 1~8 tiers in a horse, and as the tier goes up the basic stats (speed, acceleration, turn, brake) get higher. Also, a horse has its own talent. This talent can be earned by chance when the level of the horse goes up (A maximum of level 30). Skills such as Sprint, Instant Acceleration and Drift allows your horse to run faster, so it becomes more valuable. 

A wagon specializes in carrying many goods. It has the most number of inventory slots out of all ground mounts and the moving speed does not slow down even if the weight of the load increases. A noble wagon has four basic horses carrying the wagon at its initial state. 

You can cross the river or the sea with a ship. You will need a ship when you want to enjoy activities 
near water such as fishing, doing maritime trade, or moving to an island.

Camel is a special mount that you can get only from Valencia. In the desert, a horse or wagon will slow down and will be unable to use their skills. But a mount that can substitute these two mounts is a camel.

[Miniature Elephant]
A Miniature Elephant, just like camel, can be obtained only from Valencia. It is a cute elephant that is smaller than a typical elephant. 

Black Desert will begin in a moment.

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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run Launcher to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.