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You will be able to solve the contents that are difficult to solve alone by using the party system with other players.

Party Invite

In order to create a party, you need to press ‘Party Invite’ button while interacting with another character. After a party is created, press Crtl and activate the mouse cursor and use party related functions.

- In order to make a party, you should interact with another character, or use the chat window.

- Go near the adventurer that you want to invite to party, and activate the mouse with key. Then you will be able to use party invite ring command. At this time, use ‘Party Invite’ button to invite the other person.

- On the chat window, click the ID of the other adventurer that you want to invite, and click ‘Party Invite’ menu. But you can only use it if the adventurer getting invited is in the same server.

In a party, there can be a maximum of 5 people including you. On the portrait of the party leader, there is a gold border.

The party leader can always change item acquisition method, ban a party member, or delegate a party leader.

When leaving a party, click your character’s name mark and proceed.

When banning a character or delegating the party leader, click the relevant character’s name mark and proceed.

Find Party system

You can find party members easily through Find Party system.

Through Menu (ESC) – Find Party, you can see the list of parties that are looking for party members.

If there are too many on the list, you can search recruitment ads through search window.

If you can’t find a party you want, you can press ‘post recruitment ad’ and recruit party members yourself. Compose a recruitment ad that will be shown on the ‘Find Party’, set the minimum level of party members and register the ad.

▲ Menu(ESC)- If you press the Find Party button, you can see the ‘Find Party’ window.

▲ You can see the list of the parties that are looking for party members through the Find Party window.

▲ Press ‘Post recruitment ad’ button, and set the minimum level for party members and press register. You’re done!

On ‘Find Party’, it has a function where you can advertise the recruitment ad that you registered on the chat window.

If you click the ad button beside your recruitment ad, you can advertise it as server message on the chat window once every minute.

But when advertising, 1 energy will be spent.

If you want to join another party, press ‘join’ button on the list.

If the relevant party of adventurers and you are in different servers, ‘server change’ button will be shown, and you can go to the same server as that party by pressing the button.

After moving to the relevant server, you can see the ‘join’ button displayed on the recruitment ad on the same server.

If you press join, your class and level information is exposed to the party leader, and the party leader can invite you.

The advantage of party system

The party members get displayed on world map and mini map, and they can share their location by “SHIFT+left click” on world map or by showing flag through “SHIFT+double click”.

You can use this share location function in the mini map as well.

If the party member does not show up on the mini map, the direction where party member is at is displayed in blue.

Party hunting can give you the upper hand in . Hunting with other people can be more effective when leveling up.

Number of party members

Monster EXP

EXP earned per person

1 person



2 people



3 people



4 people



5 people



▲ Method of EXP distribution in a party

If a monster is supposed to give EXP 100, if you catch it alone you will get the 100% by yourself.

If two people become a party and hunt, your party will get 120% in total, and 60% per person.

So in this form, if there are 5 people in a party, a monster’s EXP goes up to 250%, and each person gets 50%. Because of this, it is more beneficial if there are more party members.

But if the party members are far away, they can’t get this benefit.

If you see the party window UI, you can see the party distance bonus, which looks like a WI-FI signal. You can earn the full EXP when this is full.


You also need to understand the party distribution system.

This is a system to decide how an item earned by party leader should be processed.

First, set the acquisition method and party distribution option.

Acquisition method decides how to divide the dropped items, and it is categorized into free looting, ordered looting, random looting and party leader acquisition.

Party distribution option means when an item that is above a set quality is dropped, it will be registered as ‘Special item’ right away. .

‘Special Item’ is registered on the marketplace’s [Special item] category right away, and it is sold at a slightly cheaper price.

But if this gets sold, it is divided by the number of party members and the silver coins are delivered through the letter.

If you click the ‘View special item’ button before listing on [Special Item], you can buy the relevant item yourself through bidding or by throwing a dice.

This amount will be divided into the number of party members, and if you win the dice roll, it is delivered through the in-game mail.

In , other than places that are too small, all the areas are available for party hunting.

If you’re not too tied down to EXP, you can broaden your view.

Also, even if the equipment level is low, you can hunt if you are together, so it is possible to challenger higher level hunting grounds.

We recommend you to do this if you have the time.

◈ Helpful Elixirs

While you are in the party with other people, it will be helpful to prepare Elixir for your party.

The most popular item is [Party] Splendid EXP Elixir, and it increases the Combat EXP (15) 10% in 15 minutes.

If party distance bonus is activated, this elixir is immediately applied to everyone.

Other than this, it is good to prepare [Party] Elixir of Endless Fury and [Party] Elixir Demihuman Hunt.

everyone moves together, it is also possible for your party to hunt faster and have more fun by using [Party] Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness,.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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