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Beginner Guide

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Beginner’s Guide

This is a record for beginner adventurers who have just begun their journey to the Black Desert.

It is important to check your skills and the basic information of the game before you start your adventure.

Also, take a look at various know-how prepared for a safe and comfortable adventure.

Adventure without preparation is fun, but it will be more interesting if you know the basics.

My Information

You can find your information about your game in My Info. Please press 'P' key to find your information about game and character's info. You can check information such as character, constellation, territory, and more.


▲ You check out various info through “My information”(Shortcut “P”)

Potential List

- Attack Speed: Increases the physical attack speed. (Warrior, Ranger, Musa, Maehwa, Ninja, Kunoichi, Ninja, Fury, Dark Knight, Striker)

- Casting Speed: Increases the casting speed of the spells. (Sorceress, Valkyrie, Position, Wizard)

- Movement Speed: Increases the character's default movement speed.

- Critical Hit: Increases the chance of a critical strike when an attack is successful.

- Fishing Ability: It reduces the time required for fishing.

- Gathering Ability: Reduces all collection time when collecting.

- Luck: When you pick up an item, it increases the chance of getting a high rating.

* Enhancement can be boosted by the unique effects of equipment items, and also through food or elixir.

Training List

Breath: Can increase EXP by just running without mounts. When your level goes up, max stamina increases as well.

Strength: Walking with trade packs will help to increase your level of strength. When increasing the level of Strength, you will get the advantage of 'Weight Limit Up'

Health: Eating well will gradually increase your health, resulting in higher HP.

Skills and Skill Points

Press "K" (shortcut of Skills window) to check Skills available to my character.

Each character has a unique skill.

Except special skills, the first level of most skills are acquired when you reach a certain level.

Therefore you can use the first level skills to find the one you like, and invest the skill points into it.

For a character under level 56, you can invest skill points and then retrieve it through ‘All Reset’ if you don’t like it.

Most of the skills in are based on command entry rather than using quick slots.

When you put your mouse cursor above each skill on the skill window, the command appears on tooltip. It’s in the same form with [Left click + Right click], [Shift + E].

For future adventures, it is good to start using command even if it’s awkward.

You can get used to it soon enough.

Beginner’s TIP

◆ How to chat?

You can change the chat type by activating the chat window with the "Enter" key.

• General Chat: Alt+1

• Server Chat: Alt+2

• Whisper: Alt+3

• Party Chat: Alt+4

• Guild Chat: Alt+5

• World Chat: Alt+6

• Battlefield Chat: Alt+7

General Chat is only delivered to the adventurer around you.

Server chats are sent to all adventurers in the same server group (Balenos 1-3).

But if you use server chat, it consumes 1 energy.

It is useful when you have a quick question, or when you hang out with friends.

When you whisper, you must enter the target character's name in the rightmost column of the chat window.

You can use party chat only during party state, and you need to be in a guild to use guild chat.

World Chat is sent to all adventurers who are in the Black Desert and is only available if you have purchased it at the Loyalties Shop.

Battlefield chat is only for adventurers involved in battlefield including Red Battlefield.

◆ I only want to see the chats I want

Most of the chat windows are active at first. Therefore, it may be somewhat dizzy in a beginner’s point of view. At this time, it is possible to set it according to your style through the chat window settings.

If you hold down the Ctrl key and hover your mouse over the chat window with the mouse cursor activated, you will see a gear icon near the chat window. You can set up chat window by clicking this button. In the section of the view chat, you can select the chat that you want to see by checking or unchecking, and you can change the color as well. Add a chat window Use the + icon on the right side of the gear. Added chat window is available in UI edit mode (ESC → UI edit)

◆ I want to set the game screen as I want

The black desert interface can be customized via UI editing.

▲ You can execute interface edit mode by clicking Edit UI on the menu.

◆ Quest

Quests received through Black Spirit or NPCs are displayed on the widget on the right of the screen.

It is possible to display only the desired quests through 'Settings', and it is also possible to arrange them by the preference type and distance.

The important thing is 'Show normal quests'.

If you check here, all the NPCs and Black Spirit will give you quests that suits this setting.

What if a NPC called A gives a request B, and request B is a fishing type?

If the adventurers checked all requests or requests for fishing, they will not be able to receive B, but if they are unchecked, they will not be able to receive a request.

Therefore, it is advisable to proceed according to your preference.

If you just started playing Black Desert, it's enough to just check out the Battle Request.

◆ Automatic move to your destination!

It is easy to use the navigation function when conducting quests.

Either hover your mouse over the quest widget, right-click the quest's title, or left-click the red button to activate navigation to the destination. At this time, press 'T' button to move automatically.

In addition, if the automatic route is activated depending on the situation, if you press the ‘T’ button, you will be able to move to the destination automatically.

◆ Where is the NPC?

There is a huge number of NPCs in the Black Desert.

Therefore, it may be difficult for beginners to find a NPC immediately.

In this case, use 'Find NPC' function.

At the top right of the screen, there is a mini-map with a magnifying glass icon. Clicking this will activate the 'Find Near NPC' window.

Just click on the NPC you want here and the route will be activated to the nearest NPC from where you stand.

You can also search by entering the NPC’s name by typing the name into ‘Find NPC’ located at the bottom.

Press the T button as you have learned, and you will automatically run to the corresponding NPC.

◆ Combat and non-combat stance

You can switch between combat and non-combat stance by pressing the 'Tab' key.

• Non-combat stance

- Fast movement speed and low stamina consumption

- Can interact with mounts, objects and NPCs, but cannot use combat skills

• Combat stance

- Slow moving speed and high stamina consumption

- A state in which acquired combat skills can be used but cannot interact with anything.

◆ Can I use skill points on any skill that I want? .

Of course! Feel free to put your skills points on any skill that you want. Combat skills can be reset any time if you are under level 56. Just try out any skill, and then you can select another one by using ‘All reset’.

◆ The screen is too shaky when I’m in a combat

is an action-emphasized game.

The camera effect is also a part of creating a dynamic scene.

However, there are some people who feel dizzy until they get used to it. In this case, you can adjust it in "settings".

ESC > Settings > Display Settings > All Camera Effect Settings

◆ There are too many requests. Do I have to do all of it?

The quests of are diverse and there are numerous numbers of them. So the adventurers are scared (?) wondering if they have to do them all. You do not have to be ashamed! The senior adventurers felt the same way when they first entered the Black Desert.

First of all, the quests from the black spirit are mainly related to combat.

So until you reach 50Lv, it is good to go through the related quests step by step.

You can learn hunting ("grind") ground information through the quests from the black spirit, and learn about the systems as well.

You can earn all kinds of weapons and armor as well as the black stone which you need in order to enhance.

In addition, quests given by general NPCs are classified as Story (General) / Combat / Life / Fishing / Others.

You will receive contribution points as a compensation for most of these quests.

"Contribution" is a value that has influence in World, and it adds more value as you go toward the later parts.

So you need to choose if you want to complete your quest while you grow up (level up) and get your exp beforehand, or if you want to reach 50Lv quickly and then decide to fulfill your contribution exp.

If you want to understand the world view provided by the Black Desert, it is a good idea to proceed with your quest.

There are many interesting stories in every corner of the world, and you can come across these stories through quests.

Do not be afraid, you can proceed as you feel like.

◆ How can I buy items?

In , the items include various kinds of equipment, consumables, and spoils.

You probably have a lot of questions about the equipment when you start playing a game.

The most basic things are usually available from the store (NPC).

However, for better equipment, it is better to buy items through the marketplace.

To use the marketplace, you need to meet an NPC that has a title of "Marketplace Director".

This NPC is only available in the villages of Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia. In other words, it only exists in in big towns.

▲ It’s easier if you use “Nearby NPC" function!

If you go to the NPC, you can use the marketplace.

Then you can buy almost everything in the Black Desert, registered by other adventurers.

◆ Fishing and gathering

If you are an adventurer who focuses on accumulating life and wealth rather than having a combat, you may find it fun to go fishing.

In addition, the pleasure of discovering the collection that exists all over the area is another attraction of .

If you want to learn these life contents in a tutorial form (quest), you call the black spirit first.

Then press [Guide] on the various buttons.

Then you can get information on the location of quests such as collection/processing, cooking, and fishing.

▲ You can easily play if you use the black spirit guide.

◆ My character’s speed has slowed down

If you move to a location other than the road, you can have restrictions on movement speed depending on the state of the road, which is displayed at the top of the mini-map.

Also, if it exceeds the character's weight limit, the movement speed will be slower.

◆ What should I do when I die? How can I resurrect?

If you are dead in the Black Desert, you can resurrect from the town or the node.

"Resurrect in town" means that you resurrect from the town nearest from where you died, and Resurrect in node" means that resurrect from the town nearest node you died.

The important thing is that the resurrection in town/node is only applied to places where you’ve found already. Therefore, be careful not to die in places where the surroundings are not clear.

For reference, if you are die at level 10 or lower, you can always use [Instant Resurrect]

When you reach level 11 or higher, you will need Elion's tear to use [Instant Resurrect]

◆ The character is not moving

When the character is isolated from a non-movable area, you can escape to any nearby area by pressing ESC and using the 'Escape' menu. However, once you use escape, you will not be able to use it again until a certain period of time passes.

◆ I want to take screenshots more clearly

If you use Ctrl + U button, you can take screenshots without the game UI.

• Camera Mode Shortcuts

- Ctrl + Shift + Up and down: Color filter

- Ctrl + Shift + Left: Toggle camera view

- Ctrl + Shift + Right: Toggle Film Noise

- Shift + Up / Down: Adjust the viewing angle (FOV)

- Shift + Left / Right: Tilt

※ No change: Move position (direction key), DOF (Ctrl + direction key)

※ Three color filters have been added.

※ Mouse position effect is not displayed.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

Black Desert will begin in a moment.

Install the Black Desert Launcher if the game doesn't start.

Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

The launcher will appear if it's installed.
If it doesn't, try to run your downloaded launcher.

Install Guide

1 Run Launcher to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.