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The quests in Black Desert are pretty diverse, so many players ask these questions.

“Is this quest essential?”“Do I have to complete all this? Can I skip it? I really don’t want to miss anything important.”“The only reward is Contribution Points... I can skip this, right?”

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then we want to let you all know that you’re “perfectly normal”. Truth be told, there is an enormous range of quests available in the world of , and many of your senior (?) explorers have had the same questions. Well, then how should we go about it? Let’s have a look together as you slowly ready through this guide.





Understanding Preferred Type

If you’ve made a straight path for Lv. 50, then the words ‘Preferred Type’ might be something completely new to you. It may look a little complicated and somewhat daunting at first glance.

However, it’s actually very easy to understand. Let’s have a look at the Quest window (Hotkey: O). If you look at the bottom of the window, you will see the words ‘Preferred Type’ as well as the All-Combat-Life Skill-Fishing-Exploration/Trade-Other to the right of it.


▲ Left picture shows the default window, the right picture shows the Preferred Type set to ‘All’

As you can probably tell from the name, the Preferred Type option is a function that allows you to only accept what you want from NPCs. If you hadn’t changed any options on your journey to Lv. 50, then only the Combat and Other options should be active. In other words, you have only been completing Combat or Other types of quests until now. You may have goosebumps at the thought of how you didn’t accept any Life Skill, Fishing, or Exploration/Trade quests until now. There were even more quests....?

Now we recommend that you change the Preferred Type to All. Because there are so many quests in , it is more advantageous if you can choose the ones that you want to do. If you have it set to all, then the NPCs will give you all the quests that you have fulfilled the requirements for. If you like the quest, you can accept it. If you don’t, then you can just reject it.

▲ The only reward is 5 Contribution EXP, but there’s a tingling feeling it’s going to be a quest series. You make the choice.







Should I continue with the Black Spirit quests?

Absolutely. Quests from the Black Spirit are mostly main quests, so they are definitely worth doing. Although the Black Spirit can get a little annoying sometimes, it only means the best for you. So let’s treat it with affection and carry out the quests it gives us.

However, one thing to note is that the Black Spirit gives quests that are more suited to the explorers that specialize in combat. This is because when get right down to it, combat is what is all about. Players should have no problem adapting to and playing the game by mainly following the quests from the Black Spirit while carrying out a few other common quests here and there. To summarize, it is definitely worth your while to do the quests from the Black Spirit.

You will get to know more in detail as time passes, but the essential Black Spirit quests after Lv. 50 are as follows.

World of Enemies #1: Catfishmen

Quest Requirements: Above Lv. 48, prior completion of the [Co-op] Witch-Hunting quest


For a Sharper Weapon #1: Catfishmen

Quest Requirements: Above Lv. 48, prior completion of the [Co-op] Witch-Hunting quest

The two above quests that can be carried out after the [Co-op] Witch-Hunting has you take a big round trip across the hunting grounds throughout Calpheon. You can earn Black Stone as well as getting a general feel for the hunting grounds, so it should be quite a ride. Hopefully, you’ll find them fun.

It is recommended that you also carry out the [Subjugation] quests from the NPCs located within the hunting ground or by the Node Manager as you carry out the above two quests. The rewards include Gold Bars, so you’ll be able to earn some money as well.


Many a Pickle Makes a Mickle #1*

Requirements: Completed all of the World of Enemies and For a Sharper Weapon quest series

This is an exceptional quest where you can acquire an enormous amount of Black Stones. You can only accept it after completing the World of Enemies and For a Sharper Weapon quest series mentioned above. It is a hunting request, so you’ll have to hunt a fair number of monsters, but there is no better quest than this to collect Black Stones.

When you’re above Lv. 52 and you go to Mediah, the Black Spirit will give you the [A Prophet of Altinova] quest. This is the start of the main quest of Mediah, so make sure to take note if you plan to head over to Mediah soon.






Relationship between Hunting and Quests

There are many monsters out on the hunting grounds. As you will require more EXP from Lv. 50 in order to level up, you will naturally end up spending more time on the hunting grounds.

Which is why just hunting one monster after another endlessly can get a little idle. To help with this problem, let’s carry out hunting quests as well. Take a look around the nearby town or node. You should find an abundance of available quests for that respective hunting ground. Don’t be shy and complete those quests. The contribution points and other rewards you earn from them will build up and be a great asset in the end.

If you go deep into the center of the hunting ground, you will be able to receive an interesting hunting quest from specific NPCs. The hunting grounds of Calpheon all have an NPC that gives Subjugation quests which are highly recommended to be completed with the other quests. It is similar in Mediah and Valencia as well, and you will certainly find yourself enjoying the game more if you carry out these quests.

Lastly, it can be a new and enjoyable experience to talk and listen to quest NPCs and learn what the quest is about. When you talk to all the NPCs and check the diverse range of quests, you might find one that fits your current situation. Make sure you accept that quest and complete it together with your other quests. They will all help you in the end.

▲ Found an NPC near a hunting ground? Then let’s accept the hunting quest and carry it out






You want to enjoy your Life? Starting Quest for everything

Why are we showing favor to the combat adventurers? That’s not true. You may not have realized it, but there are many main quests related to life skills and fishing that you may have accidentally passed by. You could just ignore these quests and just grab your pickaxe or axe to enjoy the content however you like, but you will definitely be able to enjoy it more if you try out these quests.

Then let’s summon the Black Spirit and press [Guide]. Then you will see the list as shown below.

I’d like to learn about Gathering/Processing

I want to learn about Cooking

I want to go Fishing

How can I go about Trading?


These four buttons. Press whichever one you like, and it will lead you to a respective NPC. Through this NPC, you’ll be able to accept the ‘Starting Quest’ that you’ve been looking for. As you continue through all the series of quests starting from the above, you will find yourself becoming an expert in that profession.



1) Life Skill quests available in Balenos

In Balenos, you can learn everything from gathering to processing and even investing contribution points to your residence for production activity. I use the word learn, but it’s more about just enjoying yourself. As you can see from the list below, the number of available quests is huge.

These quests aren’t for someone above Lv. 50, but it’s available to anyone with a gathering level of 2 or more. That is, if you have the Life Skill option of the Preferred Type active.


Requirements: Above Lv. 2, [Life Skill] Preferred Type active

NPC: Igor Bartali the Chief of Velia


[Gathering] Introduction to Production

Feed Yourself

Sealus, the Timber Expert

Processing Meat into Jerky

Logs, the Foundation of Woodcraft

A Field Trip

Fox Meat First

Touching the Earth

Using Crops #1

Using Crops #2

Learn from a Goblin?

Befriending Vongole

Mining Stone

Vongole's Gift

Supporting the Western Guard Camp

Making an Ash Plank

Workers of the Guard Camp

Security Tower Timber Support

Snack for a hungry Soldier

Desperate Soldiers

Tether Stronger

Report to Feinia

Wolf Meat Delivery

An Iron-naire

Exchange for Metal

A Balenos Farm

Carrying Corn Sacks

What Must Be Fixed

Hunt and Cook

Crop Business

A Wealth-Bringing Production

Mastering Production #1 - Refinery

Mastering Production #2 - Storage

Mastering Production #3 - Introduction to Production

Mastering Production #4 - Connecting Nodes

Mastering Production #5 - Processing Crops

Mastering Production #6 - Selling Goods

Investment and Mass Production

Intensive Trading Course

Road to the Western Guard Camp

See Luke

Registering a Horse Emblem and Getting a Donkey

Stuck Wagon

A Broken Airflow Meter

Materials for Airflow Meter Repair

Martina at Finto Farm

Since You’ve Come This Far...

Granite and Feldspar

The Flower Runner

Marsha the Elder

What You Need to Hide

Use Your Muscles!

Taste of Nostalgia

Message for the Chief

Rich in Minerals

Go to the Northern Heidel Quarry


Continue through to the gathering quests of Calpheon to obtain the [I'm an Herbivore] Title.

Continue through to the processing quests of Calpheon to obtain the [Firm Machinist] Title.

Of course, this is not the end. When you head over to Heidel, there will also be a quest series like the one above. After that, you can do the ones in Calpheon. We believe that taking on quests like this will be a throughly intriguing, enjoyable, and unique experience.

2) Cooking quests available in Balenos

Through the quests in Balenos, you can learn how to mix and use different ingredients, sort of like the fundamentals in cooking. You’ll receive most of the ingredients as the quest reward, so have fun as you practice some of your skills. You shouldn’t have any difficulties carrying out the quests until the end if you read the quest details carefully. Complete the quests below, and then head over to Serendia. There will be a similar cooking quest series waiting for you there.


Requirements: Above Beginner Gathering Lv. 5, [Life Skill] Preferred Type active

NPC: Shelley the NPC doing the dishes inside the Velia Inn (Beside David Finto)


Potatoes for the Chef

Cooking Prep

The First Dish

Get Ingredients from Artemio

Making Exotic Herbal Wine

A Meaty Dish

How to Make Meat Stew

Same Dish, Different Ingredients

A Pirate's Favorite?

Adrian's Secret Box

A New Recipe

Ingredients for Fried Fish

How to Cook Fried Fish

The Master Chef of Serendia


Continue through to the cooking quests of Calpheon to obtain the [The Best Cook] Title.


3) Alchemy quests available in Serendia

Unlike the other Life Skill contents, the starting quest for Alchemy can be accepted from Glish in Serendia. This is because it involves so much preparation. But don’t let that put you off. It’s just the basic process, so try it out. If it suits you, you can continue. If it’s too difficult or you don’t have the time for now, you can come back to it later.


Requirements: Above Beginner Gathering Lv. 2

NPC: Seilane, the General Goods Vendor NPC of Glish


[Alchemy] Accidental Alchemist

Basic Alchemy Ingredients #1

Basic Alchemy Ingredients #2

Alchemy Catalyst, Clear Liquid Reagent

Using a Catalyst for Resurrection Elixir

Pure Powder Reagent, Another Catalyst

Making an Elixir of Energy

Finding Grace Lauren

Swirling Power of Rage

Hawk's Eye Seeking Prey

Origin of Swirling Magic Power

Steel-Strong Skin

Alchemy, Variation #1

Alchemy, Variation #2

Charm of Alchemy


Continue through to Olvia’s Alchemy quests to obtain the [Proud Alchemist] Title.


* Note that the Alchemy quest could stop prematurely. In this case, you should continue to practice Alchemy by yourself to increase its level. Then, there will be a point where an exclamation mark will be shown around the Calpheon region on the World Map. That is where you can continue progressing through the main alchemy quest.

4) Fishing quests available in Balenos and various islands

Fishing is a great feature, whether you do it manually or automatically. Manual fishing is especially popular among the players due to the thrill it offers. Although you can just get your fishing rod and go to any river or sea to fish, taking some time to carry out the related quests could help you delve deeper into the fishing world.


Requirements: Above Lv. 10

NPC: Abelin, the Fishing Boy NPC of Velia


Abelin, the Fishing Boy

Basic Fishing - A Fishing Rod

You Like Mudskippers? Queek!

Intermediate Fishing - Dried Fish

Catching Seaweed

Catching Mackerel

Fish to Trader

Croix, the Ship Expert

Prepare a Refinery and Dock

Prepare Raft Materials

Get a Ship License: Raft

Return to Crio

Charm of Fishing

Fishing, the Noble Hobby

Catch the Beltfish!

To the Next Stage!

I Can’t Admit It! Queek!

A Tough Challenge

I've Never Caught That. Queek!

Move On. Queek!

Let’s Get Fish! Queek!

Still Clumsy!

Easy Marks. Queek!

How About Swellfish?

Ever Eaten Maomao?

The Master Fisher

You’ve Got Guts, Queek!

The Best Fish in the Area

The Fishing Master of Iliya Island

Queek! Becoming the Best Fisher!

Feel the Reel! Queek!

Swordfish Season

While Catching Swordfish

Dolphinfish and Surfperch

For Tapertail Anchovy and Skipjack

Tapertail Anchovy and Skipjack

5 Filefish for Crio

Bon Voyage, Queek!

To the Blue Ocean

Food for Recovery

Uh... Umm... I-I-I'm sorry, but...

Are You G-Going to Epheria?

Shock Treatment

An Extra Request

A Delicacy for the Weak

Time to Say Goodbye

Dangerous Item

Fishing Trip? How about Mackerel?

Catch Saurel!

Land on Randis!

A Fish Named Saurel

Tasing John Dory

Signature Maomao

Epheria, Finally!

Hario's Test

Another Sailing Day

Fishing Trip, Huh?

Catching Cero

Ludwig's Suggestion

Problem Fish

A Special Menu

A Perfect Fishing Spot

Fishing is Fishing, Trading is Trading

Officer Riotina

Supply for the Front Line Forces

Dispatched for Fishing

Take it Easy

Grilled Fish Feast

A Situation Report

To Hario


When you complete all of the above quests, you’ll obtain the [Romanticist of the Ocean] Title






Let’s get some Contribution Points! Daily/Repeat Quest

The daily quests in the capital city of Calpheon are probably the most frequently completed daily quest for most veteran adventurers. You can accept the numerous daily quests in Calpheon at once, complete them, and then repeat them the next day. Completing these Daily/Repeat quests of Calpheon every day alone is enough to quickly earn contribution points.


▲ Take a round around Calpheon to accept all the repeat quests, then make another round to complete it. You will enjoy running through and familiarizing yourself with Calpheon the first few times. Later on, you’ll find that you’ve memorized all the locations and you’ll begin to find shortcuts. Don’t forget to activate the [Other] Preferred Type in quests.

▲ Daily quests can not only be found in Calpheon, but other major cities (e.g. Heidel) too

If you’re an adventurer who is more interested in gathering, processing, cooking, and alchemy, then Olvia is the best place to go. In Oliva, you can carry out up to 66 repeat life skill quests. These quests also reward the EXP for that respective life skill as well, so it’s a much better hot spot than Calpheon to the adventurers that specialize in life skills.

However, in order to be able to accept all 66 quests, you need to meet certain requirements. You should have at least Professional Gathering Lv. 5 and Skilled Cooking and Alchemy. Then, you will be able to accept an enormous number of quests there.


▲ Oliva is like a paradise for the life skill adventurers that is filled with repeatable quests for them. You should visit here often as the quests not only give contribution points, but EXP for the relevant life skills as well. It also brings up old memories (?).






Only have the recommended quests at heart


◀ Press the O hotkey to view the list of recommended quests

The last useful tip to know is the ‘Recommended Quests’. You can open the Quest Window by pressing the O hotkey where you will see the ‘Recommended Quests’ tab. Click here to see a list of important quests such as main story quests and quests that increase inventory slots.

If you had forgotten to complete one, then you can check this list and go back to it. If you don’t meet the level requirements yet, then you can set it as your next objective as you level up your character.

Once you’ve completed all the recommended quests as well, you are now wise enough (?) to help out a beginner as you say “Hahaha! This is how you do quests.”

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