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Production activity guide

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Production activity guide

In Black Desert World, there are a variety of production activities that you can relax and enjoy apart from the exciting combats.


To obtain the high stat items, you have to use other life contents. Each production activities are closely related, so it is great to concentrate on one activity and challenge to become a guru.


If you are more interested in gathering and making things than going on a combat, or if you are tired of hunting, how about stepping into the world of production activity?



You can experience production activities while you are leveling the characters. However, in order to receive a production activity quest, the quest preference type must be checked as life or fishing.

If you do not check this type, you will not be able to receive a quest even if you talk to NPC to obtain it.

▲ In order to receive a production quest, the "Life Quests" must be checked in the preference type.


Then you can summon the black spirit (shortcut key '/') and click on the category of [Guide].

Then If you click the [I want to learn ~] button, the navigation guide will guide you to the place where you can obtain the quest.

Of course, you can buy a gathering tool from a shop even if you don’t go on a quest.

Once you have the tool, you can begin gathering, fishing and much more any time.


Production activates allow you to experience the relevant contents in an easier way, and it provides compensation for EXP and items. However, if you think you do not need help to complete the quest, you can buy your own tools and step into production.

▲ Production activity quests are displayed as green box on the icon above the NPC’s head.


Types of Production Activity




It is the most basic production activity.

Depending on the desired resource, the gathering tool must be equipped differently.

As the level goes up, the time needed for gathering reduces.


It transforms the acquired item into another item.

There types of processing include shaking, grinding, chopping, drying, filtering, heating, repairing, simple alchemy, and simple cooking.


In order to cook, you need to install cooking tools in your residence.

You can make a variety of dishes with ingredients and seasonings.


To conduct alchemy, you must install an alchemy tool in your residence.

It is recommended that you try to secure enough materials through gathering or processing since alchemy is a difficult study.



If you want to obtain training EXP, you need to increase the level of your horse, or capture/delete the wild horse.

The higher level of training, the easier it is to increase mount EXP.


You can catch fish by using fishing rods.

If your fishing level goes up, you can equip more kinds of fishing rods, and you can catch more types of fish.


As your hunting level rises, you can be equipped with better muskets for hunting.


It is a commercial activity of the Black Desert where you can buy and sell goods through node.

Long-distance trade requires a large amount of contribution and the market price is flexible so you need a lot of preparation and investigation beforehand.


You can grow a garden by setting up a fence.

We can plant seeds and harvest crops or improve the quality of seeds.

You can also graze the cows.


Promotion of Production Activity

As the EXP of production activity accumulates, the level of each production activity increases. Every time the level increase by 10, the title that refers to the level changes.


For example, if you obtain additional EXP when you reached the maximum EXP at

Beginner Lv10, you will become Apprentice Lv1.

The titles changes in the order of Beginner, Apprentice, Skilled, Professional, Artisan, Master, and Guru.


It could be a good idea to concentrate on one production activity since you can earn special rewards or get a new title through a Challenge whenever you acquire each name.


When you reach a certain level, you can proceed with the next advancement quest in addition to the title change. You can go to the next level without advancement quest, but since the rewards are good, so it’s good to carry on if with quests if you have time.

▲ the next advancement quest can be obtained from the black spirit guide menu.


Combination of Production Activity

As mentioned above, each production activity has close relations with one another. In order to acquire an item through gathering and to transform it into a material item, you need other production activities such as processing.

In particular, in order to acquire high level items, you need to process leather glaze and metal solvent made through alchemy together. However, you need to obtain certificates (knowledge) for processing.

▲The green letter indicates gathering, and the blue letter indicates processing.


Also, gathering and processing are also closely related to cooking and alchemy.

This is because the ingredients of cooking and materials of alchemy can be

Made through gathering and processing.


Fishing is closely related to trade. Fish caught from fishing can only be sold in trading shops. If you sell fish, you can obtain fishing EXP and trading EXP at the same time.


While you are selling your fish to a trader, if the nodes of where you earned the fish and to the point where you are selling it are not connected, the fish will be sold at 30% of the normal price. So we recommend you to sell the fish when all the nodes are connected.

* The content of the game guide may differ from the actual game content, depending on the update and content changes.

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